Day 4

On the fourth day, you will experience the physical side effects or detoxification stages. Some call this the “Healing Events” (some experience “Healing Events” at different stages of The Master Cleanse Diet). The mind will play little tricks on you, tempting you to eat this and that, but it’s minor and can easily be controlled. We often think it is necessary to have the unhealthiest of food. This is due to thousands and thousands of years of social and cultural programming, which can now be invalidated and challenged.

Possibly, the best advantage you can get from the diet is the newfound revelation that you no longer need to eat to survive. The social and cultural association of meat as a standard can now be replaced with something more sustainable, something like broccoli and the like.

In short, detoxification stages, by definition, is the expulsion of harmful toxins, within our body, by means of cough, colds, the flu, rashes, etc. The said events are often experienced on the third and fourth day of The Master Cleanse Diet, but can possibly occur at any stage of the diet. The body’s immune system reacts to invading harmful contaminants, by making you feel under the weather. It is the same when toxins are flushed out. This is also known as the concept of Healing Events in The Master Cleanse Diet.

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  1. Billie
    2332 days ago

    Today is day 4 for me as well. So far so good. I have had a lot of emotional stress these past few days and am amazed at my strength to endure. I am finding it quite obvious that food and alcohol are my stress go-to’s. It has been very liberating to know that I am strong enough to handle stressful situations without either. And I’m a huge coffee drinker too… no headaches! wow!

    I am really enjoying feeling much more present in my body. I have started to meditate again, and taking long walks in the park. Everything is starting to have a newness, a luster that I have not seen before. This has been an arduous journey, but I can already tell the benefits far out weigh the challenges.

    I am so glad that I found this blog!! In my moments of weakness, it really helps to have the encouragement. It seems that you have to go through it to understand how hard it really is. I have ounces of respect for you all!

    Now on to the SWF!! Hopefully it will go better than last time.
    Untill tomorrow….

  2. Jessicas Stell
    2334 days ago

    Alright today is my day 4 and I feel great the energy I have is really making me question my vitamins that I have been taking for sooo long. I f I can have THIS much without them and food… well, what are REALLY doing wrong.
    Well the day is almost to a close soon, and I m going shopping, I feel so peaceful and serene and light and full of life… this is awesome. Actually I have not been craving at all so far. AMEN…yesterday day 3 was daunting,.. LOL


  3. marry
    2348 days ago

    I too have gotten strength through reading the blogs. Im on day 4 now and still feeling good. Went to sleep with a bit of a headache last night but woke up feeling good. I even went for a swim. I too am amazed at how addicted I was to food, so much so that I didnt even know when I was hungry. Instead of the SWF I did a castor oil and fresh OJ. Although it was easier to swallow it seemed to have been a little harder on my stomach. Burping lots now. But I am looking forward to completion. I was thinking that I wanted to wait until the end to weigh myself, Im just not sure if it will encourage or discourage me.

  4. susan o'reilly
    2349 days ago

    Day 4 coming to a close. I am feeling like I really want to eat something, anything! But, I am going to have my tea and go to bed. Happy to be almost half way done, I am hoping the remaining 5 days will go quickly as tomorrow is Monday and we will be going thru a regular routine. The weekend was rough.

  5. Mari
    2359 days ago

    The start of day 4 seems like is going to be a great day. I woke up feeling great and with lots of energy (no hunger). I love the feeling of being in control because prior to the start of the cleanse I was at a lost battle with food. Food was taking control of me and now I cant wait for what is to come after the cleanse. A happier and healthier ME Thats for sure-

  6. ILove2Run262
    2364 days ago

    Today is day 4 for me. I’m mainly doing the cleanse to get rid of my addiction to sugar. I love sweets! I’m craving Milk Duds as I type this. I have had many “weak” moments but have plowed through them, drinking the lemonade and felt better. I’m surprised that my energy level is such that I can still go for my daily run and not feel weak…fascinating. Like everyone else, I HATE the SWF but I’ve managed to stick to the routine. I mix the salt with about 6 oz of water, hold my breath and chug it all down and then “chase” it with the remaing, fresh, water which helps rinse the salt taste from my mouth. It works for me. I’ve thought about quitting a lot but why would I do that and lose these past 4 days for nothing?! That’s incentive enough to keep going, at least until I stop craving Milk Duds :)

  7. Sprout
    2367 days ago

    Today is day 4 for me. I have to say that I keep reading the posts to stay inspired. I know I have to make it for spiritual reasons. I got up this morning and went to the gym. I went yesterday as well. This morning I jogged (very slowly) three miles. It was fine, although at first I got on one of the eliptical machines – but I had to get off. I didn’t feel well. I think it was the SWF that I drank before going to the gym. That was the first morning that I had one. I hate the SWF! My excuse for chewing some Orbit this morning to still fight off the salt taste. It’s wierd because on some level I feel like I can’t do this – but hey I’ve already done three days -so I’m not turning back because I know that I will complete this. Stay strong everyone!

  8. Nora
    2370 days ago

    So I’m rounding out day 4 and I’m so happy to be going to sleep! I couldn’t even finish my lemonade today I have been so out of it and tired, I don’t think it’s because of the cleanse though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! I’m going to weigh myself for a mid-cleanse update here’s hoping to at least 5lbs down!

