Day 8

Like an emotional rollercoaster, The Master Cleanse Diet will make you go through emotional ups and downs concerning food. The thought of you ever eating again will always play in your mind.

Then you start to realize that this is untrue, and the depression quickly subsides. Day 8 of the master cleanse is usually one of the hardest days you will experience.

The thought of craving, and the need to eat, is an interesting concept. The nagging thought never cease to cross our minds, but I’m happy to say the emotional turmoil caused by the thought is now at a minimum, and we are least affected. This is the time you realize, your thoughts are merely thoughts, and it’s entirely up to you if you put it into action.

In other words, after The Master Cleanse, we are no longer slaves to our own thoughts. You may think of food from time to time, but you are now on the driver’s seat, and take control. Say goodbye to eating when you’re depressed or out of boredom. A deadly combination you use to practice in the past. It is the reason why most of us are so unhealthy and overweight.

Some of us utterly love food. We like the texture, the taste, and the culture. This, in itself, is not a bad practice, but over-indulgence is. This is how the cycle revolves for most of us.

Most of us, like in most cultures, love to drink. After a night of drinking, we get hungry and the usual choices are oily or fast food. When morning comes, you get a hangover, and again you want oily or fast food, and then the cycle starts all over. Does it surprise you we’re all overweight?

Let us know your experience during Day 8 of the master cleanse by posting your journal below.

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  1. Aleksandra
    2026 days ago

    Day 8 on MC

  2. Jen
    2044 days ago

    Day 8 on the Master Cleanse. I feel a little spacy at times, nothing big (I can deal with it). I am more hungry than I have been the last few days. I am very proud of myself for not cheating at all. I have lost 12 Pounds so far. I really would like to lose 5 more before this is over, not sure if that will happen though. I’m really glad I can read everyone’s comments, they have helped motivate me. Stay strong, stay healthy!!!

  3. Céline
    2091 days ago

    Day 8 . Good morning! Still hanging there. 10 pounds less. It is not easy but I know why. I kind of feel insecure not eating. Afraid to feel leack and not be abble to work. So, sometimes I put another spoon of maple syrup in my limonade. Or, have a half cup of orange juice. So the craving is bigger after. I just took my SWF and waiting. So after that, pretty shure I will feel better. But I am very proud of myself with that nice 10 pounds. Doesn’t show very well but my clothes are little bigger.
    Céline from Canada

  4. Willie Wright
    2129 days ago

    Day 8 October 11, 2010
    I had trouble posting earlier so these are late. The date is in the heading that I did day 8. I woke up at 1:00 with stomach cramps. I weighed 181.8, BMI was 24.6, fat percent was 16.1, bone mass 7.6 and water percentage was 59.1. I had BMs from the Smooth Move Tea at 1:10, 1:13 and 1:24. This was because I went to bed at 7:00. I planned on sleeping until 3:22 but since I was up I did SWF at 1:22 and this produced BM at 1:55 and 2:14. I had not expelled much of the SWF and was afraid I was going to absorb it again. After about 25 minutes I decided to try something new to product BM. I drank about 8 ounces of water which produced BM at 2:44. This worked so well I drank another 8 ounces and this produced at 3:18 and then another that produced at 3:28, 3:55 and 4:00. My blood pressure was 120/72. I did my first LD at 7:00, 9:30, 11:30, 1:30, 4:50 and 6:55. I did a Peppermint Tea at 9:45 and 12:00. I did Smooth Move Tea at 7:20 and went to bed.
    Comment: This was my first day back to work since I started the Lemonade Diet and it created a few problems just trying to schedule everything in; especially the SWF. I have not had a headache or anything today that was discomforting. I did face people eating and have to say my mind is looking forward to the day I can eat again, even broth sounds good but maybe to much temptation to start planning that meal Day 8 bites the dust! I’m still pondering whether to go 10 or 14 days.

  5. admin
    2137 days ago

    Mary had sent this to our mailbox and would like to share with you her Day 8 experience.

    “I am on day 8. I did have lunch with my daughter on day 5. I had soup and rice. Afterward I wanted to kick myself. But,

    I decided to continue the cleanse and my goal is to go for 21 days. I have kept my supplies up. When I find I only have a two day supply, I

    make a trip to the store and buy enough for about four days. I want the lemons to be as fresh as possible.

