Day 8

Like an emotional rollercoaster, The Master Cleanse Diet will make you go through emotional ups and downs concerning food. The thought of you ever eating again will always play in your mind.

Then you start to realize that this is untrue, and the depression quickly subsides. Day 8 of the master cleanse is usually one of the hardest days you will experience.

The thought of craving, and the need to eat, is an interesting concept. The nagging thought never cease to cross our minds, but I’m happy to say the emotional turmoil caused by the thought is now at a minimum, and we are least affected. This is the time you realize, your thoughts are merely thoughts, and it’s entirely up to you if you put it into action.

In other words, after The Master Cleanse, we are no longer slaves to our own thoughts. You may think of food from time to time, but you are now on the driver’s seat, and take control. Say goodbye to eating when you’re depressed or out of boredom. A deadly combination you use to practice in the past. It is the reason why most of us are so unhealthy and overweight.

Some of us utterly love food. We like the texture, the taste, and the culture. This, in itself, is not a bad practice, but over-indulgence is. This is how the cycle revolves for most of us.

Most of us, like in most cultures, love to drink. After a night of drinking, we get hungry and the usual choices are oily or fast food. When morning comes, you get a hangover, and again you want oily or fast food, and then the cycle starts all over. Does it surprise you we’re all overweight?

Let us know your experience during Day 8 of the master cleanse by posting your journal below.

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  1. Lesie
    1006 days ago

    I really feel bad because I cheated, I do have 4 kids and its really hard on me, not to test the food when cooking, I had my daughter testing the food while cooking. I was doing really good until to yesterday I cheated, I feel angry of my self and I didn’t lost no pounds :( I had just one scoop of hot soup and one scoop of fried beans with Mexican cheese in it

  2. sabina
    1675 days ago

    Hello, in my experience, at day eight of my first masteer clean, i feel me not hungry, not busy, not insane, i saied goodbye to 8 lbs in these strange and unusually overcoming walk:-)
    I never feel me hungry during these days, probably is becouse i felt in my own mind that this walkthrought as necessary to my life.
    ok, now i am at the beginning of new way to approach my life, without the craw dipendence, and i m very happy for this. I want no more eat meat, so that i begin a raw alcaline diet. Thanks Mastr Clean and Mr B!

  3. Kim
    1755 days ago

    Here I AM!!!! EIGHT, EIGHT, EIGHT IS GREAT! I don’t know if it’s because this is my second time through (although my first time to day eight, having only made it through day seven last time), or if it’s because my life is insanely busy, but it seems like the time is flying by. With four children, packing school lunches and making dinner, food is around me all the time, but I feel so happy to give my body the chance it needs to heal itself, the cravings have become an afterthought.

    I can tell some of the best health benefits are ahead and I look forward to what today, tomorrow and the next day will bring. The first time, I think I was looking for one or two specific health issues to be resolved. This time, I’m just along for the journey, with no results in mind, except to finish and to evaluate the experience afterwards.

    I like how I feel, and I hope I will continue making good choices for the long haul after I have given my body its much needed break.

  4. mae
    1819 days ago

    Going into day 8 was hard for me…that night and that morning. I was so hungry that I could have ate the side of my condo up… my roommie had some cookies in their room…I went in there and looked at them..but I choose to overcome and now it’s day 9. I’m not sure if I’m going to go passed the 10 days or not…my tongue is pink..but I may go 2 more days just to prove to myself I can.

  5. Charlotte
    1875 days ago

    Hang in there it’s day 8 for me im feelin uber spacey but im holding on last time I broke and quit on day 8 this time the commitment is to me havent weighed myself in a few days but on day 5 was down 7.7 lbs trying not to weigh myself until day 10 but I might for motivaton bonus im throwin myself a lil comin off celebration down a dress size just in time for Valentines Day

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