Day 2

All the hype and confidence levels often come to a sudden halt on day two. I blazed through the first day of The Master Cleanse Diet as if it was nothing. I thought to myself, if I can ease through day one, the rest would be a cakewalk. Come lunchtime, I thought, “Man, what did I get myself into?”

The coming days after day two, seem to last forever. Strange, but I thought time stood still when I was on the Cleanse. You really have to be extremely committed, if you plan to go on this diet. Abruptly getting off the diet will make you think twice, because the body will have to properly adjust, and you can’t just go back to the way things were. Other people have broken off the diet by eating an extra large cheeseburger (or other comfort food of that sort), and paid the consequences. The truth is if you are to break off the diet, it will have to be done slowly.

The second day is still relatively easy, compared to what follows next. On day three and four, you will have to psychologically prepare yourself, for on these days, the “healing events” are about to start. You will have to overcome your addiction to food. You may succeed, or you may fail. Many do. If it’s any consolation, there will always be a next time.

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  1. James
    2024 days ago

    2nd day was not too bad, still just a little tired, but not as much as day 1. Felt a little hunger near the end of the day, but not too bad. Still tired of drinking the lemonade, but making it through.

  2. Kim
    2038 days ago

    Can I just say it’s a total injustice that, being a wife and mother, I still have to prepare dinner for my family while being on this cleanse (and pack school lunches too)? It ought to harden me up and force me to dig deep for the motivation to continue. (My husband’s sage words of wisdom yesterday were “don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t really feel sorry for you since you’re choosing to do this to yourself.” Thanks for the support honey. ;-) )

    Today is day 2, and I’m doing a mental cleanse right along with the physical cleanse. This is my opportunity to let all the negative thoughts about myself and others leave my brain right along with the toxins in my body. I believe big changes are possible, and I’m holding on to that (while gritting my teeth as I look over at my family enjoying eggs and grapefruit as I swig down my salt-water drink).

    I’m not doing this for weight loss. I’m already on the line of too-thin and I’m worried this will take me far below into scary unhealthy territory, but I’m hanging on because there’s a lump in my breast with the added bonus of a calcified fibroid larger than a golfball in my uterus. Who knows what else. There is too much life to live to drag all that around. So, today, my mental image is “letting go.” And, that’s what I’m about to do, in a very physical way . . .

  3. Mimi
    2045 days ago

    Day 3
    So we didn’t have a snow day. Had to trudge to work, but I was secretly happy because I am not sure I would have made it thus far without eating. I woke up the smooth move tea worked and then I weighed in– not bad I lost 3 pounds Whoo Hoo! I have to say using cold water with the SWF was effective. I guess heating it like tea super saturates the water and changes the density allowing the liquid to be absorped rather than expelled. Lesson learned–follow the directions.

    I have started calling old friends in the evening. I must say this is a nice benefit of not making dinner. I was able to locate my resume and send it off to be updated. I am thinking that I did this cleanse to lose weight but I may land upon a new and exciting role. We’ll see!

  4. Mimi
    2046 days ago

    Day 2 January 11,2011
    Today was pretty good. I woke up at 1:43 a.m. to a terrible dream. I dreamt my mother died and I was negligent in helping her because I was dealing with a work situation and now she is dead and I am still at my job but very angry. I remember looking at a list of names–in the dream. I know it’s time to start looking.

    The MC went well. I really wasn’t hungry and I did have a mint–I was offered one in a meeting and felt I ought to take it. I am doing the SWF at night. Yesterday I heated the water as a tea and sipped it slowly as it was hot. I had no results. I think it may work because by adding the salt you chnge the densitiy of the water causing an inability to absorbed by the bloodstream–denser than blood. I tried it again tonight with cold water from the fridge. It worked, somewhat. The taste wasn’t bad, I just chugged it down.

    I haven’t experienced any hunger but I also haven’t experienced any weightloss. In fact I gained a pound. I have been very strict except for one lifesaver mint. Perhaps all the fluids are weighing me down. Maybe I will see a big drop on day three or four. I am in NYC and we are expecting another major snowstorm. OH NO! What will I do all day in the house. I just told my mom that I need an activity as I don’t want to eat. Ichecked my email and a local park is having a snowday party from 1-3 building snowmen and having scavenger hunts– SCORE!! See ask for what you need and the universe supplies.

    I tried Senokot on Sunday MC eve but it was uneffective. I bought some smooth move tea today so I will have some of that tonight around 9 p.m.– after the SWF has had a chance to work.

    Good Luck to everyone. Stay Strong and keep sippin!

