Day 7

It is now the seventh day, three more days to go. I’m not going to lie. You will think of quitting, even after getting this far. You will still feel the urge to eat. Your mind still plays tricks on you, but you’ve mastered the art of distracting yourself. Beer, burgers, and bacon, tempting, but you do have the renewed strength to ignore.

You constantly crunch numbers in your head, thinking how much more of The Master Cleanse Diet you can take. If there are food around especially when you have friends around, you will feel it is much more of a challenge than before. This time, you’re pretty sure you go on towards the end. You do feel much better and more energetic. You now know you have what it takes to get through the ordeal. You now have the power to take charge.

It’s like doing what you do best.  Basketball for example, at first you don’t have a clue as to what you’re doing, you can’t shoot the ball through the hoop, and you feel like quitting. Once you get the hang of things, through practice, it’s as simple as pie.

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  1. Genevieve
    1710 days ago

    this is my 7th day of my 3rd cleanse. i am actually contemplating on going longer than 10 days, but i am sure everyone feels that by this point. For the first time in my life, i do not suffer from dandruff which is a huge plus for me! day 2 for me was awful but other than that i was great. i only lost 4 pounds, which is fine, because i am more concerned about losing inches- I lost 3 inches in my waist, and 2 inches in my hips. The reason i am thinking about going longer is because i have so many allergies and skin rashes that i’m thinking the master cleanse will help alleviate. my 2nd master cleanse cured my chronic hiccups- don’t laugh! i used to get them about 3 times a day- now, i rarely get them…. soo.. maybe this will cure my skin conditions?

  2. sherry
    1750 days ago

    Day 7
    Everything went good. No side effects…no hunger pangs…SWF went fine….lemonade still taste good! 3 days left!

  3. Kim
    1757 days ago

    Deja Vu–I get to post underneath myself. Because of the surgery, I quit after my seventh day the first time around (see above post). I had to wean off really fast (not recommended) and I was so sad not to finish. But, I determined the next time I had a chance I would try again, and here I am, working for that most coveted virtual badge. If at first you don’t succeed . . . My spirits are up, I ran a good three miles this morning, and I’m looking forward to the last few days.

    One thing I do NOT look forward to is the salt-water-logging that accompanies every morning. It is the bravest thing I do all day long. But, I highly recommend Celtic Sea Salt, which is pretty palatable. If it weren’t for the volume of liquid, I might not dislike it entirely. It tastes a little like Ramen Noodle broth.

    Down nine pounds so far, but didn’t lose any more last night.

  4. Kim
    1890 days ago

    Here I am on day 7. I haven’t cheated in the least, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to continue. I didn’t know when I started this cleanse that I would need a surgery on day 9 of it, but there’s the sad story. I wish I could get a solid answer from someone about what I ought to do, but know one seems to know. I just don’t know if it’s asking too much of my body to undergo a surgery at the end of a cleanse.

    I know the laxative (smoothe move) tea does not work for me. I don’t move unless I do the SWF. I was very grouchy last night. I’m not sure if that was the cleanse or worries about my upcoming surgery. I had a few pains in my knee joints last night. I fit into my skinny jeans with room to spare this morning. I’ve lost 9 pounds.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be here tomorrow. I’m glad for the seven days I’ve had. My skin looks amazing and I feel so clean. I began this cleanse because I believed it to be a good way to heal myself. I think it’s ironic I may have to quit for health reasons. We shall see. I will try to make the best decision. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  5. Rachel
    1917 days ago

    Day 7
    Yesterday and today have been the easiest throughout the daytime, I have to say last night and the 5th night around 10 11 pm i got pretty bad hunger pains, I stay up late and munch thats probably why a mental thing. I havent been grouchy or moody at all on this cleanse witch usually if I go without food for 3 hours I kinda have a bit of a monster that comes out. So thats good. Also this whole time it has never really felt like I havent eaten food. I dont feel like I havent eaten in 7 days or even 3 hours. Thats the strangest part for me. I have not cheated once not even with the herbal teas mostly because I dont really like tea all that much. Just been drinking the laxative tea in evenings and I have 1 or 2 BM at night about and hour or two after I drink the tea. This has been so unexpectedly easier then I thought, I heard of people doing it and was always that person that said “Oh I could NEVER go without food for an entire DAY!” but I guess I went in expecting the worst and turns out not that bad. I didnt do it for the weight loss as im 125lbs and 5’5 but I definitly feel toned and my belt wont fit anymore! So I think I’ve dropped some water weight. But mostly I did it to feel better, Im always tired and low energy and even though I eat healthy I binge sometimes for a few days on fries,soft cheeses ( I can eat a block of brie in one sitting)late night burritos. And lots of booze. And I was feeling really sickly. And I feel great now! 3 more days…So excited to eat again!!!!

