Day 5

The fifth day is the halfway mark. On this day, you will definitely sense the momentum building up, or you might just quit. Usually the fith day isn’t as hard as the 1st 3 days or the 7-8th days. You’re halfway through, and almost there, but getting there seems to take forever. Makes you wish you could just sail through the whole thing smoothly.

These are the most common sentiments felt by most people on The Master Cleanse Diet. Are you making any progress, or are you wallowing in failure? Have you noticed significant and positive changes, or has the diet worked for you at all? By now, are you sailing through, or are you still struggling? What you should put into mind is the sense of accomplishment once you finish the diet. Yes, it is a constant struggle, and who said it was going to be easy, but what’s in store for you in the end will be worth all the hardship.

This is not the same for everyone. Some people make it; some people don’t. That’s the reality. Not everybody can plant this kind of mindset in his or her frame of mind. It does take a lot of determination. For others who don’t make it, this does not mean they were doing The Master Cleanse wrong. If they probably stayed on the diet a little bit longer, they may have made it through to the end. This does not mean they have failed entirely, but on the contrary, can try it again on another time.

I hope that by this day, the bulk of the mental and physical hunger has already past. By this time, you will be able to triumph over the cultural and social pressures, which use to be the norm.

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  1. Jessicas Stell
    2333 days ago

    Hey Kristen commmon YOU CAN DO THIS…this is just one of many accomplishments and at the end you can triumph!!!!!Lets see a way to drink the lemonade, maybe alter the amt of lemonade drink less of it and more water with lime or without, I would add more maple and cayenne and less lemonade for a glass or two,then resume appropiate measurment thereafter.
    Well good luck to all.


  2. Kristen
    2339 days ago

    Today is the worst day yet!! I cant stomach the taste or smell of the lemonade – its making me gag. I really want to continue but cant keep the lemonade down. I dont have cravings and have lost about 5 pounds so i would really like to continue. Need to find a way to drink the lemonade.

  3. Emma
    2346 days ago

    @marry : that’s nice, great that you have lose some weight while on the cleanse. Keep up the good work in resisting temptations and 5 more days to go!

  4. marry
    2346 days ago

    Today has been a challenge for me. Although I got a chance to go to Zumba class, and have been lucky in that I havent have cravings or headaches yet. I havent really been inspired to drink my lemonade mix nor do the SWF. And now I just feel really sleepy. Hardest thing is my guy and his french fries. Best this is that I jumped on the scale today and I think that I have lost around 5 pounds.

  5. Alex
    2347 days ago

    The 5th day is the halfway mark! I keep telling myself this, but something was wrong with my batch of lemonade and I’m stuck in school for the next 6hrs.. and the beverage taste completely disgusting. I really don’t like it. As if that isn’t enough, I’ve begun to have cravings. When I get home I take power naps and those usually help a lot. My bow movements are comfortable and don’t take much effort at all; one must be careful. I just hope I can finish this. I’ve attempted to complete this cleanse 3 times already. I’ve gotten through 6 days, 8 days and then 7 days. I really am pushing to do this.

  6. Emma
    2365 days ago

    @MariEli : If going out will make you tempted to eat, then stay at home! It’ll definitely help you a lot by staying at home. What kind of allergies do you have? Are your pills prescribed by a doctor?

  7. MariEli
    2365 days ago

    Day 5, I want to go on but I am not sure how successful I will be. Tomorrow is Saturday and weekends have always been eating out days w/ my boyfriend. Peer pressure is gonna set in.. My allergies are killing me since yesterday. I dont want to drink my pills because I am scare of what effect they will have on me since I have no food in my stomach.

  8. Sprout
    2366 days ago

    At 6:00 p.m. yesterday, I stared at the vending machine before I decided that no I would not eat something. I had been looking at documents (for work) that had menu descriptions and even some pictures of food! So here it is lunch time on day 5 and I’m hanging in there. I worked out for an hour on the eliptical machine this morning. It feels good to be here – and yes it is still daunting to think that I have five more days to go. Each day it seems that I have this great temptation moment that if I can just get past the moment – things work out ok. I’m taking my bottle of lemonade to lunch. Eating is such a social ritual! By the way, I think the gum gave me mixed results yesterday. It was a relief to chew, but it kind of stimulated my appetite. Onward!