  5. Jojo
    2081 days ago

    Day 2 and my 2nd MC, I thought that it would be easier this time around because I KNOW I can do it, but it is still tough. I have found that I want to eat out of habit.I tell myself when I want to eat something that I WILL eat that in 8 more days. I am staying focused on the Prize at the end of 10 days. I felt GREAT after last MC so great that I kept going for another 5 days, and thats why I will keep going this time too. STAY FOCUSED

  6. Kristi
    2087 days ago

    Day 2 for me. Weighed in at 181-lost 4 lbs so far. Had only one hour where I was really craving FOOD! But I took a bath in Epsom salt and it passed. Woo Hoo! Day 2 I am really tired. Not hungry, but extremely thirsty, diarrhea and just flat out tired. Maybe because I started my menses. This week will be my most challenging. If I make it through this, it’s all down hill Baby! I’ve just got too drink, drink, drink… WE CAN DO IT.

  7. Céline
    2096 days ago

    En français
    Hello MC people, I’m french and I wonder if I can help if I write for frenchies like me. Day 2 was yesterday. I went on a trip, in the car, all they long. Bring with me my limonade and bottle of water. I’m still alive. A normal fatigue at the end of the day. Pass a big test cause usually, I snack in the car and treat myself at no-no restaurant. My aunt gave me fresh homemade cookies. didn’t toutch it. But I feel like if I was in morning since the first day. I know I’ll feel better when some pounds will go away. Now for my french friends:
    bonjour! Si on apprécie que j’écrive en français, je le ferai. J’ai fait mon jour 2 hier. Je suis a mon 2eme MC. Ca marche. On se sent tellement mieux. Mais il faut penser des maintenant à l’apres MC et manger fruits, légumes et noix, (pas trop) et aussi faire de l’exercice. Je sais, quand on a du poid perdre on se fou un peu de la bonne santé mais tout se tiens. On maigri, on se sent bien et on veut continuer de faire ce qu’il faut. Alors, est-ce qu’il y a des francais dans la salle? Si oui et si Peter est d’accord je reviendrai.

  8. Nikki
    2109 days ago

    Starting day 2 today and I’m feeling pretty good. Going through the day is never hard for me because for some reason I just don’t feel like eating. But at night it was really hard because I want to snack on something. But I just drunk my lemonade and laxative tea and went to bed. Does anyone know if you are allowed to chew sugarless gum? This has always been away for me to stay away from eating but I was not for sure if it was allowed while doing this cleanse.

  9. Jennifer
    2132 days ago

    Day 2 drawing to a close and doing pretty good I have lost 4lb. This is my second time of doing the cleanse and made it 8 days last time, hoping to go all the way on this round. No headaches or anything the laxative tea has caused my stomach to go crazy in the middle of the night . The mornings are the easiest since I normally don’t have breakfast anyway , but right around 2pm I start REALLY wanting food not really hungry just wanting food and cravings are strange and random lol like today I would kill for a pickle and bacon cheese fries from Cotton Patch Cafe . Just staying focused on why I am doing this =)

    • Willie Wright
      2129 days ago

      Don’t forget those peppermint or spearmint teas for those time the cravings are worst!

  10. colin
    2139 days ago

    forgot to recap day 2. pretty much the same as day 1, except more pooping. that’s it. also the lax tea makes my stomache flip out in the middle of the night.

  11. Willie Wright
    2143 days ago

    Got up at 3:20 and did the SWF but this time I added the juice of one lemon and what a difference it made. I was able to drink but still have to sip it. After I finished I laid back down on my right side to see if this helps but could not decide. It took much longer to work today and I do not know if that was because my stomach was emptier or because I added the lemon. Whatever it was I will keep adding lemon juice. I was back up at 4:20 with first BM and continued to go back to bed and get up until 5:40 with 3 to 4 more BM. I think this will work for my regular schedule for the remaining time. Today I decided to stay off work one more day to let my body adjust. I went back to bed and got up at 8:30 and did a LD around 9:30. I went and purchased a new set of scales and some Epson salt after all, think of all the money you can save not eating. Today I weighed 188 on old scales and 187.6 lbs on new scales. The new scales also measured 19.0% body fat, 7.6% bone mass and 59.1% water. I will learn more what all this means later. From first observation in booklet my water percentage is where it needs to be and my fat percentage is on the high side of good. Don’t know about bone mass but will do more research on these. I drank LD at 12:18. Took a hot Epson salt bath and exfoliated whole body. Boy did/does that feel good. I drank PT at 1:30. I drank LD at 2:39. I drank LD at 4:19. Had a series of BM at 4:48 which might have been me trying to squeeze 6 LD in today. Blood Pressure was 120/76 and I haven’t taken my medicine today. I will monitor this closely. I drank LD at 6.40. I drank PT AT 6.56. I drank Smooth Move Tea at 7:30. Today was not bad at all, no headaches or any other discomforts other that the occasional food/eat desire. Blood pressure was 120/76 without blood pressure medicine will continue to check.

