Day 2

All the hype and confidence levels often come to a sudden halt on day two. I blazed through the first day of The Master Cleanse Diet as if it was nothing. I thought to myself, if I can ease through day one, the rest would be a cakewalk. Come lunchtime, I thought, “Man, what did I get myself into?”

The coming days after day two, seem to last forever. Strange, but I thought time stood still when I was on the Cleanse. You really have to be extremely committed, if you plan to go on this diet. Abruptly getting off the diet will make you think twice, because the body will have to properly adjust, and you can’t just go back to the way things were. Other people have broken off the diet by eating an extra large cheeseburger (or other comfort food of that sort), and paid the consequences. The truth is if you are to break off the diet, it will have to be done slowly.

The second day is still relatively easy, compared to what follows next. On day three and four, you will have to psychologically prepare yourself, for on these days, the “healing events” are about to start. You will have to overcome your addiction to food. You may succeed, or you may fail. Many do. If it’s any consolation, there will always be a next time.

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  1. kbugler11
    2214 days ago

    In the middle of day 2 right now. Not really hungry, but am jealous at work of others eating real food for lunch and I’m drinking water. I keep feeling the headaches about to hit full force, but then they die down before getting bad. Was wondering if there is anything I can do to keep the headaches away? I almost took Ibuprofen, but then thought that’s just putting more toxins in when I’m trying to clean them out! If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

  2. Maggie
    2216 days ago

    i really wish people would stop looking at me like ive completely lost my mind when i tell them that i am doing this cleanse! ugh im tired of explaining it! anywho, im on day two right now, and the first two days havent been that bad. ive had a few cravings, but the lemonade helps soooo much! ive had a headache off and on, but other then that ive been doing ok. im preparing myself for tomorrow, cuz ive been reading that the cravings are the greatest on day 3. i also feel like my sense of smell has gotten better and my acid reflux is very minimal…which is a great thing! i just wish people would be a little more supportive of me instead of thinking that im crazy and dont know what im talking about. i need all the support i can get! but we’ll see how tomorrow goes…so far so good

  3. Catherine
    2218 days ago

    I’m on day 2, i dont think i will last all 10days! Yesterday (day 1) was very hard for me, especially when i got home from work and my son was making a Chicken Pot Pie! URGH…. today is a little easier, i suprisingly feel energized, not too hungry at all, but i’ve been having this lil annoying headache since yesterday! we’ll see how day 3 goes! I think the weekends will be the hardest!
    I read above about some people “Cheating”…. what happens if i cheat? Do i have to start all over again? Is there such a thing as “good cheating” ?? My stomach is growling :(

  4. David
    2219 days ago

    So Im on day two, day one was not hard at all, just had to get used to not eating. Im feeling fine, a little hunger every hour or so but it goes away after I drink the lemonade. I made a couple of mistakes I bought grade A maple syrup instead of grade B, but I went out and bought some grade B yesterday. I also forgot to SWF yesterday morning but I did it this morning and it wasnt as bad as I thought but its not my favorite part of the cleansing process. I have had to go number one a lot more than number 2 but Im sure that will change soon, I mean it is only day two. I also had the herbal tea laxitive last night and it tasted pretty good. Im actually getting used to the taste of the lemonade, Im actually starting to like it too. My plan is to keep my eye on the prize and keep going for the next 12 days.

  5. Betty
    2228 days ago

    Did somebody say day 2 was easier than day 1? I beg to differ. Have had this awful headache for 24 hours. Started latter part of day one, but seems to be subsiding now. I do see a glimmer of clear thinking on the horizon. Seems like the fog is trying to lift in my mind. I imagine I can handle the hunger once I can conquer this headache. I always get these, I call “caffeine withdrawals” every time I try to cleanse. Hope it came early and I won’t have to deal with it again on days 3 or 4. I did the SWF’s for two days and the laxative eat last night. Don’t get those multiple BM’s that everyone talks about, but it does cleanse that area. My husband is doing better than me. His headaches went away a little faster than mine and he gets good results with the tea and SWFs. All I want to do is sleep, hoping it will all pass soon. On to day three. Will go for a walk this evening. Fresh air and movement should help.

    2230 days ago

    Okay so today is day 2 and I’m starving. I did the salt water flush and it’s not good but it’s not that bad if ou drink it fast. I only had one BM this morning. I so badly want to eat but when I got on the scale it said I lost 3 lbs. Is that possible. I did pee like a race horse yesterday. I’ve been hungr since early morning and feel like giving in but decided that I’m a loser if I can’t have enough willpower to last 8 more days.

  7. Marquita
    2235 days ago

    I am glad to say that today I feel pretty good not hungry at all. Although yesterday I did cheat a bit by eating about 5 lays potato chips and a small slice of an apple. Hey what can i say I felt a headache coming on! But I hopped on the scale and so it says I lost 5 pounds and my stomach is a lot smaller compared to how big it usually is. I didn’t do the SWF this morning because I woke up this morning and emptied myself rather well I guess it’s from the smooth move I drank last night.

