Day 3

Most people on The Master Cleanse Diet say day two and three are the worst of all days when it comes to urges and craving for food, particularly day three. This is the day mental preparations come in. By the fourth day, the body has adjusted to the new routine, and no longer expects meals, on the times it has been accustomed to getting. The stomach no longer needs to feel stuffed.

Most people fail on the 3rd day as they are not able to withstand the hunger. As a result, some cheated on the cleanse and end up having to start over again. It is very important for you to stay focus and determined to finish the cleanse

The third day may be the height of cravings, but it is not the same for detoxification. Most people attest to having headaches, runny noses, mild colds, and rashes on the fourth day. This is mainly due to the flushing out of toxins in the body. When toxins enter the body, we experience the same reactions, as mentioned above. These reactions take place, when our immune system detects contaminants in the body. Unfortunately, it’s the same case when the body flushes out these toxins.

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  1. Jonie
    2186 days ago

    It’s evening, and day 3 is nearly over. It wasn’t as hard for me as day 2 was earlier in the day. But now that it is evening, having to cook dinner for my family and watch them eat, ugh… I’m so hungry. I’m currently feeling a lot of negativity about completing this cleanse at the moment. I am going to finish out day 3 and see how I feel in the morning when I get up, if I want to continue with day 4.

    I was very tired today, and I really didn’t feel that great for most of the day.

  2. Maria
    2198 days ago

    Well i almost made it thru day 3. took the salt water flush this morning before getting out of bed…it was awful…then got back to bed for a while..i am not sure that i have the courage to go at it again in the morning…i have wanted to sleep alot the last 2 days, and thank goodness i have the time…and well needed the rest….finally in the afternoon my bowels began to move…actually something came out besides squishy stuff…
    i can seem to only get down 6 glasses so far a day…washing it down with water seems to be working for me…i have no food cravings yet, but took the day to clean out the frig and throw out everything that i wont be eating after MC and made a veg soup with the rest and put it in the freezer til then…i just couldnt look at food and not be tempted…
    glad to have found this site…as i was looking for a way to share and learn from others on the cleanse…

  3. Gia
    2212 days ago

    I found this blog yesterday, day three, because I was desperate to find information regarding food cravings while on the Master Cleanse and began Googling for info. I wanted to eat so badly, I felt as if I was going to crawl out of my skin. I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted to eat! I first found the blog entry about using visualization to combat the hunger pangs. Then I found this entry and the comments. It was really helpful to know that I’m not alone with these cravings, that they are a normal part of the process. That helped me to get through the rest of the day and night.

  4. Paris
    2213 days ago

    I am 17 yrs old && I started this diet to look and feel more healthy for my Senior year in high school . I am currently on my 3rd day and I must say I really am seeing no change , my weight is the same && I have yet to use the bathroom since I’ve started . I have not cheated [wanted to] and I do the salt water flush everyday . I pee like a racehorse every time I drink the lemonade . I mean I’m hungry but I have great will power to not eat good while everyone in the house is , Why is it not working for me ?

  5. kbugler11
    2213 days ago

    It’s the beginning of day 3, and after reading all of your blogs, I’m worried what will happen later today! The herbal tea and SWF are definitely doing their job…enough said. I’ve dropped at least four pounds, I say at least because I’m pretty sure my scale is inconsistent depending on where I put it on the bathroom floor! It is very helpful and encouraging to read everybody’s posts. I honestly don’t think I could just do this cleanse without any kind of reference point or support. I’m not hungry today but wonder if I will be tonight. I am however, very tired. Does anyone else feel tired? Keep going strong everybody!