    Days 1-3 weren’t bad but on day seven it was like my body was gently telling me to eat. This is normally toward the evening when I would normally have my big meal and snack . I haven’t felt starved but at times my body is telling me it’s time to eat simply because at that particular time I would be eating a meal.

    The smooth move tea or the cascara sagrada haven’t caused me to have bowl movements except first thing in the morning, and then it’s mostly the tea or the herb. I decided to try psyllium and bentonite power for a day or two only once a day.trying (1 tsp. psyllium and half a tsp. bentonite powder in a glass of purified water with some lemon and maple syrup with a dash of cayenne pepper) and see if this will help move anything that is being stubborn. ( I read it at the back of the book “The Complete Master Cleanse”, I also googled it and did some research on it.)

    My face is so clear and smooth. I have good skin already but it looks brighter!? My co-workers have noticed a difference. I’m not sure how much weight I have lost as I really don’t want that to be my focus.(yes I need to lose weight, I am 5’1-3/4 and weight 158lbs. I haven’t been able to drop more that 3 pounds. I think I have eaten more acidic foods that I should and that too may play a part in my struggle to lose this weight. My goal would be 130-128) My friend and co-worker has said I look thinner, and my back side has trimmed down, my stomach is trimming down and my thighs (inner).

    I also bought bath salt (dead sea minerals) and love it. My skin feels so soft.

    I have spent time praying and reading my Bible, making confessions and declarations. I do need to work on my breathing though.

    If you would like, I can continue to update you on my progress. 21 days will be a real test of discipline. I have to take it one day at a time and encourage myself and remind myself the fruit of this fast/cleanse. I desire a spiritual breakthrough. I truly believe that as my body releases the bowel it represents letting go of my past failures and past hurts so I can move forward into the destiny I have in Christ Jesus my Savior and Lord.


  6. Jennifer
    2138 days ago

    Day 8 and ready to stop. My toungue is pink, I am tired of being on the toilet, and I am done drinking the lemonade. I woke up last night with terrible pains in my hands. Not sure what that was about but it was awful trying to get sleep. My body has had enough. I know my willpower would take me to day ten but do I really need to finish it out if my tongue is pink?

    • Jennifer
      2138 days ago

      I forgot to mention I have lost 10 pounds. I don’t really see it but have had a few comments at work. I feel it in my loose clothes though. Great feeling! I have great energy.

  7. Lola
    2138 days ago

    OMG – day 8 has arrived. Man, this weekend was a little tough. Its easier to want to give in at home. Had to keep myself very busy. Much better today and still have a few more days to go since I am shooting for a full 14 days.

    Hope everyone is staying strong and keeping good thoughts – we can do it!!


  8. Monika
    2143 days ago

    hi everyone, it s almost end of the 8th day, i hope these two days left will go fast, then orange juice day and i m so looking forward to have a broth on sunday, yummy.

    I m feeling great, but i miss energy sometimes, and the worst thing is the thought of the food, this article says it exactly :)

    I love the way how these cleanse has been changing the way I think, I m more relaxed about things and school duties and about life. I have never realized how much time of the day we spent thinking about food, but it was enough for me, now I search and collect all recipes for salads, smoothies and new things and I will much rather spend time by preparing these meals, oooh and the taste of it, every piece of food it s going to explode in my mouth :)

    be strong :)

  9. ralph
    2151 days ago

    im on day 8 , today has been harder the cravings are stronger buut im still stronger !! i have a can with mixed nuts in my apt and they have been hard to resist last night i dreamed with me making a trail mix and eating it Lol , but im feeling good lost weight and my skin is great , im craving only healthy food and planning on eating only fish (as meat) after this cleanse ! im ready to finish and start eating some healthy foods ! ! so proud of my self cant believe is day 8 , drinking my tea and going to bed ! Good luck everyone

  10. KS
    2180 days ago

    I’m so happy to find this website. I’m starting the cleanse today and I’m pretty nervous about it. My binging on junk food is out of control and I have to get clean and regroup. When the binging is out of control, I lose my sense of power. Anybody know what I mean? Anyway, 4 hours into it and at this point THRILLED that I actually woke up and managed NOT to find another excuse to put it off for another day/week. This will be my only support group, so please share, it will be a huge help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  11. LaLaLu
    2189 days ago