  8. Elle
    2249 days ago

    Starting day 2 today, mixed my SWF but was only able to drink 4 gulps of it before i felt i was going to throw up not really hungry the drink helps keep that away. Is it ok that I’m only having one BM a day? its always in the morning will that change later in the cleanse? I’m still ready to go yesterday was a breeze to get through hopefully today and tommorrow will be the same

  9. Lboogi
    2255 days ago

    I cheated and partook of a non fat pringle. I needed to t ell someone and my puppy doesn’t seem to care if I am bad since I always measure up in her eyes. It was mid day but I will take it as a gimme. I am surprised that I am still experiencing BMs. Not really but I am just because it gives more weight to the issue of toxicity and the need to have a diet heavier with veggies and less on toxins and bad fats. EXPLICIT DESCRIPTION TURN AWAY IF NOT INTERESTED*** My bowel movements are thin and of a softer texture. The color has not lightened any either. Stay tuned!

  10. Stephanie
    2255 days ago

    This is day 2 for me and so far so good. I drank about 24oz of the salt water flush before I stopped for fear of vomiting. Its really bad! So, yesterday day was pretty smooth sailing. I drank 8 10oz cups of lemonade and a cup of peppermint tea. I cheated a tiny bit by boiling some veggies (that would not survive the next 10 days) in distilled water and drank a cup of the hot broth…the smell and taste helped kick the desire to eat food. I dreamed about food at least twice last night, the weird thing was, it was food I don’t ever eat! I dreamed about bacon and cheeseburgers… No headaches or pain so far but it is still early today. Question: Probably TMI but,if I have never had a problem with regular bowel movements, how important is the salt flush? I eat fish and sometimes chicken but never beef or pork and I eat a lot of veggies so I am pretty regular.

  11. Zora
    2256 days ago

    I am so hungery now!!!!! Still feeling good on day 2. I just pray that I make it….

  12. Adi
    2269 days ago

    I am glad day 2 is done for me. I am looking forward to this 10 days to be over with. Today I had very bad headaches. I felt hungry throughout the day but nothing to overwhelming. Mostly, I am just suffering from a headache and wondering how the heck I can last the full 10 days when my friends want to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of finals, or the fact that I decided to do this the week of my finals. I hope this does not affect my performance in my classes. I hope I can stay on this and not be discouraged because I am 21 and suffer from gaut and several digestive disorders.

  13. Sonya
    2284 days ago

    This is day 2 for me and I am doing better than I thought. Had a slight headache yesterday but took something for the pain before it got too bad. Constantly thinking about what I could be eating if I were not doing this. Trying to stay busy to keep my mind off food. I feel a little weak but am trying to hang in there.

  14. Dayana
    2290 days ago

    Day 2! And all I can think about is eating a cheeseburger! But it hasnt been as bad as I thought. Last night I had a horrible headache. I have found myself with not much energy. Last night I went to sleep by 9 I usually sleep by 11. Today woke up with a little bit more energy but I feel like I’m crashing now. But I think I will stick to this. I am taking this as not only cleansing my body but also my soul. I feel like I have control of everything right now specially since I am obsessed with food. I feel like food does not control me I can control it. According to the scale I’ve lost 4 lbs. Not sure if its water weight or fat weight. Whatever it is hope is for the best. Good Luck to everyone on day 3!

  15. AC
    2291 days ago

    My hope is to stay encouraged! I breezed through day 1, even with the piercing headache. I felt it was my body’s caffeine addiction going into withdrawal. Day 2, is hard right now. I weighted in this morning to chart my progress and I’m down 4 pounds. Whether it’s just water or real fat, I’m thankful. I did not complete the SWF, I tried it last night and could hardly drink it, but I will try again. If it works, then it works!

  16. Alex
    2298 days ago

    Day 2 and I am 100% on track… Lost two pounds so far… and feeling so-so… The SWF is quite an event! Willing to do anything for my commitment to reseting and healing my body! I am looking forward to the results of this fast! I am pumped up… Have injured my back- extremely disappointing and feeling down and depressed about it truth be told… Will not break the commitment I have made however… Am hoping after a deep tissue massage my back will loosen so I may walk, stretch etc.- Day two is winding down… it is after dinner time for my family… My commitment is hold strong! Have had four glasses of Lemon/spice/syrup concoction thus far…

  17. isidora
    2308 days ago

    Day 2 and Im down to 138 so Ive lost two pounds. Feeling calm and focused while I study for my exam.

  18. sweet
    2311 days ago

    Coming to the end of day 2, and i am feeling alright! I had my first salt water flush this morning. Its was so disgusting i couldnt even do half of it but it did its job. I’m going to do it every day but i think ill have to build myself up to the whole amount. I havent really being tempted by food as yet, but my stomach feels so empty. I have noticed that i am becoming more aware of food and its influence in my life and the bad eating habits which i have.
    Im just hoping i have a better sleep tonight then i did last night, as i cant sleep when i am hungry.

  19. jenny
    2326 days ago

    day number 2 for me. haven’t really been that hungry just want food. trying to stay busy…

  20. Liz
    2347 days ago

    Its the morning of day 2 and I such a bad headache from no caffeine yesterday I’m having half a cup of coffee, black. I wasn’t very hungry but my head was killing me! I lost 4 lbs the first day which is VERY motivating. Also I think I will stick with tea in the morning as well. I tried to do the flush this morning and I threw it back up. I did it yesterday and manged but today i couldn’t keep it down.

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