    • Sam
      1882 days ago

      How much weight did you end up losing after the 10 days? I also am 5’5 and 125, and was wondering if you saw any results

  6. Bethany
    1966 days ago

    It’s day 7 in the morning. I don’t have a scale but so far I have only lost 1/2 inch from my waist. Kind of a bummer. I started at maybe a little over 130 pounds so I was hoping to lose at least 5 pounds on this but I don’t know if I have. I can get through this. I am pretty used to it now. I do find that actually watching cooking videos or looking at my recipes helps me because.. maybe because I just want SOMETHING to do with food and I love to cook, but I know I won’t eat because I will just feel sick.

  7. DC
    1992 days ago

    Day 7. I do not feel well physically at all! Yesterday (Day 6) I had the worst headache in the free world. This morning I woke up feeling a little better, but not much, dull headache that has turned into a more intense one throughout the day. The pressure across my forehead and eyes is almost unbearable. Major eye strain, squinting and I look really tired. Work is difficult today. I don’t really have the desire for food. Any thoughts of what I wish I could eat, etc, I dismiss immediately from my mind and it’s been working. I just wish I felt better physically. Has anyone else felt like this? I have been doing hot yoga for the entire time and yesterday was one of my worst classes ever as I was suffering from intense body pain and no strength. I feel so weak and I’m drinking plenty of lemonade. Thinking I might be dehydrated – but taking in alot of fluids (water, tea, lemonade, etc). Any suggestions? Thx!

  8. Willie Wright
    1995 days ago

    Day 7 October 10, 2010
    Woke up at 6:00 and had BM at 6:05 and 6:10. Weighed in today at 181.9, fat percent 17.3, bone mass 7.4, water percentage 60.3 and BMI of 24.6. My blood pressure was 120/70. I did SWF at 6:30 BM at 7:30 and 8:00. I must have absorbed some of the SWF because I did not expel a liter today. I drove home from my brothers at 8:30 and had my first LD at 9:00 followed at 11:30, 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30. I drank a Spearmint tea at 6:00. I drank SM laxative tea at 7:00 and went to bed (before my wife had a fresh grilled hamburger which didn’t even tempt me). 3 more days or 7 more days that is the question. I started out to do a 10 but now 14 is starting to seem possible.

  9. JoJo
    2037 days ago

    Finishing day 7, and so glad. I dread evenings cause thats when I THINK I’m supposed to eat and thats usually when I did most my eating before. On the other hand I look forward to the evening so I can call it another day accomplished on the MC. It has really helped to get that extra support I need by reading everyones daily progress. I have been weighing myself daily and was losing 1 lbs/day but it didn’t move at all today and that was hard to take , but I told myself even if I don’t lose any weight at all I have done an amazing cleanse for the health of my body and mind and spirit. 3 more days to go, I can do this and so can you.

  10. LaLaLu
    2047 days ago

    Day 7, woke up and had a calmness even though I had a kind of chaotic morning! The SWF and tea are working quite well…I did find out that perimenopausal wt gain can be avoided by doing cleanses, and thats were I’m at right now…and my hot flashes that have been really intense in the last few months, even though I have been taking soy isoflavins and black cohash and Amberen (which helped somewhat) but since I’ve been doing the MC, my hot flashes have been almost nonexistent! I do get a little heated after I drink the lemonade, it must be the cayenne pepper! Ya’ think? heehee…down 8lbs and my goal is 10, but I want to stay on this an extra 4 days as my guy is not going to be home until then and I am not as tempted when he’s not around! Stay strong!