  6. Catherine
    2217 days ago

    So weird, i woke up w/a sore throat too! I was sick last week before i started the cleanse and i was worried that i was getting sick again (or still sick!) but my throat is no longer sore, i had a headache again last night, this time it was worse than the night before, i couldnt sleep because my stomach was growling, so i guzzled some water…. THEN i couldnt sleep because i had to keep going to the bathroom! Day three isnt so bad… not craving food at all. Tonight will be the big test, going to a Jazz show w/the family… urgh, i’m gonna have to explain this cleanse to them, and have them look @ me like i’ve lost my mind. I cant beleive i havent eatin any food in 3days, Crazy! But i do see results already ;)

  7. andhirou
    2219 days ago

    I am on day 3 and i feel like i have to fight myself on the reason as to why i started this in the first place. I just want to eat. like thats all i can pretty much think about. I am just fantasizing of all the foods i wished i could eat right now. however, all the foods that i am dreaming of are all healthy. like i want a salad of some sort. a salad with vegan burrito toppings. a vegan taco salad made with quinoa is what i want with some gluten free chip and tofu sour cream with a side of sweet potatoes. mmmm. see. thats my problem. and my stomach seems to be uspet too. im sure its the lax tea. but i almost feel kinda bloated. and i am jst constantly freaking hungry! but i am tryin to stay strong. cant wait to go home. just want to go to sleep. im really kinda tired too. while sitting atleast.

  8. Shanna
    2225 days ago

    Day three started with me waking up to a sore throat and a fuzzy tounge. im not hungry though…wierd. I am proud of myself for making it this far and am confident I will finish this time. I have tried twice before and had given into my hunger on day 2. Im not sure why this time Im just not hungry. I had trouble falling asleep last night not sure if that was due to the cleanse or just that I had alot on my mind.

  9. Betty
    2226 days ago

    My day three started with a headache that subsided during the day and came back only as a little glimmer during the night. Other than that, hunger was the major issue. I broke down and had the pulp of one grape. My skin is so much clearer and starting to see the fog remove from my thinking. Still trying to rest as much as possible, but did take a little stroll. Did not get the major headache during the night that prevented sleep like the night before.

  10. sara
    2232 days ago

    so day three… i haven’t been craving food too badly, but between my headache and the cleanse, i want to vomit when i have the lemon drink. i have been drinking water a lot too but i am a little worried about me eventually just hating lemonade forever. i want to stick with it and hopefully it will get better.

  11. surafel
    2247 days ago

    Hello on day three and as luck would have it , one of our co-workers was having her baby-shower at work and everyone brought food for the festival and I swear I thought I was gonna tackle everyone to get to that delicious home made food. God please give me the strength and how I underappreciated the value of good food. I am however proud of that I have even lasted this long. Oh one great positive is that I have stopped completely smoking those nasty Cigarettes… This think really does work I also noticed that I lost some of my love handles too … I have promised myself that after this cleanse I will watch what I eat and do my damndest to quit smoking. Feeling great and thanks for everyone sharing their stories it really does help…

    • admin
      2244 days ago

      @surafel: make sure you quit the smoking forever otherwise u’ll be wasting your efforts here!

  12. Elle
    2248 days ago

    DAY 3!!!!!! well I’m ready to go did some of the SWF today almost puked so i stopped got like 5 or 6 good gulps down though :) well yesterday was kinda tough so I’m scared about today since today is suppose to be the hardest. I have an addiction with apples and there was one sitting on the counter this morning!!!! but I turned away! I can’t wait until i can eat fruit again I love fruit. I actually had 2 or 3 bowel movements yesterday and I took laxatives this morning. I had like 3 dreams about eating and sabatoging my diet I was relieved when i woke up and they weren’t true :)
    Wish me luck today’s going to be rough.

  13. Stephanie
    2254 days ago

    So I am 1/2 way through day 3 of the master cleanse. I have drank 6 10oz cups of the lemonade, again doing a shot glass twice with the cayenne pepper. I sipped on the veggie broth with cayenne pepper (only 1/2 cup) at lunch because I was having strong hunger pains. I drank the Smooth Move tea last night and again this morning, skipping the salt water flush. I had severe stomach cramps but then had a fairly loose bm and feel much better now. I am not feeling energetic at all, I hope I feel better tomorrow…finishing up work then going for a walk, drink some tea then going to bed early tonight. I am having an overwhelming craving for a “volcano” sushi roll from the restaurant in my neighborhood…I will treat myself to one as soon as I am done with this detox!

