3 Master Cleanse Tips – Pre-Cleanse Preparations

Here are 3 more master cleanse tips to help dieters to complete the diet with success.

3 Days Pre-Master Cleanse Menu
Many people overlooked the importance of pre-diet preparation. The Master Cleanse diet is a drastic change to your daily diet, hence with 3 days pre-menu can help you greatly to adapt and focus your mind towards completing the Master Cleanse with ease.

Most people failed because they are unable to anticipate the hardship of the diet. The 3 days of pre cleanse would serve you well because you get a taste of how the diet would be like. But do note that the difficulty level is far from the actual 10 day master cleanse diet.

Having Non-caffeinated Laxative Tea
As the master cleanse does not contain any fibers, the original instructions were to use salt water flush or non caffeinated laxative herbal tea. To many people, salt water flush is too strong for the body and thus, most people prefer the herbal teas to flush out the toxins in the body. You can take teas like Senna tea to help simulate the movements in the bowels.

No Vitamins
If you have been wondering whether you can consume vitamins during the cleanse, the answer would be no. This is because consuming vitamins would result in hindrance in the detoxification process of the diet.

The lemonade mixture contains sufficient nutrients and vitamins you would need for the whole of 10 days. Taking in other nutrients or vitamins would also be in excess and hence will be expelled from the body. As a result, it would put more stress on the body digestion system.

Sticking to these strict rules is important for the 10 days period which will help you to achieve optimum results and healthy body.

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