Day 4

On the fourth day, you will experience the physical side effects or detoxification stages. Some call this the “Healing Events” (some experience “Healing Events” at different stages of The Master Cleanse Diet). The mind will play little tricks on you, tempting you to eat this and that, but it’s minor and can easily be controlled. We often think it is necessary to have the unhealthiest of food. This is due to thousands and thousands of years of social and cultural programming, which can now be invalidated and challenged.

Possibly, the best advantage you can get from the diet is the newfound revelation that you no longer need to eat to survive. The social and cultural association of meat as a standard can now be replaced with something more sustainable, something like broccoli and the like.

In short, detoxification stages, by definition, is the expulsion of harmful toxins, within our body, by means of cough, colds, the flu, rashes, etc. The said events are often experienced on the third and fourth day of The Master Cleanse Diet, but can possibly occur at any stage of the diet. The body’s immune system reacts to invading harmful contaminants, by making you feel under the weather. It is the same when toxins are flushed out. This is also known as the concept of Healing Events in The Master Cleanse Diet.

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  1. Jennifer
    2142 days ago

    Beginning of day 4 and wondering if this is working. Haven’t lost any weight and disappointed. Started SWF on day 1 and Senna tea on day 2. Have been doing both and it seems like I am having less BM’s each day. I did wake up at 2:30 a.m. with stomach pains (not too bad) but got up to go and not much happened. When I woke up at 6:30 same thing. Did the SWF and barely anything. Is this normal? Food cravings aren’t bad. Feel good. Have a little more energy than day 1. I’m starting to feel like giving up because I don’t feel like I am getting what I should out of this… Any thoughts?

    • Jennifer
      2142 days ago

      At the end of my day at work and today has been hard. Really wanting food. I did’t drink as much as I did the past few days. I have been spreading 8 glasses throughout the work day, sipping it all day. This has kept the hunger pangs away. Today I tried to allow hunger but think that increased my craving for food. Almost halfway there!!! Good luck to all!

  2. ralph
    2155 days ago

    hey guys Im finishing day 3 , Im feeling very good !!! cravings have been easy to control , i have been meditating at nights and mornings and that has helped.. my BM in the morning are still quite liquidly is this still normal? by what day should i start to see a change ? not something i like to discuss but wanna know if diarrhea like BW are still normal for day 3 thanks !

  3. Ray
    2156 days ago

    ON day four here too. Having difficulty focusing at work and having some cravings. I have a cigarette in my car I keep telling myself I am going to smoke.

  4. Hannah
    2165 days ago

    Hi, I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I was sure I was doing everything right, but after reading some comments of how well people are doing, I’m not so sure anymore. I have not lost weight (not that it was my goal – I weigh around 122-124), have big cravings for food, any food, good or bad, and I don’t feel that energetic, for sure!
    I’m in day 4, have done the swf just once and it was very very hard to 1. drink the water and 2. pass out that same amount of water. I did it on day 2.
    Also, since I stared the MC, I have passed out liquid only, nothing solid at all. Is that weird or it can happen?
    I do drink at least 6 glasses of lemonade per day, and I do senna leaf tea in the morning and before bed.
    Please, someone HELP!!!!

    • admin
      2164 days ago

      @Hannah : You only had swf once? did you had BM after the swf? Usually swf is much powerful than the senna leaf tea and perhaps you want to try with swf and see if it’s better.

  5. Migui
    2183 days ago

    Hello, I am on day 4, and was not aware that you could eat raw foods and vegetables. Can anyone please tell me the things that I can eat? So far I feel ok. I have not been very hungry during the first three days. However, my boyfriend and I had to come to NYC to see our families and it has been a nightmare. People really do not understand what you are trying to do. My family was trying to get me to leave the program, but thanks to my boyfriend and my strong will, we did not give up. I really had to restrain myself. I even had to ask my boyfriend to give me the juice because I did not want to go to the kitchen to be tempted by all the food.
    In the positive side, I weighed 188 when I started and I already weigh 181. So I am excited. I am definitely going to finish my 10 day cleanse. I am so happy that I have been able to stick with it so far.

    About the salt water cleanse, I tried that once but never again. That was disgusting!!! I have only been using the Ballerina tea.
    Thank you all for all your great support and hope to be posting soon!

    • admin
      2182 days ago

      @Migui : Welcome to joining us in doing the master cleanse. No, you can’t eat anything – not raw foods and vegetables during this cleanse. All you can have is the lemonade drink, water, laxative tea and salt water flush. That’s all.