    Day 8 and feeling great! Lost a total of 10lbs!!! Starting weight was 172, down to 162…my goal wt is 140, and I’m planning on staying on MC for 14 days so hopefully I’ll lose at least 5 more lbs…I’m also planning on doing MC again in Nov. as I am in my sisters wedding in Dec. as the maid of honor and the dresses are ooh-la-la! Since I am not concerning myself with what to eat I feel in a way free from making decisions in the area of food, and getting stuff done that I have been putting off…like cleaning closets for one! and hummus sounds heavenly…I love the olive hummus with pita chips! Okay, I need to stop! Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Everyone!!! Happy Cleansing.

  12. Mimi
    2193 days ago

    Hi there – I am also on day 8 of 10. This whole process has been extremely hard and emotional, and something I dont know if I was prepared for from the start. I will, however, complete the cleanse and go on to eat healthy. Is anybody else craving hummus and guacamole like I am?

    I also have found myself smelling everything under the sun, and I swear, it’s almost as good as actually eating it. I am looking forward to making my vegetable stock…mmmm I can taste it now!

  13. apples
    2202 days ago

    Hi everyone today is my 8th day. I’m trying to do this diet for 21 days how long are you doing this for or how long did you do the lemonade diet for? I went to the grocery last night passing up all the junk food I use to eat telling my daughter I remember how hot chips taste etc. She took me by my hand and told me mom you came to far to go back you can do this she is right I am doing this. I will start posting everyday 8 days down 13 days to GO!!!! Then I will start shakes

  14. LAH
    2216 days ago

    Hello. I agree with Sara completely. I just came from sunday lunch with my family. I could smell the roast all day. I took a break and went to a co-op grocery store where they sell whole foods and got some great info about juicing (for day 11) and some recipes for soups off of another support board. If it wasn’t for boards like this one, I don’t think I could have done it! I also bought all sorts of teas….peppermint, chocolate hazelnut, etc. I just sweeten the teas with the maple syrup instead of using the syrup in the lemonade. It helps me to add variety. I am about to go find a cinnamon stick to suck/chew on to help with the hunger. Good luck everyone!

  15. sara
    2227 days ago

    I am on day eight and the end of this cleanse has surely been the hardest. since day six I have been saying “I think i am going to start the juice tomorrow because I AM SOOOOO HUNGRY!” but i haven’t. I am proud that I have made it this far and hung in there. the mornings are fine, it is just so hard dealing with the mental hunger at night and all the food and food advertising around me. I will be very proud of myself when i make it the whole ten days without eating food. I’ve lost a little over a pant size and ready for healthier eating in general. (especially the eating part :)

  16. dani
    2281 days ago

    wow, Im on day 8 and I feel very relaxed, but a little spacey..I keep sniffing food.. but even though it all smells good I know im able to control my thoughts and not cheat..I dont think I have ever, not cheated a little on a diet before.This is the first time I have been able to not cheat at all..yah for me…

  17. marry
    2344 days ago

    I notice that I have been a little sleepy today. I think still it is difficult for me to intake the required amount of lemonade. Surprisingly though I still feel good. Looking forward to the 2 final days.

  18. Amy
    2434 days ago

    @Pat : Thanks, Pat. I’m so glad it was helpful. This is a pretty neat website for support while you are doing this. I was very thankful for it. Best wishes on your cleanse, I’m betting after Christmas is a much better/less torturous time to do one!

  19. Pat
    2434 days ago

    @Amy : It’s great to hear that you are left with last 2 days. I’m going to start the cleanse soon (after christmas probably) and it’s very inspiring to hear your journal through each of the days. All the best for your last 2 days!

  20. Amy
    2435 days ago

    I actually can’t believe it’s day 8. I keep thinking it’s day 7. My side is still hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. I also was the most grouchy I’ve been since I started. ALSO, I almost tricked myself into thinking I could maybe cheat a coffee from Starbucks while I was grocery shopping. I didn’t. My cuisinart came in the mail today and my vegetarian cookbook. I’m really looking forward to exploring new veggie recipes. I normally cook healthy anyways, but after this cleanse will be eliminating meats from my diet as much as I can. Still tired, but getting things done. Ready, ready, ready to finish this up!

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