Day 5

The fifth day is the halfway mark. On this day, you will definitely sense the momentum building up, or you might just quit. Usually the fith day isn’t as hard as the 1st 3 days or the 7-8th days. You’re halfway through, and almost there, but getting there seems to take forever. Makes you wish you could just sail through the whole thing smoothly.

These are the most common sentiments felt by most people on The Master Cleanse Diet. Are you making any progress, or are you wallowing in failure? Have you noticed significant and positive changes, or has the diet worked for you at all? By now, are you sailing through, or are you still struggling? What you should put into mind is the sense of accomplishment once you finish the diet. Yes, it is a constant struggle, and who said it was going to be easy, but what’s in store for you in the end will be worth all the hardship.

This is not the same for everyone. Some people make it; some people don’t. That’s the reality. Not everybody can plant this kind of mindset in his or her frame of mind. It does take a lot of determination. For others who don’t make it, this does not mean they were doing The Master Cleanse wrong. If they probably stayed on the diet a little bit longer, they may have made it through to the end. This does not mean they have failed entirely, but on the contrary, can try it again on another time.

I hope that by this day, the bulk of the mental and physical hunger has already past. By this time, you will be able to triumph over the cultural and social pressures, which use to be the norm.

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  1. Lola Terry
    2129 days ago

    C’mon day five!! Up and feeling energized with my lemonade sitting in front of me on my desk. I was worried when I started because I have a client and the work I do involves four straight hours of moderate to hard physical labor, but I survived yesterday and pray to do so again today. Someone is cooking using garlic and I’m about to gag!! ANyone else seem to have a superhero sense of smell?

  2. Willie Wright
    2139 days ago

    Day 5 October 8, 2010 (i will post late since I will not be around a computer until day 7).
    Woke up at 5:40 and had BM. I weighed in today at 186.0, fat percent 21.8, bone mass 7.2, water percentage 57.0. I did SWF AT 5:50 with BM at 7:00, 7:20, 7:35 and last one at 7:55. My Blood Pressure was 120/80. Did my first LD at 8:25, 10:30, 12:25, 3:50 and last one at 7:00. I did SM at 11:00 after sitting in hot tub two times for 10-15 minutes. Today I help close in two garage doors with two 4X5 windows in each to accommodate my brother’s plants for the winter. We worked from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 that night. I felt fine today with no problems. I would say hooray this the half way point but I’m thinking I will go longer than 10 days but we’re see.

  3. Lola
    2141 days ago

    Day 5!! Yahooooo. I’m so excited about it. I wonder if me being vegan now has helped me this time around?? I haven’t checked my weight, since this isn’t why I am doing it – but belly is definitely FLAT.

    Hope everyone else is doing well?


  4. ralph
    2154 days ago

    im on my 5th day , im tacking a laxative tea made of several herbs , i started it until the 4th night and it really did not make much difference in mt BM they are still very liquidly, several after the salt water flush some during the day .. im wondering if i can take Aloe Vera Lax Vegan capsules ? i feel with good energy and really have not had any detox symptoms. im doing everything by the book , could it be that my body is taking longer then the rest to detox? i will continue at least to day 10 but what if my BM doesn’t change is it still good? thanks

  5. flo
    2174 days ago

    you know i finally feel better and i have so much more energy, i’ve lost 8#. i am want to be honest the first couple of days i felt like i was on a emotional roller coaster, i guess my body and mind was fighting between having all of the empuirities. i really like the smoothe move tea, my body has never been so cleansed. hang in there.

  6. Julia
    2182 days ago

    It is my fifth day and I feel drained and exausted, I felt really good the third and forth but today is really rough. I can’t focus. I feel really weak and disoriented. I don’t feel hunger I am just really weak and sleepy. I also have aches and pains here and there. My knee (an old injury) is killing me, makes it difficult to walk. I expected the energy everyone is talking about so I am sort of disappointed I am not sure what is going on. I hope tomorrow will be better.

  7. Aaron
    2190 days ago

    Day 5, this has been a much easier process this time around.I tried before and failed but I think it was because I was 3weeks into quitting smoking cold turkey after 10 years. I have been craving food quite often but I find something to do to get my mind off of it…I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and I’m not overweight so it’s quite incredible.

  8. LaLaLu
    2192 days ago

    On day 5 now…feeling energetic…went on scale this morning and wt was down 7lbs! My tongue is starting to shed it’s white film and overall I’m doing well, although I tend to have fleeting thoughts about food, it’s not about sugary or fattening ones, it’s about real good foods! In the past when I dieted I craved all the “bad” stuff, right from the start, but I feel different this time…as if this is what I need to do to remove years of sludge from my body, yes, I am feeling a little “out of sorts” but I believe it’s part of the process and it’s far from depression, which I have experienced in the past, staying positive and focused.

  9. Daniela
    2199 days ago

    I am on day 5 now, and physically I feel fine. I started with 3 days of watermelon a week ago and then the Master Cleanse. I seem to be in an emotional fog, sort of depressive- and not quite able to find my usual joy for life. I wonder if my liver is releasing a lot of old grief. I got an acupuncture treatment today, which helped a lot. My sleep is better, I am not waking up at 3 or 4 am in the morning as I do quite often, but at 5.30- which is nice, because I like the early morning. Am hoping for a breakthrough in mood, meanwhile I love to look at beautiful pictures, read spiritual teachings and do some yoga and breathing.

