Day 3

Most people on The Master Cleanse Diet say day two and three are the worst of all days when it comes to urges and craving for food, particularly day three. This is the day mental preparations come in. By the fourth day, the body has adjusted to the new routine, and no longer expects meals, on the times it has been accustomed to getting. The stomach no longer needs to feel stuffed.

Most people fail on the 3rd day as they are not able to withstand the hunger. As a result, some cheated on the cleanse and end up having to start over again. It is very important for you to stay focus and determined to finish the cleanse

The third day may be the height of cravings, but it is not the same for detoxification. Most people attest to having headaches, runny noses, mild colds, and rashes on the fourth day. This is mainly due to the flushing out of toxins in the body. When toxins enter the body, we experience the same reactions, as mentioned above. These reactions take place, when our immune system detects contaminants in the body. Unfortunately, it’s the same case when the body flushes out these toxins.

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  1. Lhamu
    2330 days ago

    Greetings! I completed the cleanse last year and am finishing Day 3 of this cleanse. I practice Bikram Yoga regularly and went to class on Day 1 and tonight. I can’t believe how flexible I felt tonight and had so much energy for the entire class. Other than having a slight headache, I feel great. Although I like to do the cleanse for detoxifying, I am pleased to lose the winter puffiness that I seem to end the season with every year.

    Good luck everyone – you can do it! Just keep busy. And if you feel a little run down, give yourself time to rest. It is all part of the process.

  2. Jessicas Stell
    2334 days ago

    Wello Day 3 is done,., yes!!!!! I must say today was a bit harder than the others, I was actually pretty hungry, but I steadfast and triumphed with God grace, naturally. I also came home and still had my usual burst of energy on Sunday evenings after work, I walked 3 miles on the treadmill instead of running and did my hair, but after that I fell out.. dead to sleep.. WOW!!! All of sudden I was EXTREMELY tired, which was good, cause then sleep couldnt think about eating. So needless o say day 3 was a success.. 7 more to go!


  3. DORIS
    2345 days ago

    I weighed 192 lbs at the start of my diet. Now on Day 3, I am at 183.5 lbs. I have lost a total of 8.5 lbs. I don’t know if this is normal or not. But I feel fantastic!

  4. DORIS
    2345 days ago

    Today is my Day 3 and it’s about 9:39pm here in Los Angeles.
    The craving was not as bad as Day 1 or Day 2. I felt the hunger pangs twice today. I put a cup of the lemon juice in the freezer and make slushes. I am happy that Day 3 is a success! Doing the SWF shortly! Wish me luck!

  5. marry
    2349 days ago

    I am half way through day 3 and I am feeling great, I think I am just waiting for the temptations and headaches to hit but so far so good. The key for me has been getting out of the house. The challenge for me has been preparing the meals for my family while I am not eating. My husband has been good about trying to eat when I am not around, but today the steak plate that he had just smelled so good (good thing I already gave up red meat). Looking forward to the rest of the days.

  6. susan o'reilly
    2350 days ago

    I am at the start of day 3. I feel ok but everytime I open the fridge I find myself automatically reaching for food and then remember I am not eating food right now. Another perk to this is that I don’t have to worry about which foods I am choosing, which I tend to struggle with. This has really been an eye opening experience for me, I keep thinking I can’t go on and I do. I am going to get through ten days!

  7. Rocky
    2366 days ago

    Hi it is me again, I was a mess yesterday, but not anymore. My day 3 actually feels like a breakthrough, I am cramping a bit, but no hunger pangs. I made my favorite thing for dinner last night for my children and I didnt touch a bite, and yes it was hard. I dont have the cravings that I had yesterday at all. My mind is clearer, a little fuzzy, but not like before, I feel better. I feel like the chains that food obsession has over me are breaking. Food was becoming my bestfriend, in the car just me and food. Heartbreak felt better with food! I had a 50 pd weight gain in three yrs., I was killing myself. Thank God for showing me the Masters Cleanse, I pray for strength to go to ten days maybe more…

  8. Dawn
    2367 days ago

    I’m half way through day 2 and I am struggling with another bad bad headache. I’m a coffee drinker and I suspect that this is largly contributing to it. I’m also very tired. I’m hoping that I’ll get that burst of energy and feeling healthy again. I hate feeling yucky! Mind over matter…mind over matter…

  9. Sprout
    2368 days ago

    I am on day 3. Each day so far, I’ve had a moment or two where I thought I can’t do this I have to eat, but so far I have held on. I even prayed for a moment today that I be relieved from the need to complete this fast. It is definitely supportive to know that others are perservering. I know we can make it!

