Day 6

On the sixth day, The Master Cleanse Diet starts getting easier. This is largely due to the fact that your body is getting used to the hunger and you would feel easier to get through this day. This day will make you look back and reflect on what you just went through. It will make you think that you have made it this far and there’s no turning back. From this day onwards, you take each day with stride.

On the sixth day, you will notice obvious changes. Changes you never thought possible in the past. You will see obvious weight loss if you keep track of your weight. But don’t get disappointed by the fact that it is only water weight dropping. Four more days, and you will see the new you.

Step by step, an inch at a time, you are but four days away from your goal. It is much better to appreciate something you worked hard for, than something you get instantly. This is exactly what The Master Cleanse Diet is. An enduring process that will break you down, but will do you wonders in the end.

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  1. Bethany
    2110 days ago

    Day 6 for me. Happy I made it to the half-way point. I think since I made it through the weekend that I’ll be able to finish the 10 days. Feeling fine today, no cramps and not craving food too badly, but still no BM. It looks like the front of my tongue looks less coated but the back 3/4 are pretty gross with a light yellow coat. Not sure if I have lost much weight since I don’t have a scale. Powering on..

  2. Lola Terry
    2128 days ago

    Day six and I have a raging headache. It would be easy to blame the cleanse, but alas, it was the rude UPS guy who woke me from a dead sleep at the crack of dawn this morning by banging on my door. Why is he making deliveries so early?? Anyhoo, the headache is constant, but dull and I just want to crawl back into bed-but I’m not sleepy. I feel as if my head is stuffed with cotton, laced with cement-ugh!! But other than that-I’m okay. Probably won’t get any exercise in today because my balance is a bit off from the heavy head, but at least I don’t have to worry about the addition of pounds from eating!!

  3. Willie Wright
    2139 days ago

    Day 6 October 9, 2010
    Yesterday I woke up at 5:50 and had BM. I weighed in today at 183.2, fat percent 24.6, bone mass 6.8, water percentage 55.0 with a BMI of 24.8 (I just figured out the new scales I purchased on day two will calculate this, I guess I should of read the instructions:)). I have lost 8.8 pounds total and even though that is not my primary reason it was part of it, I’m feeling better. My blood pressure was 107/70. I did the SWF at 6:15 with first BM at 7:15 followed at 7:25, 7:35, 7:50 and 8:05. (Make sure you have plenty of TP. I was a little tired from the construction work yesterday so I took a nap until 9:50. I did my LD at 10:00 followed at 12:00, 2:00, 3:30 and 6:00. I need to watch LD consumption and make sure I drink 6. I sleep too much today. I drank SM at 8:20 and went to bed. I felt fine today and did some light yard work.

  4. Patty
    2164 days ago

    Day 6, noon… went to an exercise class this am which brought my out of my funk, and warmed me up. I always seem to be cold while on the fast. Not hungry, though, so that is good. I am a little nervous about days 7-8, as it has been posted that those are difficult days. Yesterday was hard for me (day 5). I hope I’m losing weight, I seem to be, but I am not weighing myself. I don’t own a scale. I’m afraid to check! LOL. One “cheat” I do use is that when I make the lemonade I only put one tablespoon of syrup in, and then have a spoonful by itself… aaah, nirvana…

  5. Monica
    2168 days ago

    It’s day 6. I feel really good, I can honestly say that this has been the best day yet! I’ve lost 6 Lbs. Keep up the good work everyone.

  6. LaLaLu
    2191 days ago

    Day 6…at work and smelling something wonderful, find out that theres a potluck and someone has a slowcooker with a turkey in it!!! Smells like Thanksgiving!!! Yikes…I love Thanksgiving food, I swear I’m being tortured or tested, I think both! But, Thanksgiving is in November, so I can wait:) Feeling kind of tired, did not sleep well last night…but, overall I seem to exude more energy, which is great, because lately I’ve been experiencing the 2pm slumps and since I’ve been doing MC I can honestly say that I’m not feeling that! When I get home from work I am getting more done and actually not relaxing until after 8pm….4 more days to go and hoping to do an extra few…stay strong everyone!