  12. Jennifer
    2144 days ago

    Day 2. I feel better than yesterday. Still have a slight headache. I didn’t wake up hungry and really haven’t been hungry this morning. I can’t find the Senna tea anywhere but will try another store this evening. The sea salt was really hard to get down again this morning but room temp water made it much easier. I felt sort of run down on Day 1 but surprised myself at the gym and ran for 6 minutes on the treadmill, usually can only get through 2 minutes. Had a great workout. I drank lemon water at the gym and made my last glass of mix when I got home. I went to bed someone hungry but fell asleep fairly quickly and slept pretty well. I’m proud to be on day 2!

    • Willie Wright
      2143 days ago

      Try squeezing a lemon in the saltwater flush. It still works and is a whole lot easier to get down. I’m following your progress and I’m doing the Master Clease but one day behind you.

  13. Issy
    2151 days ago

    Day 2! I feel good, very energize and Im findind I have to force myself to drink the mix because otherwise im not even hungry. I feel good and so proud of myself for making it to day 2 =)

  14. Reagan
    2159 days ago

    Ok today was day 2 and I must admit much better than yesterday. I woke up this morning with loads of energy, did some housework, cleaned my truck and worked out with my trainer all before 1pm. Afterwards I had a few errands to run and the urge to eat kicked in a little then. My family is having a barbeque today and I thought it was in my best interest not to go, too much temptation, I feel safer at home. It’s almost 9pm and I am about to have my herbal tea, I took it last night and it worked wonders for me this morning. It actually is the highlight of my day, I sweaten it with maple syrup. I feel even more proud today and going to continue to stay focused.

  15. lucky
    2183 days ago

    today is my 12th day i have had many good days as well as bad.. cravings come on so strong when they do.. like yesterday a voice in my head said just eat eat wat are you doing to yourself.. but all it took to get back on track was a look at my toxic filled (ewwah) t0ngue n i said im gettn clean thats wat im do’n to myself! we all in tha same master cleansse boat ya’ll.. hang in there im sure it’ll be well worth tha row!

  16. Jonie
    2187 days ago

    Day 2 has been very difficult for me. I was so hungry the whole day, and it has taken enormous will power not to stop and eat something! Anything! I’ve been craving all kinds of things that are just terrible for you. I’m holding strong though, and I hope that tomorrow will be a little easier with the hunger pangs. I had a headache this morning when I woke up, and I was achy down the right side of my body, but the headache and pains went away a few hours after I started drinking the lemonade mixture. I also did the salt water flush for the first time this morning, and it worked like a charm It wasn’t too bad. I think making sure to use Celtic Sea Salt probably made a difference in the taste. I’m hoping I sleep well tonight, and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer day 3!

  17. Diane
    2193 days ago

    I was wondering if anyone taking this cleanse knows their blood type. I have followed the blood type diet and have found the cayenne to be very easy to drink. It is beneficial for my type. My husband did not like the taste (though I use the pepper in cooking) and he is an A which is a blood type that should avoid cayenne pepper. Just wondering. I’m on day 2 and smelling my husbands dinner was a little tough but I’m hanging in there. I played tennis this morning so I drank quite a bit of juice today but hope to sleep well.

    • Willie Wright
      2144 days ago

      I’m type A and like the taste.

      • Kristina Bambina
        2136 days ago

        Of Thank Goodness! I am a type A and was worried that this diet would off put me. that Lady scared me!!!

      • Amy
        2110 days ago

        I’m type A and like the taste too.

    • Mel
      1999 days ago

      I’m O+ and I love the taste.

  18. latovia johnson
    2208 days ago

    Today is my 1st day and I’m currently ok. I got a little hunger but I have drinking my lemonade. I weight about 230lbs and wishing to loose at least 60 lbs or so with this diet. I will be on it on for at least 14days then start my orange juice.

  19. Angela
    2211 days ago

    Almost done with day 2!! Today was a LOT better than yesterday. Yesterday I had a migraine and even threw up. I caved and ate a few saltines because I could barely get out of bed. Today I woke up feeling amazing, which was very encouraging. I’ve added the occasional sugar snap pea (raw, organic) and I also had 3/4 a cup of organic vegetable broth with cayenne. I read that raw, organic veggies are an acceptable cheat. I hope so, because that’s is seriously helping me stay sane. I can’t risk another migraine like yesterdays! Tomorrow morning I’ll do my first SW flush and I’m pretty nervous about it. Still going strong though!!

  20. Jander
    2212 days ago

    I love day two. The SWF take the edge right off – along with removing everything from my body. Chin up all, think of all the good!

    • Amy
      2110 days ago

      Can you tell me what the SWF is?

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