  10. Sunny
    2392 days ago

    Almost to the end of day 3. Having slightly stronger hunger pangs, definately more intense than any to date. Had an extremely stressful day today, if anything is going to make me break, it would be outside pressure. I did learn something about myself through all of this, I am an emotional eater. I wanted to run to the fridge with each new problem that came up today, but I couldn’t and it made me think about my reaction . I didn’t really know that about myself before. What do other people do when the hit the wall like this? I am very tempted to eat something….

    I did the SWF this AM and had a pretty big movement for not eating anything for two days. I am guessing that this is the built up waste?

    Well, if I make it through tonight, I will update tomorrow…

  11. ms jay gray
    2394 days ago

    Well honey my day 3 was horrible, but guess what—for some odd reason I woke up today (day4) and I have energy!!! I wanna wk out, I’m scared tho bc it may get to me later while @ wk…hmph, maybe a light walk. Thanks for motivation girly now I’m pumped–on an empty stomach: )

  12. Emma
    2394 days ago

    @Ms jay gray : You can do it! Some would feel today is bad, but there are some who find it alright!

  13. ms jay gray
    2394 days ago

    Omg! Day 3… The worse ever! The cravings the pain the nausea the ..shoot everthing was out of oder earlier today but once I got to wk and begin to get busy all was well, let’s just see what’s goin to happen when I get to sleep!

  14. Emma
    2439 days ago

    @Amy : Great that you feel the difference it brings to your body and keep the good job up!

    Oh ya, in the past, I drank quite a lot of coffee but now I’ve quit coffee forever, and I never feel so energetic before!

  15. Amy
    2439 days ago

    Almost to a close of day 3. It’s been hard, but a met a specialist at a Christmas party last night that encouraged me. I’m starting to go to the bathroom a lot more today and have been having a little stomach cramping and feeling a little depressed about not drinking coffee……. 7 more days to go. The Xmas party was complete torture as it was filled with delicious foods and desserts. I also believe my sense of smell has become much more keen. : (

  16. gabby n andrea
    2470 days ago

    started 1st day cant wauit to get started wish us luck nervous but confident!!!

  17. Jomoke
    2520 days ago

    To answer your question Emma: I drink continuously thoughout the day. I have mix my tea in a 20 ounce jug and I drink herbal tea in a 16 oz cup throughout the day. Whenever I do feel hungry I drink more tea. I have spent a lot of time alone so far on my fasting days which I know if not possible for everyone. I think that because I spend so much time alone it helps not to have the distractions of others around me eating. I also did not rid my house of all my food. I find myself opening and closing both the refrig and the freezer. My one “cheat treat” is using the half sweezws lemon and a little pepper and a teaspoon or less of the maple syrup and eating it. It allows me to eat something. Is that okay or should I stop doing that?

    3rd Day Evening Update:
    I did end up loosing all my energy last night and not being able to jog the lake. I did walk it. I am low energy today too. I am not sure why but I am feeling a little weak. Still not much luck in the bowel department but I am drinking the salt water flush around 3AM and laying back down. My sleep habits seems to be off – for the last two days I have waken up around that same time. Not sure if getting my period this morning has anything to do with my energy levels though.

  18. emma
    2520 days ago

    @Jomoke : That’s great to hear that! most people would get the hunger pangs but not you! maybe you can share with us how you manage to overcome your hunger pangs or what was in your mind when you feel hungry? Do post to and let everyone hear your experience!

  19. Jomoke
    2521 days ago

    Today is my third day and I am feeling GGGGRRREAT (think Tony the Tiger)! I did get a burst of energy around 4pm my time and have been riding high ever since. I am eager to leave my desk in 15 minutes so I can hurry home to jog (If I can do it a second time) the lake. I am down 3.5 pounds since I started and am already moving far ahead in my thinking…do I want to do 15 days instead of 10 I keep asking myself. I figured today would be rough but it’s not for me. I wish everyone continues sucess and poo luck!:)

  20. Corinne
    2558 days ago

    Hm already had the headaches on day 2 – not sure, could just have had something to do with not moving around much that day which has happened before. I’m having my period at this same time as this cleanse, not sure how that will interfere but they were the worst cramps I’ve had in my life. B/c of headaches and severe cramps, had to take the max amount of ibuprofen on day 2.

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