Day 4

On the fourth day, you will experience the physical side effects or detoxification stages. Some call this the “Healing Events” (some experience “Healing Events” at different stages of The Master Cleanse Diet). The mind will play little tricks on you, tempting you to eat this and that, but it’s minor and can easily be controlled. We often think it is necessary to have the unhealthiest of food. This is due to thousands and thousands of years of social and cultural programming, which can now be invalidated and challenged.

Possibly, the best advantage you can get from the diet is the newfound revelation that you no longer need to eat to survive. The social and cultural association of meat as a standard can now be replaced with something more sustainable, something like broccoli and the like.

In short, detoxification stages, by definition, is the expulsion of harmful toxins, within our body, by means of cough, colds, the flu, rashes, etc. The said events are often experienced on the third and fourth day of The Master Cleanse Diet, but can possibly occur at any stage of the diet. The body’s immune system reacts to invading harmful contaminants, by making you feel under the weather. It is the same when toxins are flushed out. This is also known as the concept of Healing Events in The Master Cleanse Diet.

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  1. Stephanie
    1768 days ago

    Day 4 for my MC. I’m a newbie here. The past 3 days I’m still feeling all right but not today. I’m feeling kind of grumpy, having bodyaches, mild headaches, super craving for foods that i love and feeling restless. Have been doing the swf but only pass out water, I’m not sure is that common. And I’m not so sure does doing MC effect menses cycle but I think It effect mine and I’m like 3 days late. Do anyone face the same problem here? I don’t know can I complete the 10days…

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