Day 6

On the sixth day, The Master Cleanse Diet starts getting easier. This is largely due to the fact that your body is getting used to the hunger and you would feel easier to get through this day. This day will make you look back and reflect on what you just went through. It will make you think that you have made it this far and there’s no turning back. From this day onwards, you take each day with stride.

On the sixth day, you will notice obvious changes. Changes you never thought possible in the past. You will see obvious weight loss if you keep track of your weight. But don’t get disappointed by the fact that it is only water weight dropping. Four more days, and you will see the new you.

Step by step, an inch at a time, you are but four days away from your goal. It is much better to appreciate something you worked hard for, than something you get instantly. This is exactly what The Master Cleanse Diet is. An enduring process that will break you down, but will do you wonders in the end.

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  1. Antrecia
    1707 days ago

    Today is day six and Ive lost 8lbs! Loving the mastercleanse. gonna shoot for 21 days if I feel great after 10.

  2. Kim
    1757 days ago

    I am picking back up where I left off. I think I might have had one more post last time around when I had to quit to prepare for my surgery. But here I am back again on Day #6! Woo hooo! This second time around has been way easier than the first so far. Can’t wait to get my badge for sure this time. There is nothing new to report that differs from my first try in January, except that it seems like my body didn’t have as many toxins to eliminate. I am actually cooking big meals for my family this time. A Mother on day six of the master cleanse who still makes homemade bread, lasagne and warm chocolate chip cookies for her family has passed the ultimate test of motherhood. I think I will reward myself with a big glass of lemonade right now. :) I just keep reminding myself how good it feels to be giving my body the chance to heal itself. I’m rebooting my system. All systems are go, and I’m looking towards day #7 tomorrow.

  3. mike
    1829 days ago

    I’m in the middle of day six and at first this morning was feeling really weak. I did wake up about 1hr later than i usually do so that might explain the weakness. But after i got to work and it got a lil better and now i have more energy. 4 more days to go, over the hump and heading toward the finish line =)

  4. Yvonne
    1846 days ago

    It is my first today, I just finish taking the salt wash drink. Hopefully I can make it through.

  5. Janine
    1855 days ago

    So sad! I broke my cleanse today : ( Went to a sit down meal and just couldn’t say no! So is it better to just keep going like I didn’t mess up or start again later and make it through all 10 days?

  6. Sarah S
    1865 days ago

    This is my first visit and just wanted to stop by to say hello all!

  7. chantal
    1878 days ago

    Hmm. Day 6 and heading into the early evening. I’ve lost about 5 lbs. How are people losing 10 lbs? I guess I should be exercising to see bigger results- I feel so tired. Not sleeping much due to BMs and getting up super early for the SWF… I feel like this is doable, though, and I’m happy that I’m going to see it through! Feels good to keep a commitment to myself for a change… Five pounds is something I’ve struggled to lose for a while, and it DOES feel pretty great. I’m aiming for 14 days. Tomorrow will be 7, and I think I can double it! Keep going everybody- I feel happy to do something good for myself that motivates me to eat healthfully. Just so tired…

  8. Kim
    1890 days ago

    Still here, and things are moving . . . Right after the journal entry yesterday, I had a breakthrough. :-) My weight has stabilized and there are only four days left, so I don’t think I’ll have to quit on that account. The family is starting to pull together for me. Now that I’ve begun, they all want to see me finish what I started. I think they’re sort-of proud of their Mom for having the discipline to do this.

    My kids tell me my skin looks amazing and say I look like I’m in college. (I happily cleaned their dirty dishes after that compliment!)

    My lump hasn’t done anything and the surgery to have it removed is scheduled for my ninth day on the cleanse (they scheduled after I’d begun the cleanse and there was no way around it). That might be tricky. We shall see. Yesterday was the day I let go of control over this journey and decided to enjoy the ride while I’m still on it. Can’t wait to get my badge. I hope I make it.

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