      Stay determined and do come back and share your experience with us.

  6. LaLaLu
    2193 days ago

    I’m on day 4 now and can say that I survived what felt like a very bad hangover on day 2! Chills, nausea, and an awful headache that lasted all day…but I knew that I had to stick with it and this too will pass! When I woke up on day 3 I felt so much better! Just hungry…but not sick! Yay! Today is my first day back at work and I feel calm and even went for a long walk on my lunch hour. My starting weight was 172 and on day 3 it was 168! My goal is to complete the 10 days and take a break just focus on post cleansing and nutrional soups and veggies from my garden…I’m already craving tomatoes and basil salad! As far as the SWF, it is getting easier and effective…and I enjoy the tea at night! Happy Cleansing Everyone!

  7. Maria
    2197 days ago

    Day 4 is almost over…did the sw this morning and finally the dam opened up….going all day!! glad i read day 4 on this site to know that there was hope on day 4!!!!also…went to chiropractor today…pelvis was off center…and left hop was twisted…which could have been causing the blockage and back up for almost 2 weeks…my eyes have gone from pink to almost white in one day…
    feeling better, little more energy …going for a walk…
    just 6 more days to go…it seems too long, i am already planning meals…

  8. David
    2206 days ago

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I am on day four and I have lost 6 pounds in 4 days so I am thrilled. I have great energy and I am not craving any particular foods right now. Hang in there everyone we can all do this!!!

  9. nicci
    2218 days ago

    I’m on day 4 and have am feeling the health events. I just feel plan sick, muscle aches, headache, fever. The past 3 days have been so easy. I’ve had lots of energy and have no want to eat. But today I was in a rush to go to class for a test this morning and i waited to mix my lemonade till 10:30am. I feel very weak and shaky, and my heart feels funny. Anyone experience this? I’m going to drink the lemonade and see how I feel after I drink a quart of it. Also, Suzan, did your tongue have a white coating on it? My started on day 3 and I have an awful taste in my mouth. Prob the toxins, but I just wanted to make sure that this is normal.

  10. Suzan
    2220 days ago

    Finishing Day 4..NO HEADACHES! YEAH! Tongue is killing me though. Was afraid I bit it in my sleep, but am seeing now that it is a side affect. Much like a food allergy reaction. Makes sense if all the toxins are pouring out my body. Not doing the tea, but am doing the sea salt and water. Is the tea a must? have lost about 5 lbs. doing some pilates when possible. Actually enjoy cooking for my son more, whether it is just to smell the foods…but actually it is my way of cooking away the things I want to be gone when I am done. Any suggestions with the tongue. It is quite painful.

  11. Betty
    2226 days ago

    This is in the morning, and today has been the best so far. I did not wake up with a headache and did not wake up raving hungry. My plans were to ease back into food today by starting on orange juice and veg soup tomorrow. But my husband fixed me a lemonade this morning without the pulp and it was much better. We make the juice in the Vitamix using the whole peeled lemon so the pulp was making me hate this drink. He is having great results. He suffers from sinus congestion and infection. He has been releasing a lot of mucous and the mucous smell in his breath is just about gone. Yea! So, he is sticking with it a couple more days. I really started this to get over sugar cravings and to remove toxins so that I could start on a clean eating lifestyle. I’m ready to ease back into eating, but I’ll see how today goes.

  12. sara
    2231 days ago

    I really had to push myself not to stay in bed last night, but i sucked it up and went dancing. I am so glad I did, I have so much more energy today on day four. I am still hungry as hell, lol. craving food and working in an organic restaurant is really hard, i could say “oh well if i have stuff that is good for me, it won’t affect the cleanse”, but I have been four days with out eating and everyday I am more proud of myself. It is awesome to know that I am not a slave for food, even for four days. pretty cool.

  13. nikkig
    2247 days ago

    This is day 4 for me and I have had a killer headache all day. Yesterday was bad too all I could think about was hot wings. Does it get any easier? I have lost 6lbs so but I heard you gain it back when you get off. Please someone give me some encouragement!

    • admin
      2244 days ago

      @nikkig : all the best for your cleanse! it’ll be over soon before you know it. Plan the activities for the day so you’ll forget about the hunger.

