Day 3

Most people on The Master Cleanse Diet say day two and three are the worst of all days when it comes to urges and craving for food, particularly day three. This is the day mental preparations come in. By the fourth day, the body has adjusted to the new routine, and no longer expects meals, on the times it has been accustomed to getting. The stomach no longer needs to feel stuffed.

Most people fail on the 3rd day as they are not able to withstand the hunger. As a result, some cheated on the cleanse and end up having to start over again. It is very important for you to stay focus and determined to finish the cleanse

The third day may be the height of cravings, but it is not the same for detoxification. Most people attest to having headaches, runny noses, mild colds, and rashes on the fourth day. This is mainly due to the flushing out of toxins in the body. When toxins enter the body, we experience the same reactions, as mentioned above. These reactions take place, when our immune system detects contaminants in the body. Unfortunately, it’s the same case when the body flushes out these toxins.

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  1. emv
    1952 days ago

    It is 8am on day 3 and I am super discouraged. I have been vomiting and pooping all night. I still feel really nauseous. I haven’t seen any other comments like this and I’m wondering if its normal? What do I do?

  2. k
    1989 days ago

    im on day 3 of the mc. After a huge headache and burning itchy eyes yesterday I drank all my LA and then three 16oz bottles of water and I feel much better today. Today I have the weirdest taste in my mouth and i can smell everything and not just food. When I have to pass up food I tell myself Its not that special its not 5 star cusine its not worth it. I found that helps me alot. I can always have it later. I dont have a scale so not sure how much wieght ive lost but my stomach is flatter and i feel so much lighter and cleaner inside. Ive found my skin is very oily today almost to the point of annoyingly so. I’m planning on adding a swf tonight as this is the only time i have to do it. Cant even imagine doing it in the morning and then having to go to work.Oh i find this site and all the postings to be extremely helpfull I will post again tomorrow.

  3. James
    2023 days ago

    Day 3 was better than day 2. Did feel hungry much during the day, but not too bad. In fact, my wife ate BBQ for lunch in front of me, smelled great, but I did not cheat. Went to bed feeling fine, not tired at all. The bathroom visits are diarrhea, but it doesn’t bother me since that tells me that these are toxins and garbage that should have come out years ago. It is interesting that when you are not focused on food all the time, you have a lot of time for other things. Day 3 made me start to question if I need to continue, but by that night I was fired up to finish. My wife told me I have lost weight and I can see if for sure. I am starting to like this.

  4. Kim
    2037 days ago

    Day three is here! I can see why people back out on the third day. My breath stinks, I have a small-ish irritating headache and I am trying desperately not to shoot my family “I hate you” looks every time they get something out to eat (invariably I end up cleaning their dishes afterwards ;-) ). They feel bad for me, but they don’t want to end up like me. Can’t say I blame them. haha

    Maple syrup is so much better than molasses. I think I’ll try to drink at least one cup of the lemonade with molasses every day, just to remind me how much I love the Maple syrup. Today it is snowing outside, and it’s a metaphor for how I feel today. Though the cold is difficult for green things to survive, it’s essential to provide the moisture necessary to make new life.

    As a “reward” for my work, last night I passed what I think was a kidney stone–or at least the start of one–grainy crystals in the toilet. I wonder how much money I just saved by avoiding a future lithotripsy? I guess I could have achieved that just by pushing more fluid, but the Master Cleanse gave me the right framework to make that happen.

    Today is about acceptance. I accept the rough road ahead and everything that comes with it, knowing just around the corner is new life.

  5. Juana
    2059 days ago

    Day 3- I lost 6 pounds since the day before I started. Beginning with 213 LBS today 207 LBS. Lost of cravings and energy a little headache, not too bad, drink the senna tea last night and it just gave me cramps but no bowel movements. I drink the salt water it worked really good its horrible to drink it but it works. Only”yellowish” watery stuff comes out. I never felt better in my life no bloating,gas, stomach pain or anything just lots of cravings for food.

  6. Rachel
    2064 days ago

    DAY 3
    Just finished day 3. My first time ever doing any diet or cleanse or anything. I love food and eat to much all the time. I really wanted to do this to see if I could along with all the other benefits skin,energy,etc.
    It hasnt been as hard as I expected though today was probably my worst for cravings. I’m mostly worried about bowel movements. I’ve been drinking the tea in the evenings and have gone to the bathroom once each night with very little coming…gross sorry..and tonight i did SWF and the tea and still nothing. I’m a bit concerned as well as getting some weird aches and pains in weird places i.e. my jaw? I think I may be dehydrated…..