  7. MkLeGare
    2200 days ago

    Day 6…Pro’s: Looking Good, Feeling Good Con’s:Working in the FoodService Industry makes this Really REALLY tough, Want a Ham Sandwich BAD! Seriuosly though…..I tried this with my boyfriend and failed badly. We both like the Cleanse but realized doing it with a partner is tough. If you both get the cranks @ the same time….Hide the Denato’s Pizza coupons. Trust me. : ) Kinda wanted to stop a few times, but read all your comments and really feel the support. Literally, when I wanna quit around 7pm….Everyday, I turn on my little window into Cyberspace and their you all are. THX SO MUCH! see you tomorrow……………

  8. Angela
    2207 days ago

    Day 6 is here!! I feel great, although I was hoping for more in the cleansing department. No solids coming out.. is it still working as it should? The only bad thing is that I am still really craving food. Also, I kind of still want “bad” foods. Everyone else seems to want healthy foods only. Truth is, I cannot wait for this to be over. However, I feel trim and full of pride that my willpower is so strong. I love knowing that I am doing something healthy for my body, and I’m looking forward to how all my clothes will fit. I will definitely make it to day 10!! The best part is talking to friends who never made it past day 4. Ha! I think it’s helpful to talk about it (which you have to do when you are someone like me who is always eating usually) because then you don’t want to wuss out publicly. Day 10 is on the horizon!!!

  9. kbugler11
    2209 days ago

    I am ending my sixth day, and I can honestly say I am officially sick of the lemonade. The not eating part isn’t as bad as the monotonous taste of the lemonade. I almost prefer the SWF to this!! Oh well, I know can make it through until day 10, I just wish I could have a new flavor of lemonade!!!

  10. Shayla
    2305 days ago

    Day 6: I had good day. I think of all the days, this has been slightly challenging as far as food temptation is concerned. My fiance cooks for himself now and he is very supportive,but the smell of his food was soo enticing! I have now gotten in the habit of sniffing his food and “chew” the flavor or drink my juice. I imagine what the food tastes like and tell my self: “i know how it tastes, i have had this before and will eat it some time soon” etc. I also try to remember the last time i ate too much and the unconfortable feeling i got from it. All these visualizations help me resist the urge to eat. Also, i was able to resume my work out even though i am taking it easy for this week (1 hr on elliptical; hiked for 1.5hr yesterday). Wt loss to date=6.5.Overall, it was a good day.

  11. Lhamu
    2327 days ago

    Day 6 in the books! Today was a particular challenge because everyone at my office brought in chocolate from their Easter holiday. I refrained, but I enjoy a good piece of chocolate!

    I continue to have great energy, sleep well and feel very light and flexible at my yoga class. During days 4, 5 and today, I have had small acne/pimples on my face which could be something in my system working itself out – nothing major. It all appears to be clearing up and my skin all over is amazing – it seems younger, with more moisture and great coloring.

    My system continues to be working itself through – I thought I was completely done on Day 3, but there seems to be more. I’m glad I stayed with the cleanse and will continue for the ten days. I don’t weigh myself, but I know I have lost inches all over. My body tends to retain a lot of water and so I know the reduction is an unclogging and slimming. I think the benefit of the cleanse for me is to clear my system of those foods that keep me from processing everything well and then stay away after the cleanse.

    So, looking for more people to post! Spring is here – a great time to leave the winter behind and start fresh with the sunshine!