  9. Sara
    2421 days ago

    Day 5- Today and last night have been the absolute worst for me. I am so extremely hungry. I’m having the worst cravings on top of the physical hunger. I want everything greasy and not greasy. I am seriously considering starting the orange juice tomorrow but am just trying to stick through this. This is my first time trying this cleanse and I really, really want to do this. The hunger is just so intense. I can smell the food my neighbors are cooking. My boyfriend stopped by Sonic last night and I wanted food from there so bad! We went to a New Year’s Eve party later on where there were pistachio nuts, chocolate kisses, and baby carrots with dip, all of it I wanted so badly! I’m just struggling but I’ve already lost weight and am feeling “cleansed”. I’m torn. It’s only halfway, but it feels like it’s been an eternity.

  10. Emma
    2436 days ago

    @Amy : Oh the webmaster of this website is my close friend. Yup, he sent the email to me and I’ve read it. It’s interesting what you have sent me there.

  11. Amy
    2437 days ago

    @Emma : I replied to admin, I hope that is you……

  12. Emma
    2437 days ago

    @Amy : I have not really heard of the photos of the eye.. what is that actually? I’m a dietician as well as an health author and yes that is my website on the alkaline diet. In short, it’s about balancing your body’s pH level.

    I usually don’t go to the western doctors nowadays as I believe in alternative healing. Furthermore, study and research now confirms that antibiotics lower your body’s natural resistance to illnesses, viruses and diseases.

  13. Amy
    2437 days ago

    @Emma :Ok, I found your site. Going to check it out.

  14. Amy
    2437 days ago

    @Emma :Have you ever heard of photos of the eye showing health problems and other things such as parasites, stress, etc.? When I clicked on your link it pulled up a website that went into the PH levels as well, which is very interesting. Do you mind me asking what you do? Thanks for the encouragement as well. I think this site is great. It would be devastating to health care if word go out that the body can heal on it’s own most of the time…….

  15. Emma
    2437 days ago

    @Amy : I think you did very well! Most people find Day 4-5 one of the most difficult days and you managed it well. Keep the good work up!

  16. Gricel
    2438 days ago

    Day 5: Im just starting day #5 i cant believe it myself. I feel less heavy, more energy and I’m so surprised I dont feel hungry at all. My only concern is my bowel movement which I hope it will more frequents. But beside that im very confident and happy I decided to try this master cleanse and i hope to continue for the full 10 days!!!!Can anyone tell me how often can you master cleanse your body????
    And to anyone doing the master cleanse just think in how good you will look and all the benefits your health and body will get! Good Luck to all!

  17. Amy
    2438 days ago

    Journal entry day 5: I am having aches and pains in my joints and the left side of my back. Interesting because these have been my previous problem spots in the past. I’m still hungry, but feel more in control and less freaked out by the lack of instant food gratification. I started taking probiotics twice a day and then will continue once a day when I’m done. Still feeling like I’m doing the right thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chloe for the encouragement. Helps so much!

  18. Jomoke
    2519 days ago

    I stopped the fast. It was great doing it and feel confident that I will again try this fast. Thank you for being a website that is both informative and interactive!

    My excuse: I think this time I have a lot going on around me and feel that I want to be a part of the many outings that are occuring which I could not be a part of fasting.

  19. Judy McCutcheon
    2540 days ago

    I am on Day 5 and it is not so hard as the first few days. I weighed in on the 4th day and I lost 3.5 lbs. I only wished I could have eaten something, but I am holding on until day 10.

  20. Kuljeet
    2568 days ago


    Day 5 for me. Big day also as i’m having laser eye surgery today. Its certainly getting easier as the days go on. I’ve noticed some changes in my body and i’m hoping by day 10 i will have lost some weight.
    Will all let you know.

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