  7. annie
    2077 days ago

    Today, I seem to have given up ever eating food again. I have resigned cravings, but I know that I can’t eat the food, so why even bother fantasizing?
    Still going on though. I’m gonna make it to day 10.

  8. Leah
    2080 days ago

    I am craving EVERYTHING. From onion rings and fries to gooey, delicious cookies… Thoughts of food seem to be running through my mind constantly-it’s all I can think about. Sleeping seems to be the only way I can get away, and for some reason, even though I’ve downed more lemonade today than the past two days, I keep on getting hungry! Water isn’t doing the trick either, although it usually does. I hope it goes away soon!!

    But, no worries. I’m staying strong. This is my first Master Cleanse, and I’m determined to see it through!

  9. Jojo
    2080 days ago

    The end of day 3 and I’m tired. Started out tired then I worked out (stair master)for 30 min did some yoga and went out to get some sunshine.Felt great till about 5:00 then I crashed drank some LA felt a little better. turned the TV off cause all i saw was people eating. Haven’t slept well for 2 nights. Glad today over!

  10. Céline
    2096 days ago

    Day 3 is done. Took my salt water this morning and for this first morning I pull out water only. (I’m French, so my English could be funny). Went on the balance, 3 1/2 pounds since the first day. I went to the gym. Did not push to hard but fill good to do something. One sheating. I explain: I’m not a water drinker so I bought a little powder made to put in those plastic bottles. 5 calories but I put a very fiew just to color and add some taiste. But it’s still sheating. but, it made me drink more water. Don’t try this at home! hahahaha! I feel a little bit higher today. Tomorrow is important for me because I have to wake up at 4:30 and it is my first day at work since the beggining of this MC. See you on day 4 comments, tomorrow!

  11. Window
    2102 days ago

    Going into my 3rd day. No significants issues. I made some baked vegatables for the family and really wanted to eat. I have a good feeling that I am in control and positive feelings about life. Overall, I am excited about finishing the 3rd day to get past the feelings of hunger as most have decribed.

  12. Bethany
    2112 days ago

    It’s 3:00 am on the 4th day but I wanted to journal about the 3rd day and my experience so far. This is my first journal post. So far it has been easier than I thought it would be. I had gotten so used to eating whatever I want whenever I want (although I am mostly vegan and usually choose healthy foods) that I thought I might not be able to tell the difference between hunger and just wanting to eat anymore. So, knowing that I am able to have this will power makes me feel pretty good about myself. I had some cramping during the day that was pretty bad, but I read that it may be because I am just not keeping my stomach full enough with the lemonade and water and when I drink a lot of water it goes away. I know I have not been drinking enough lemonade. I can’t seem to drink more than 3 or 4 glasses a day. Also, I have been sipping it slowly which may be why my teeth are starting to feel sensitive. I think I need to drink it faster and brush my teeth and then drink water until I am ready for another lemonade. I also tried the salt water flush the first couple of days but drank that too slowly too so I am going to try to drink it fast this morning. Since the 2nd day it’s only been liquidy elimination. I usually have good skin but on the 3rd day I have a couple of zits and a rougher texture on my face and my back feels like it has a few zits too. I hope this clears up later in the cleanse. Sat through two happy hours with friends and only had water. I wanted to do 2 weeks but right now am just going for the 10 days and then we’ll see. Avoiding the thought of food at all costs!

  13. colin
    2138 days ago

    day 3 done. i still feel fine, just pooping comes pretty urgently… that’s annoying. also i find myself bored without food or alcohol to entertain me. oh well. i guess tomorrow is whe nthe pain’s supposed to come. not too excited for that. didn’t swf today, just lax tea instead. i may not swf for another couple days, my schedule makes it too risky.

  14. Rainne
    2139 days ago

    Evening of Day 3-

    I’ve been fantasizing about food A LOT! I really have a hard time with the Cheyenne in the drink; it is making me nauseous, so I bought the pills, but they make my stomach hurt REALLY bad.

    Any suggestions????

    I don’t really have bowel movements, just “squirts”. Sorry to be graphic, but is that normal?

    • colin
      2138 days ago

      i have been doing the cayenne in shots. just 6-8 times a day i pour a little cayenne in a cup with a little water and down it. i don’t like feeling heat all day, so i just do the quick hot-shots.

