Day 4

On the fourth day, you will experience the physical side effects or detoxification stages. Some call this the “Healing Events” (some experience “Healing Events” at different stages of The Master Cleanse Diet). The mind will play little tricks on you, tempting you to eat this and that, but it’s minor and can easily be controlled. We often think it is necessary to have the unhealthiest of food. This is due to thousands and thousands of years of social and cultural programming, which can now be invalidated and challenged.

Possibly, the best advantage you can get from the diet is the newfound revelation that you no longer need to eat to survive. The social and cultural association of meat as a standard can now be replaced with something more sustainable, something like broccoli and the like.

In short, detoxification stages, by definition, is the expulsion of harmful toxins, within our body, by means of cough, colds, the flu, rashes, etc. The said events are often experienced on the third and fourth day of The Master Cleanse Diet, but can possibly occur at any stage of the diet. The body’s immune system reacts to invading harmful contaminants, by making you feel under the weather. It is the same when toxins are flushed out. This is also known as the concept of Healing Events in The Master Cleanse Diet.

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  1. JP
    1956 days ago

    I actually started the cleanse on thursday afternoon
    But felt like my head was going to explode friday night,
    due to Coffee withdrawal (2 cups daily) I had no choice
    But to eat half a can of vegetable soup so I could
    Take an aspirin. Does this mean I lost that whole
    Day? :(

  2. Tiff
    1966 days ago

    Day 4 of the MC and I feel more energetic. Cant really tell I had a BM today but not much. Preparing to get through the weekend. I’m at work Monday-Friday so it’s a breeze. But getting throught the weekend will be tough. I was sure how many people work out while on the cleanse. Is it safe?

  3. mike
    1975 days ago

    Mid day 4 So far so good, I actually took a 30 minute during lunch and felt just fine. For the past 4 days i’ve only drank about 32oz of mixture a day and had lax tea at night. I’ve been feeling fine but am wondering if i’m doing any harm in not doing the full 60oz. At first i only had a 32oz bottle but i’ve really haven’t craved more than just that.

  4. k
    1988 days ago

    im on day 4 and realized dont need food to survive! its crazy you just need nurishment. my shoulder hurts which is really strange but i guess it just part of the process. one thing ive notice is my feet have gotten skinner. shoes that were tight last week now fit loose. Made dinner for my family and wasnt even tempted hooray for me. If i feel this good at day 10 i’ll hang on for a few more days.

  5. Roslyn
    1994 days ago

    I am on day 4 of the MC! And I am a newbie. It’s been tough again today. I still want the papa john’s hawaiian bbq pizza with extra cheese. I’ve had the liquidy BM from Day 1 but nothing else. I feel that there may be something else there but so far no sign. Also, I have lost 11lbs – I was at 320 now 309. I can’t believe that but fully aware that it is ALL water as I retain a huge amount of water. Should I be expecting any additional BM activity beyond the virtual stream that I unleash 5-7 times each morning after the SWF. Additionally, I read in a blog that no caffeine herbal teas were acceptable. True? Please advise. Still wanting that Papa John’s pizza….yeah, but going to bed early so that I can avoid cheating. But sonic is open late and I think Papa John’s is too! Will I get sick if I just go and eat that pizza?! Help……..!

  6. Rhianna
    2002 days ago


  7. Kim
    2036 days ago

    Day four is here. I sleep well and I haven’t had any cramping so far. I’m definitely experiencing the after-effects of the SWF in the morning. I haven’t had too many headaches, but I don’t drink caffeinated drinks, so maybe that’s part of the reason. Night time is the hardest part of the day. The cravings are acute and urination comes frequently and a little painful. This morning I increased the Celtic Sea Salt in my SWF and I hope that gets things moving–I don’t want to do this any longer than my ten days! Big thumbs up for the Celtic Sea Salt–tastes better (almost palatable) and it contains more minerals. I don’t know if my body is hanging on to any of those minerals, but I like to imagine the extra minerals in the salt helps me keep afloat.

