2 useful tips for master cleanse

How to reduce the side effects of master cleanse

Many master cleanse dieters have faced side effects when they are embarking on the master cleanse (not really ‘side effects’ but some of the detoxification by products being purged).

This includes symptoms like headaches or even bad breath. The reason that you are experiencing this way is because your body is undergoing a cleansing process to expel all the toxins that are stuck in your body for years or even decades. As your body tries to eliminate all these toxins from various parts of your body, your blood system will carry all these toxins. One of the common way to accelerate this process is to drink more water.


The importance of distilled or pure water

Water is the best solution to purify and cleanse your body. Most of us thought that it is not as important and does not care about it. As a result, our body lacks sufficient water to cleanse itself. There are many detoxification diets like the water flush use water as the main ingredient to cleanse the body. This highlights the importance of water in our daily life not just in the detoxification diet.

For master cleanse, water is one of the most important ingredients. We need to drink plenty of water in the diet itself. And this water is not the water we usually drink that is full with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. As you know that these 2 chemicals are very powerful in killing the chemicals, imagine the harm it can do to your body especially in a detoxification process. We would suggest that you use pure water during the lemonade preparation as this would help your body rather than adding more toxins to your system.


How to reduce the pain or soreness in your mouth

As mentioned earlier, your body will purge all the toxins that are stuck in your organs for many years. These toxins can be removed your body through many ways like your bowels, sweat, and sometimes even through the pores of your skin. You will not only find skin rashes common, but sometimes even soreness and pain in your gums, tongues and mouth.

One way to reduce it is to thoroughly rinse your mouth with water after drinking the master cleanse lemonade mixture as this would greatly reduce the acidity inside your mouth. Acidity would lead to an increase in the soreness and pain in your mouth. Drinking more water would also speed up the process of purification of your body and once your body have finished cleansing the toxins, the side effects and pains would greatly reduced.

We hope these 2 tips would greatly help you through the master cleanse diet with success.

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