  12. jesse s
    2331 days ago

    Well day 6 is here wow.. I HONESSTLY can NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I think he reality of it all will set in really on day 8 . The reason is I want to surpass my auntie who is 67 and does this wonderfully however she has never went pass 7 days.. so after day 7 I can say.. YES!!! I will see the finish line, I must say I have lost quite a bit of weight I have NOT WEIGHED but I can see it in my thighs ( which never moves) and neck.40 days I would be totally anoxeric.. LOL
    I also still feel pretty good, the energy is CRAZY.. really CRAZY.. this stuff is like crack.. LMAO. Far as food is concerned I am craving beans, lettuce, Indian food, salads,nothing bad at all.. isnt that crazy, but good. so i have made out my gorcery list for MOnday, of which I am going Sunday and also going to cook Sunday night.. at midnight.. so I can at at least taste my soups for the taste. BUt you see I said midnight and that is if im up if not Monday morning it is. Hey if you can go 10 days you can go a couple of hours.( especially sleeping hours) I really want to thank you all for this blog this helped a lot, and also now I have a few people filing suit, they are like wow you look great, and you seem to be so chipper.. LOL. So I have a few followers, I wil give them ALL the support I had and then some. That is where the winners and losers come in, support is essential.


    • Kisten
      2086 days ago

      Horrible choice of words, I think you may have been looking for emaciated.

  13. marry
    2345 days ago

    Day 6 went well for me. I feel fine but I fear that I am not taking in enough of the lemonade. Keeping busy is the key.

  14. Sprout
    2365 days ago

    Yesterday, went well. I have a slight headache this morning. I like the comments in the introduction – I should not feel any hunger today. I certainly wasn’t hungry yesterday. I did a short work out this morning (1 mile on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the eliptical, plus I lifted weights for my back (lat pulldowns & rows)). I think I still struggle with just not eating – but I would hate to stop now. So Onward!

  15. Emma
    2383 days ago

    @Josie : I’m not 100% sure why orange juice is chosen but I guess you can use a mix of fruit juices would be fine. Why not fruit? after 10 days of fast, most likely digesting the fruits would be quite of a sudden so it would be better to start off with various fruit juices, followed by actual fruits, and you can start to drink soups too.

    Stay positive and it’s just 4 more days to go! Cheering for you! =)

  16. Josie
    2384 days ago

    Day 6! I feel good. I’m at work right now and so i brought all the ingredients to hand juice since premade doesn’t taste as good. I’m trying desperately to taste the organic cocoa in my Detox tea, haha! It tastes like nothing. It’s a real challenge to drink herbal teas without sweetener and soymilk which i usually put in all my teas. I’ve only cheated with putting honey in a couple cups of tea and some soymilk. For the rest of the time I’m going to be strict. I need to get rid of my sweet tooth.
    I’d like to see more elimination results…it just looks like it could be lemonade comin’ back out.
    My boyfriend is out of town so that kinda helps with avoiding watching him eat, haha!
    I haven’t lost too much weight which is not why i went on this but would LOVE to drop 10 lbs! I’m holdin’ out for it.
    I want to know why do we break the fast with orange juice. Why not fruit or fruit juice? What’s the huge difference between lemon juice and orange juice?
    Good luck everybody! Stay strong!

  17. Emma
    2419 days ago

    Is this the 6th day you are on the master cleanse? Are you drinking alot of water? What was your normal weight? I’m not too sure why you have gained the weight without knowing your condition. Did you have proper bowel elimination?

  18. Emma
    2419 days ago

    @Jo : Is this the 6th day you are on the master cleanse? Are you drinking alot of water? What was your normal weight? I’m not too sure why you have gained the weight without knowing your condition. Did you have proper bowel elimination?

  19. Jo
    2420 days ago

    Ok I started this with my husband. He’s been losing weight like mad. I, on the other hand gained 2/10# yesterday. I lost that 2/10# today but that’s it. My hunsband has had to quit. He was physically sick, no energy & couldn’t make it thru the day. I made him have some soup last night. He was way too weak. I will continue on but can’t figure out how I can manage to actually gain weight (no matter how minimal it is)

  20. Amy
    2437 days ago

    Ahhh journal entry day 6. Today has been the easiest and best so far. I feel very positive that this cleansing is the right thing. I used inland seawater for my flush, which was wow! Amazing. Mixed four tablespoons with 2 quarts of a little warmer than luke warm water and drank it w/in 20min. The best results I’ve had so far. Going to continue that once a week after I’m done with the cleanse. Also added 2 to 3 cups of a tea called Tabebula Avallanedae, which is for flushing the kidneys, one of my weaker spots in my body. I can keep going.

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