    I am a little worried about my weight loss. I’ve lost 7 pounds already. I know from prior experience once I drop below a certain point, I’m in scary unhealthy territory. I won’t go there again. I have 5 pounds left I can drop before I’m in the red and will have to pull the plug. I don’t know what to do to get my body to stay afloat, but I really want to make it the full ten days. Here’s crossing my fingers I’ll hit a plateau today.

    Today’s mental image is “balance.” As my body continues dumping toxins, I’ll be thinking about the value in maintaining a healthy balance of all nutrients, all facets of life. Yesterday was about accepting where I am in this moment. Today is about pushing forward and looking for good ways to use my every day life choices working towards a healthy balance of everything.

  8. maggie
    2037 days ago

    Sorry about the moaning everyone. I just forced myself to drink 24 oz of water and then I had a lemon drink and I already feel much better!

  9. maggie
    2037 days ago

    This is my first time on the MC. On the 4t day and I feel miserable. I awoke feeling just fine but then I took the SWF and since then I’ve felt completely dehydrated, headache and weak. Does they SWF dehydrat you? I must be doing something wrong because I’ve had no eliminations since the first day, just tons of water. I’m feeling like maybe I should quit with the SWF since it’s not seeming to do anything.

    Thanks for all the comments – they help me stay motivated.

  10. Niecy
    2042 days ago

    Day 4: A lot of stomach activities for me me today. woke up feeling slightly weak and been very tired lately. cravings are almost gone and hasnt been as bad as expected especially since everyone cooks in my home. But for some reason looking at food and smelling it helps me get through this and i become full from what i see and smell. As the day continued and i started moving around im starting to feel a bit more energized.

  11. Jennifer
    2051 days ago

    Today is day 4 for me. This is my third attempt at this. the first time I did the cleanse for 5 days the second time only 3. This time I really want to go at least 7 days if not the whole 10. Today I am tired and my stomach hurts. I’m also cold and have a horrid back ache. I am hoping these are all positive things in the long run. I feel like I am going to be pleased with the end result but today is a bit of a struggle.

  12. Dia
    2084 days ago

    First timer on the MC
    Day 4 with a lot of gas and sounds on my belly.
    I am doing the limonade for the whole day but instead of using maple i’m using agave nectar, i read that is fine (specially if ur diabetic). Last night i took the tea and i was expecting to feel the results in the morning but nothing, woke up during the night REALLY thirsty and i was like that the whole morning. My tonge got the white coating.Been taking the SWF (for me the hardest part) and after a 30-45 minutes got the results.

    I can smell food and i just enjoy the smell, i don’t feel the urge of eating, but yes this 4th day as been mentally difficult, i think in food at leat 3 times in an hr.

    So far i loose 3-4 pounds, i havent had the chance to check my BM .

  13. Nix
    2103 days ago

    Finished day 4, about to head to sleep. I have dreamed about food two nights in a row. Im ok in the day.

  14. Nikki
    2107 days ago

    Day 4 and I’m feeling pretty good. However I only seem to be drinking 4 to 5 glasses of lemonade. I drink about 3 glasses between 8 to 4 and then I’m gone to school till about 8:30 at night. I usually drink another glass of lemonade and then my laxative tea before bed. I often wonder do you really need to drink 6 glasses of the lemonade. I don’t get hungry at all and my cravings do not come around as much like the first three days. I almost feel like I can do this cleanse till November 21 which is right before Thanksgiving. My goal is to lose 20 to 30 pounds right before my trip to Europe. Hopefully I can hang in there.

  15. Bethany
    2112 days ago

    In the middle of day 4. Drank about 1/3 of the SWF this morning. No BM’s since day 1 or 2. My tongue has a white film on it so I can’t give up now! Took an hour long walk on the beach today and yesterday. Feeling pretty normal today.. no less or more energy than usual. Thinking about delicious vegan food but need to stop myself from doing that. No tummy cramps today (yet)! Hope everyone reading this on day 4 stays strong!

  16. Lola Terry
    2130 days ago

    Oh, forgot to say that I have the white tongue-freaky!! I haven’t had the physical desire to eat (and I love to eat), but psychologically I want stuff, like Costco hot dogs, french fries and burgers. The funny thing is that I can watch The Food Network and Travel Channel (Man vs. Food) and not want a thing. I was in Costco today and purchased a hot dog (not for me!!). The smell on the way home almost made me ill. Now I love onions, but that smell combined with the hot dog in my car-let’s just say I got home a lot faster than normal!! My sense of smell seems more intense.