  11. Shayla
    2161 days ago

    Day 7:Felt great!!. I got hungry earlier in the morning but i figured i was not drinking as much.My boyfriend says that my nake shows…that felt good. I also tried on one of my medium sized Gym top and it fits better! I did the elliptical again for 1hr and i have gotten over the feeling that i might be too weak to work out! wt lose todate=8lbs. I feel like i am just starting the fast….bring it on day 8!

  12. Sally (nickname Lhamu)
    2182 days ago

    @Glenda : Hi Glenda! I don’t know what to tell you about your concerns. Are you losing inches around your waist and stomach? I had my regular “routine” the first day and since then it has been a watery elimination in the morning and then at night following the salt water cleanse. No big eliminations, but what I did notice in Days 2 – 5 was the release of a lot of liquids and gas that I think was trapped inside. My waistline is back to normal and my stomach is flat. (I’m not comfortable sharing all this, but maybe it will be helpful!)

    This is my Day 7 and I’m feeling great – my skin is totally clear, my eyes seem clear and white and I have a lot of energy. I don’t weigh myself, but I know I have lost several inches around my waist, hips and legs. I had my snug jeans on last night and they were so loose that I had to keep pulling them up! When I do yoga, I am super flexible and my energy level is consistent, despite the heated room.

    I have to say that I’m getting kind of bored with the lemonade and herbal tea and am looking forward to finishing and chewing – on something healthy of course! This experience is such a wake up call to my eating and drinking patterns.

  13. Glenda
    2182 days ago

    Hi all,

    I am very worried because I have not had any substantial BM’s. Some have been mucus like and the rest very watery. It is now day 7 and still… On around day 4 I began to get somewhat of a rash on my face and it has not gone away. It does not itch, however but it still worries me. One I have not done consistently is drinking Spring water. I have been drinking tap water most of the time. But that hardly seems ground for the detox not to work. Can anyone shed some light to my worries? Thanks

    • Melissa
      1714 days ago

      Tap water is not appropriate for cleansing (not for drinking either by the way), as well as mineral water. You should use distilled, purified or spring water. Stanley Burroughs says in his book not to drink tap water because of so many reasons… (chlorine, fluoride, worms, hormones, parasites…etc) But you know that probably!
      If you drink tap water during your cleanse, your body can not concentrate on the cleansing! You wrote that more than a year ago i hope you are fine now. Next time please don’t do that. :)

  14. Jessicas Stell
    2187 days ago

    Day 7 , I can say it tested my character and discipline, but THANK GOD for Thrift stores.. I went shopping, did lots of walking, pretty much stayed busy… so I made it. My body ached a lot today, I wonder where does that stem from? However, other than the weird pain I was alright.
    Also it seems food is foreign to me, like I am ready to eat, but Im scared… LMAO… how goofy is that???

    Going to sleep so I can welcome day 8 with a smile.

  15. Iris
    2227 days ago

    February 21 started my 7th day of the fast. I have not seen what I consider to be the substantial bowel movements that I expected. Like some others I have not taken the SWF. I took the smooth move tea three of the nights. I will take it for the remainder of the time I’m on the cleanse. The little elimination that I did see was not dark or very unusual from what I’m used to. It seems as if all of those who are having the productive eliminations are able to do the SWF. Is there an alternative to that? I believe that I eat fairly healthy and don’t eat any red meat and very little dairy. I really hope that things get moving before this is done. Although I have seen positive change in my body I’d have to wait a while before I start the 10 day detox again.

  16. Amy
    2292 days ago

    Day 7: There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Now, it’s all controlling the mind. I feel a little cooky and although I know I’m not going to quit, my mind is playing tricks. The description of day 7 above is VERY accurate. I have been having an awful ache on my left side almost behind my lower ribs. I know it isn’t kidneys or anything, I have no idea what it is. It hurts worse today than ever. It’s bothered me before occasionally. Still haven’t eliminated substantial dark matter that has been described, but the SWF’s are working as they should. Hoping something will in the next three days. Energy level is lower, but I’m still getting what I need to get done during the days. Trouble sleeping. Looking forward to cooking primarily vegetarian. I’ve been spending my time lusting for food finding healthy recipes/food combinations for the future.

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