  14. Lboogi
    2255 days ago

    Day 3 for me! Yay! This is my third time trying to stay on this MC. I kept falling to the office sabotage. If I worked at home I think this would be a lot easier. I feel okay. The cayenne is working so well I have barely drank 3 cups today and its already 10pm. I need to be cognizant to stay on top of at least 6-8 cups. I began my cycle on the first day and was a little concerned about the loss of iron but everything appears to be okay. A little woozy this afternoon but drank some lemonade and everything is fine. I am using the vibrant cleanse mix which does not have the raw lemon juice. I may need to switch up now that I read so much about the importance of enzymes. I’ll keep you posted.

  15. Michelle
    2269 days ago

    Its Day 3 today. I feel ok. Suprised i havent died yet, here i am thinking u need food to live. Strangely i enjoy my drink, the cayenne helps supress my appetite. This is my first cleanse and i am aiming for 10days. i am used to fasting therefore am finding it a breeze. I almost panicked when i began my period last night as i know with that comes pms-style eating habits. but i feel ok. i hope this lasts the whole day and just gets easier. Just have to get past office breakfast and toast smells lol

    • admin
      2269 days ago


      All the best for the rest of the 7 days! You can definitely do it! In fact, you will feel better and better after each day!

  16. Amy
    2283 days ago

    @Sonya Glad someone else is also on day 3. Will look forward to reading your entries.

  17. Amy
    2283 days ago

    I jumped in on a cleanse, didn’t prep right but am pulling thru. As day 3 is the hardest I figured I might start journaling here again. I could be in heaven just to have some chicken broth. My girlfriend in Alaska is doing it as well and has been my little support person. I do remember day 3 being the worst last time as well. Headaches and some aches and pains, but all bearable. I just have to keep reminding myself how awesome I felt completing it the first time. Totally worth it. Also spend my time exploring recipes from whole foods and planning menus. If I can’t eat, then I’m gonna plan on eating. HEALTHY!

  18. Sonya
    2283 days ago

    OK, this is the beginning of day 3 for me. The water is running right through me. My stomach is begging for food. At least that’s what my head says. I may have to increase my lemonade intake. Plain water does not seem to help with hunger today. Hopefully it will be better on day 4.

  19. Dayana
    2289 days ago

    Its 12:00 noon ET and last meal was 60 hours ago (2 1/2 days). I have to admit all I have been dreaming about is food the past days. Had a dream my boyfriend was eating next to me and would not stop! Energy level is pretty low today but will make it to the gym even if its for some walking on the treadmill. Hoping to have way more energy tomorrow. Took the laxative tea and havent really passed any BM or at least not as much as I have read everyone else has. Hoping it starts tomorrow. I feel in control of everything. As soon as I start to think I’m gonna cheat I think about loosing the weight and being able to say “I COMPLETED THIS”. So good luck to everyone! See you on day 4!

  20. sweet
    2310 days ago

    Well i woke up on day 3 at 2am by sharp pains in my chest and both my arms were numb and tingly. I couldn’t go back to sleep and so i tossed and turned all night. 6.30am i got up as usual and i felt like i had being hit by a bus. My chest and arms were aching and i had the head ache from hell.
    On my way to work i had severe chest pains and my left arm was numb and i had pain right up my arm and shortness of breath. Needless to say i thought i was about to have a heart attack. We went to A&E and had an ECG, a check up and cardiac enzyme and other blood tests. However, with my results it came back that my heart was fine and that my stomach was producing too much acid from the lemon and cayenne pepper and was being kinda regurgitated like reflux. The doctor suggested i come off the detox and try a more simpler form of detox. I was gutted as i was on my 3rd day and all my hunger pangs were gone and i had gotten myself into a routine with the detox. Don’t let this put you off as all people experience things differently. For the short time i was on the detox i did realize that i ate out of habit and not out of hunger and also the type of foods that i shovel into my mouth without even thinking.
    I just wanted to share my experience as im sure someone can learn from it.

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