  10. Hot Rod
    2204 days ago

    On day 4, I felt great this morning woke up with lots of energy. So’ I mowed the lawn ,drove my mother to her doctor’s appointment,washed several loads of clothes. I only feel really hungry around dinner time. I haven’t been keeping a journal though, I’ve kept a lot of this stuff to myself. I feel as though a fast or cleansing should only be between God and yourself.

  11. kbugler11
    2211 days ago

    It’s the beginning of day 5 and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Until now, I was really starting to wonder if I was immune to the Master Cleanse Diet haha. I wasn’t having the same experiences as others, but today seems to be the turning point. The tea and SWF worked very effectively yesterday…and all last night. I think I drank the tea too late which was my fault, but it’s definitely flushing me! Today will be a little hard because I am going with my brother and sister to check out colleges for him, and my sister wants to take us to all her old stomping ground places, meaning lots of fatty, yummy food will be all around me and I will have to sip on water. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  12. David
    2216 days ago

    Day 5 has been a bit of a drag so far. This is probably the most challenging day so far. I’m really trying to keep a positive attitude about everything. I just realized that looking at the calendar, counting the days only makes things worse because of the anticipation. I think I really need to get out of the house so I can get my mind off of everything. I’ve been feeling a little light headed lately but I think I just need to drink more water and I will be ok. I think walk somewhere will do me some good. All I have to do is just get through another day. It’s tough but I can manage.

  13. sara
    2230 days ago

    jessica is right. last night i stayed home when i should have gone out. it was really hard sitting in front of the tv because that is when i comfort eat. that was kind of a tough realization.

    now i am on day five, which i am really proud of myself and not too hungry, but i have been wildly moody and grumpy. i have to work with customers and it hasn’t been going smoothly, lol. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

  14. Jojo
    2232 days ago

    Day 5 and I feel great haven’t gone bathroom yet. This is my second time on the cleanse. I feels that it’s good for my mind body and spirit. I feel that I can think more clearly. I have been taking it easy on any strenuous exercise. But I do admit thinking of what kind of broth I’ll be eating when it’s done ; )

  15. admin
    2261 days ago

    @Jessica :

    Great to hear that you are on your 5th day! and you are right about most people will just derail your progress! so just stay focused!

    5 more days to go for you!

  16. Jessica
    2261 days ago

    Day 5 has been really challenging so far. I went to a yoga class last night because I felt so good. Just wanted a little moving meditation, but it was too strenuous and I ache all over today. I want to eat so badly, but a little mint tea and the lemonade helped tremendously.

    I also realized that I am way more emotional than normal, which may be adding to my desire to eat. I believe that I may have been doing this all along, comfort eating and didn’t even notice it. I have decided to stick with the cleanse and overcome it.

    Lastly, if you are really irritable, don’t answer the phone if you don’t have to! Many people don’t understand what you are doing and to what end you are striving to achieve. It is better for everyone to keep negative comments to themselves (yours and theirs) and not let anything derail your progress. You can do it!

  17. Nick
    2264 days ago

    Just finished day 5. I feel no different than if I had eaten as normal. I haven’t had any headaches, rashes, coughing, or even felt especially hungry, and my bowel movements have been nothing but liquid since day one. I’m positive I’m doing it right, so I’m hoping it’s just taking a bit longer for the detox to take effect. Methinks I might be in this for longer than 10 days.

  18. Lhamu
    2328 days ago

    Day 5 for me and I feel great. I had a good day yesterday, starting with a yoga class, then time with my husband and stepdaughter (while they ate!) and then a bit of shopping. Unfortunately, at about 5pm, I was really challenged with a headache and went to bed early.

    So today, I decided not to go to Bikram and read, brushed my dogs and then took on switching my winter clothes and shoes for spring. Yay – I have had a lot of energy, no headache and no food cravings. My husband’s eggs did look delicious, but I went in the other room.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow where food is not so much of an issue for me. Being on the cleanse really reminds me that I CAN stay away from the candy, cookies and bagels that people bring in to the office if I put my mind to it.

    I hope some more cleansers join the forum!

  19. eva lane
    2331 days ago

    I’m on day 5 today and am feeling pretty good. I have a slight headache but I haven’t consumed much water so hey, that’s probably my fault! I’ve lost about 5 lbs so far but I really wish it were more. I wonder if the weight comes off faster in the last half of the cleanse?? Thoughts??I guess I’ll find out!!

  20. Jessicas Stell
    2332 days ago

    Well day 5 was great also, I went jogging and lifted weights. I cant believe the energy I have without my vitamins or food, this is AMAZING. I have not had any headaches at all.. its crazy..Im like when are my crazy symptoms going to rise??? I think I did my ease-in really well which is why I have not had a bad experience. I can also see the weight lost my boobs are skinny and my neck is LONGGGG!!!!.. LOL I have been shopping, so I can see the difference in clothes. I only weighed myself on day 2 actually which wasnt anything so I said well day 10 I will or BETTER had lost my 20 or at least 15.. LOL. Overall this has taught me a lot about myself and my discipline, which is strong!!!
    ALso I FINALY get the saying ” eat to live, dont live to eat” WOW!!!! Think about it!!!


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