  17. Lola Terry
    2130 days ago

    Hi all!! I am a first timer and on day four. I am not following the program strictly as written, but I’ve seen a change in my BMI from 25.7 to 24.7. I don’t EVER weigh myself for a number, but prefer to use the BMI and the way my clothes fit as my guide. I have been using Grade A maple syrup, lemon juice (in the bottle) and the cayenne pepper (I will continue to drink this after the 10-14 days-it tastes great). I did the SWF the first and second night, but my stomach cramped so badly, with no bowel movement, that I swore off that. I don’t even know what laxative tea is, and I don’t like taking laxatives anyway, so I’m basically just not eating, exercising and drinking the lemonade. I drink 6-10oz servings a day (in a 20oz bottle, so I drink it 3 times a day). I found maple syrup at Costco (32oz for $11.99!!), so I’m going to drink it more frequently from here on out. I’d originally only bought a 12oz bottle for $6.24 in case I didn’t like it. I have felt no major effects, except being cold on days 1-3, a little woozy on day three, and the afore mentioned cramps. That’s all for know and it’s great to have others to share this journey!!

    • Shree
      2113 days ago

      from what i have read, all of the things that you are doing differently are making the cleanse void. you are basically just starving yourself. if you are doing this just to lose weight, then i understand. if you really want to be cleansed then you should follow the instructions exactly. all of your ingredients have to be organic, syrup must be grade b and lemon juice must be fresh. you have to have bowel movements in order to rid your body of the toxins. hopefully, you are getting what you want out of your fast.

  18. Ginger
    2132 days ago

    Day 4
    Not to much action today besides squeezing lemons & peeing a lot. I did the swf day 1 & 3. The first day was crazy. I had to get home in a hurry. About make a batch after my walk. Not much coming out. Mostly the salt water. So ready for any food, I could eat a bean right about now! Are spoonfuls of maple syrup OK?

    • Shree
      2113 days ago

      i read that licking the measuring spoon after making your lemonade is fine but no eating/drinking syrup. i have actually decreased my syrup intake by half (starting on day 3) to lose more weight. i read that this was fine to do.

  19. Willie Wright
    2139 days ago

    Day 4 October 7, 2010 (I will post late since I will not be around a computer until Day 7),
    I woke up this morning feeling tired but my 18 year old son woke me up after 3 hours sleep and I stayed up until 2:00; that is another story, remember life goes on during the diet It is 8:34 so I’m getting a late start today. Today I weighed first thing and weighted 186.6, fat percent 16.3, bone mass 7.6 and water percent 61.1. Fat percent continues to drop and is down 2.7 percent from day two. I don’t understand this entirely. If you calculate the fat percentages I’ve lost 5.2 pounds fat but only 1 pound over all weight, go figure what that is all about. My Blood Pressure was 120/80. I did SWF today at 9:00 and after the first couple of sips it occurred to me that I mixed 2 tbsp instead of 2 tsp. I remixed and drank it and it made a big difference. It might be a good idea to keep instructions handy. That explains yesterday when it was so hard to drink. So far I have lost 5.4 pounds which is 1.8 pounds a day. First BM at 9:30 followed at 9:45, 10:00, 10:20 and 11:00. I did my first LD at 10:30 then at 12:30, then at 2:30, then at 4:30, then at 6:30. I went up to my brothers to help him do some construction and enjoy his hot tub. I did peppermint tea at 8:00 during hot tub usage (2 10 minute sittings) and Smooth Move at 9:00 and to bed.
    Comment: Good day with no major problems after correcting SWF mixture.

  20. Lola
    2142 days ago

    Day 4!!! Woohhooooo. So happy, feeling pretty good. Cramping during the night doesn’t let me sleep straight through, but I still feel pretty great. So far no headaches. A few pimples have popped up, normal I guess when I do a cleanse.
    10 more days to go, since I really want to do a full 14 days. I wish everyone else lots of warm wishes.


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