  15. Willie Wright
    2139 days ago

    Day 3 – October 6, 2010 (I will post late since I want be around a computer until Day 7)
    Woke up this morning feeling find could tell the Smooth Move Tea was working. I fixed SWF with a little extra salt and added lemon as yesterday. It was too much salt and it made it harder to swallow but I got it all down at 3:30am. For some reason today as I laid waiting on the SWF to work I got thirsty and took a sip of water and then another. It might have been because of the extra salt. I endded up drinking 16 oz of water before having my first BM at 4:50. During my third BM I threw up a large part of the SWF plus the water I drank. I had 2 more BM with the last being at 5:55. I decided this was probably good enough but will leave off the extra salt tomorrow. I had planned on going to work today and the rest of the week but decided while it might be possible to do one of these while working it would be easier if you stay home and be able to rest. Let’s face it those SWF could cause accidents if rushed. I took the rest of the week off. I went with a friend up to his farm to get out of the house for the day and enjoy the beautiful weather. I drink LD at 9:00, 11:25, 1:30, 4:00, 6:30 and 8:20. I had PT at 10:00 and 2:30. Drink maybe 32 oz of water throughout the day. Today’s weight was 187.4, fat percent 17.2, bone mass 7.6 and water percent 59.1. I might have weight less if I had of weighed before drinking the water. Not sure why I would drop 1.8 on the fat percentage but we’re see tomorrow. I need to start weighing first thing. Blood Pressure was 120/82 and if it gets much higher than that I will start back Blood Pressure medicine. I did Smooth Move Tea at 9:00 and went to bed.

  16. Jennifer
    2143 days ago

    Day 3 and still going strong. I read a lot about this being the worst and hardest day. Nothing new today. I did finally find the Senna tea. I drank it last night and drank the Salt Water in the Morning. I had minimal movements today. I too haven’t lost ANY weight. I find this hard to believe and somewhat discouraging. I didn’t begin the detox to lose weight but it would be an added bonus. I feel good. I don’t think I really have much increased energy but I feel normal. My head doesn’t seem to hurt as much today. I think I am getting used to this. Check back tomorrow.

  17. Lola
    2143 days ago

    Day 3!
    Tired today, my belly was cramping during the night. Still not hungry, thank goodness for that.
    Gotta say I’m glad I went with the cayenne pills this time.


  18. Reagan
    2157 days ago

    Oh I forgot to mention, last night when I was asleep I had slight pain in the joints of my legs and ankles. I was fine this morning and all day. Is this normal? Should I expect this in the future?

    • admin
      2157 days ago

      @Reagan : It’s hard to say whether it’s normal or is a form of detoxification. You would need to observe and see if it’s better in the future.

    • Chrissytina
      2145 days ago

      I had the same thing.. I thought it was just me. My feet got all swollen and my ankles were aching.. I did the swf for two days and just drank water and drink v8 juice and I’m going to start the lemonaid diet tomorrow.. and then after the lemonaid diet (i’m going to try and do it for 10 days) I’m going raw.. (where I only eat raw food.. I’m going to juice a lot.) Wish me luck and good luck to you.

  19. Reagan
    2157 days ago

    Day three is even better than yesterday, I still have a lot of energy and was not hungry at all today. Drank 60 onces of the lemonade today and 40 onces of water. I went to starbucks today with a few friends and had green tea and saw all those pastries that use to tease me in the past and truely didn’t want them. I wasn’t tempted a bit, I am so proud.I think I cheated a little because I sweatened my tea a little with honey. Did i cheat? Well it’s 11:30pm and I just had my slimming herbal tea, I used two bags because i drank it last night and did not have a bowel movement today. If it doesn’t work is it OK to flush with epson salt in the morning? I havent weight myself so I dont no if I lost any weight but I fee great, I hope tomorrow is this easy.

    • admin
      2157 days ago

      @Reagan: Yes, it’s considered a cheat. I’m not too sure whether the green tea from the starbucks is okay for the master cleanse but definitely the honey is cheat. The honey may contain sugar or other forms of artificial sweetener.

    • Rainne
      2139 days ago

      The green tea is a cheat since it has caffeine. The honey is also a cheat. For the cleanse, stick to herbal teas only.

  20. Ashley
    2160 days ago

    3rd day is almost over, but my weight is still the same, I did not lose anything since the 1st day. I’m worried :(

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