  14. Elle
    2248 days ago

    can you eat anything while on the diet besides the drink tea or SWF can i make a broth with out the veggies just drink it??? i heard someone eat veggies on the 4 th day can i do that please help me out. today was very difficult for me

    • Rainne
      2139 days ago

      Sorry Elle, nothing but the lemonade and herbal tea while on the cleanse. If you are hungry have more lemonade, if you are craving foods psychologically watch Food, Inc. :)

  15. Stephanie
    2253 days ago

    Today starts day 4 for me. I was so tired yesterday, I finished my work and went straight to bed. I slept for 3 hours, got up for 2 and went back to bed. This morning I woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat and I feel exhausted and can barely concentrate at work. I feel like I could sleep this day away. I am not hungry, but I miss chewing food and the taste of something different. I guess its a good thing I love lemons. I got on my scale this morning, and to add to feeling like crap I have only lost 2 pounds so far. I hope the next few days greatly improve, I have to much to do to feel this exhausted.

  16. Katrina
    2254 days ago

    I’m on day four – and would kill for a veggie. ONE CARROT! And I am having some pretty massive anger issues come up. (Of course I have had people making fun of me and telling me “eat less – move more – you don’t have to starve yourself” all the time.. It just makes me want to SCREAM

    Yes – I have the will power not to eat for 4 days straight yet – somehow you think I LACK the will power to “eat less move more!!!”

    Oh… I better get out of here before I start screaming obscenities to random people that don’t deserve it;D

    • admin
      2254 days ago

      @Katrina : That always happen! I can always hear that in my own house when I was doing the master cleanse. Maybe you want to get to some places where there’s less people around so that noone will disrupt your cleanse.

  17. Lorene
    2266 days ago

    I just wanted to provide an update to my previous post. I had said that I was on day 4 and I was feeling terrible. I think I was experiencing some major detox symptoms and mainly, I was a little fool for not drinking enough of the lemonade drink on days 2 & 3. Day 5 was just fine and I’m just starting day 6 now. Other than the usual morning cramping due to the laxative tea, I feel great! I’ve lost 8 lbs so far. I do have to say that I was a bit worried yesterday because it said I had GAINED 1 to 2 lbs from day 4, but now everything is back on track. Now I have to do the morning SWF…god help me…I hate it so much! That’s the one thing that just never gets easier…I gag every time…bleh!

  18. Lorene
    2268 days ago

    Dayana: I don’t understand….how can you be on the cleanse and have raw veggies?! You aren’t supposed to put anything in your body other than the lemon drink, the laxative tea, occasional mint tea and the salt water flush. I thought eating anything solid screws things up… I’m on day four and I feel weak and awful. This may be because for the last couple of days, I’ve only been drinking 3 drinks rather than 6….but I feel icky for sure.

  19. Dayana
    2288 days ago

    Day 4!!! And I am still alive! Yesterday I swore I was going to die of hunger. Matter fact I almost was in tears. But, managed the day and night. I woke up with so much extra energy today! I feel so in control. Went out today for lunch and had raw veggies and a glass of water. Amazing how I could control not ordering any food at all. So far so good. It is Friday my challenge will be at home with no food. I have 2 little ones and hubby will be tending to their feeding needs. Which helps me not to eat. Good luck to everyone! Will hopefully be writing on Monday and still be on the cleanse. Good luck!

    • Rainne
      2139 days ago

      Still be on the cleanse on Monday? If you ate veggies for lunch, you are back to day one.

  20. Lhamu
    2329 days ago

    Good Morning! Well, I’m starting Day 4 and I don’t see any posts for April, so possibly I am alone. No worries, I’ll stick with it. Maybe it is because it is a holiday weekend with family meals and chocolate eggs. Yum yum.

    I saw a post by Billie that she questioned her vitamins efficacy if she felt this good on the cleanse without them. My thoughts on that, and I’m not a doctor, are that the vitamins are probably helping a lot because our daily diets can’t give us everything we need. This is my second cleanse and my thinking is that it might be other factors that are impacting one’s health and energy levels. I questioned the same vitamin issue, spending A LOT of money on a daily vitamin and a couple of other supplements, however, it is probably my need to avoid those foods and behaviors that aren’t helpful to my system that I should be focusing on – for me, they are yummy foods like cheese, breads and fun things like a glass of wine every day and a couple more on the weekends. As a woman (48), my body seems to be adjusting and I’m not processing foods and fun the way I used to and I should focus more on fresh foods and maybe keep a glass of wine to Friday and Saturday night! Just my thoughts for me – no judgement on anyone else…

    So, off to start Day 4. Pondering a Bikram class and then I’ll see how I feel I may need to lay down! : )

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