  9. Nikki
    2382 days ago


  10. Josie Lazo
    2386 days ago

    Day 4 started out with nasal congestion and feeling crappy. (I guess that’s the detox side effects). Also had a little, um, ‘issue’ last night. DO NOT DRINK 2 CUPS OF SENNA TEA AT NIGHT. OR EVER. That’s all i’ll say about that. So after I got up and chugged the SWF and ‘eliminated’ I felt much better. I made a to do list and got a lot done today. I was very energetic! I’m not hungry today and since I did errands today I wasn’t bored. It’s interesting to see my relationship to food. This cleanse is training me to say no to be able to say no to sweets every day. I also just recently went vegan so it will help to know that if I can refrain from eating for 10 days, I can say no to foods containing dairy and eggs. Anyway, so far so good. I’ve never fasted for more than 3 days before. I wonder how many people are on the Master Cleanse right now!

  11. eve
    2400 days ago

    Wow this is way harder then I thought! 4th day as well! Little sleep little bathrooms visits, lost 4lb but that’s not why I’m doing it.
    Waiting for my breaking moment when it all clicks and my body stop
    fighting every step of this fast! My husband did 21 days and his experience was amazing…….mine not so much yet!
    Good Luck to Everyone, one day at the time!!!!

  12. Jbird
    2437 days ago

    @Amy good to see that you are still doing it Amy….I will too.

  13. Chloe
    2438 days ago

    @Amy : I admired your determination and perseverance! Way to go Amy! And I know you can do it! All the best!

  14. Amy
    2439 days ago

    Day four journal entry. Today has been the hardest day so far. I want to eat anything and everything I smell. I even prepared one of my favorite meals for dinner just so I could smell it and watch my husband and son enjoy it. It’s almost like an acid trip (did that a long time ago) waves of feeling strong and happy with my decision and then 30 minutes later I want to quit, feel depressed and just eat whatever sounds good the moment. I am staying strong though and anyone in the future reading this be encouraged. It’s only 10 days which is really not that long. It’s all mental. Be strong!

  15. rza
    2506 days ago

    hello everyone:)

    well im in my day 4 too:)and in the same time i go gym to loose more weight:)im trying 2 do 14 days..
    in my first day,it was hard coz lots of temptation then on my day 3 i did my SWF MY GOD ITS bloody HORRIBLE LOL but 2day when i did my SWF i found out the easy way 2 do SWF is use cold water with sea salt then put a lemon juice!and it works for me much easy 2 drink!and it works also..but now i did notice i have white coating in my tongue i kinda freak out lol
    i also feel hungry and craving but not as much the day 1¬
    nyway goodluck everyone i know u can do it:)

  16. Jomoke
    2520 days ago

    As promised I am writing on my day 4. Today I am tired I don’t feel like working out with my trainer. I will work out with him though I am hoping for a modified workout. I am now debating if I should break the fast tomorrow evening. I originally only planned to do it for 3 days and pushed back to 5. I will decide tonight after speaking to my trainer about it (mind you this was done upon his suggestion). I don’t have bad hunger pangs today either. The lack of energy sucks though. Wish me luck.

  17. Avia
    2534 days ago

    I’m on my 3rd day and have lost 9lbs already. This is my 1st time EVER fasting. The concept was completly NUTS to me before but like others have said, i have more energy and am rarely hungry the whole day. Today was the first time i had cravings and i found myself craving things i rarely eat, like my moms beans and rice that i havent eaten since i lived with her at 17 (i’m 33) and Japanese Dumplings, which i hardly ever eat. But i’m so happy i’m doing it. I don’t see a reason to stop unless i get sick and like i said before i have more energy than I’ve enver had. I woke up this morning and hopped right out of bed not feeling groggy or slow at all. Even left my house early which I never do because i’m always rushing. I was able to do light walking yesterday and had enough energy to do squats and pushups afterward too. I pray the whole experience is this easy and the weight lose keeps it up. I’m going for 20lbs then I’ll fast once a week here after. I’m hooked!

  18. mwallace
    2553 days ago

    I am on day 4 of the master cleanse. I am not overweight and although it will be nice to lose a few pounds it was not my goal. I am a chronic insomniac and have yeast issues. Daily fatigue and struggle with depression as well. I am following the diet to the T, and am having daily bowel movements but they are not very productive. Very little waste is being eliminated. I have slept terribly every night so am of course tired in the afternoons, and having mood swings. My biggest concern is that I want to expel as much waste as possible. I am taking the herbal laxative at night, and the salt water flush in the morning. One night I steeped the tea for 15 minutes and had several bowel movements in the middle of the night, however I didn’t want to be at the toilet all night so have been only steeping for 5 minutes usually. Any suggestions?

  19. admin
    2569 days ago

    Hi Kuljeet, did you have any bowel movements? You can write your experience down and we can do our best to help you as much as we can.

  20. Kuljeet
    2569 days ago

    This is my fourth day on the master cleanse diet. I’m a bit dissappointed because I weighed myself and have lost no weight……I’ve only had very rare occasions where i’ve felt hungry but they don’t last. I’ve go so much more energy and can’t believe i’ve not eaten since Sunday.
    I’m holding out for the weight loss, another 6 days to go..

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