Day 2

All the hype and confidence levels often come to a sudden halt on day two. I blazed through the first day of The Master Cleanse Diet as if it was nothing. I thought to myself, if I can ease through day one, the rest would be a cakewalk. Come lunchtime, I thought, “Man, what did I get myself into?”

The coming days after day two, seem to last forever. Strange, but I thought time stood still when I was on the Cleanse. You really have to be extremely committed, if you plan to go on this diet. Abruptly getting off the diet will make you think twice, because the body will have to properly adjust, and you can’t just go back to the way things were. Other people have broken off the diet by eating an extra large cheeseburger (or other comfort food of that sort), and paid the consequences. The truth is if you are to break off the diet, it will have to be done slowly.

The second day is still relatively easy, compared to what follows next. On day three and four, you will have to psychologically prepare yourself, for on these days, the “healing events” are about to start. You will have to overcome your addiction to food. You may succeed, or you may fail. Many do. If it’s any consolation, there will always be a next time.

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  1. susan o'reilly
    2351 days ago

    I am in the heart of day two and struggling! It is really difficult when my kids ask for a snack or I am preparing a meal for them. I am much hungrier than I thought I would be and think maybe I need more of the drink, I just loathe the taste! I look forward to the tea every night as I enjoy the taste and then can just go to bed to get thru another day.

  2. Rocky
    2367 days ago

    Hi my name is Rocky, I am on day 2 of the Master Cleanse. I feel kind of wierd today, like my body is moving past my mind. I’m having my bowel movements and my stomach gurgles but my mind is frozen. I want to feel more but I don’t, I’m just anxious to get past another day honestly. I want to exercise today and try some meditation. I also keep thinking about how my ex boyfriend looked at me yesterday, as if i was a strange, pig that he cannot believe he dated for seven years. It hurt real bad, but I’m dealing with that. Wish me look!

  3. Emma
    2369 days ago

    @Nora : no you shouldn’t do that because cayenne pepper is one of the most important ingredients in the master cleanse. One tip that would help you is to drink it bit by bit till you get used to the taste.

  4. Nora
    2371 days ago

    Today’s my 2nd day and I’m still going strong :) the cayenne pepper makes it terrible so i tried to add the entire cayenne for the day to a small amount and drink it quickly is that ok?

  5. Sunny
    2393 days ago

    Day 2 and still going strong. My boyfriend didn’t even last one day! I am still not hungry and feel pretty good for going on 48 hours with no solid food. I hope that I can make it through to the end. I just have to keep focusing on the benefits of doing this. Only 8 days to go!!

  6. ms jay gray
    2396 days ago

    Hmph-whats goin on in my head on day 2: driving dwn the street (nice day)look over to my left-JACK N A BOX:2 tacos, McDONALDs: french fries, look over to my right-CHICK FIL A: chiken sandwhich nuggets, KIM’S CAFE: shoot I don’t know what’s there BUT I’m sure it will be good! Overall, what I’m sayin is that I need to get off this street bc its setting me up for failure! : ) anyway my day 2 is goin well not as hungry as I thought I would be, for some reason I do not want to even drink all of the lemonade I know its required of me to do so but the taste is not 2 my liking I think I put 2 much pepper! So far so good America, staying focused I AM GOIN TO COMPLETE this! (I hope)

  7. Emma
    2404 days ago

    @JAJEER_777 : It’s great that you and your sister are doing it together. Unlike people who do alone, both of you can really support each other. I guess you have finished the cleanse?

  8. Emma
    2404 days ago

    @Ravenhaired : It would be best if you can continue with the SWF, maybe you can try with a small amount first. Otherwise i’m afraid you may have trouble with the bowel elimination.

  9. Ravenhaired
    2405 days ago

    I’m completing Day 2 and found it much easier than Day 1. However, I don’t feel I’m eliminating as I should be. I’m unable to do SWF with any success so I’m stuck with just the tea.

    A little scared that once I do finally start detoxing, that I will be hit hard all of the sudden. Hopefully my fear will be unfounded. My tounge turned a sexy white furry color on the eve of Day 1 so I’m hoping I’m on track.

  10. JAJEER_777
    2416 days ago

    im starving…………… me and my other 2 sisters are do it together, it’s very hard. but like they told me whatever ur feeling, we are feeling it to.. im at the end of day 2.. its hard at the end of the day when i have to get home and make food for my hubby…:( wish everyone the best of luck!!! just remember at the end it pays off.

  11. Emma
    2419 days ago

    @erin : I used to have freezing hands, feet, etc even in tropical countries when in air conditional places. And I once visited a alternative health doctor and he told me that i’m feeling cold because most of the time, it lies with weak stomach and intestines. So he advices me to build up my digestive system over a long period of time..

    So I’m guessing that this may happen to you as well. You may want to go to doctor for checking up (alternative medicine doctor probably as I don’t think normal medical doctors does that). Maybe after the master cleanse, you may want to look after of you digestive system well and building a strong stomach and intestines. Like avoiding cold drinks or soft drinks, oily greasy food, fried food, eat lesser acidic food, more vegetables etc.

    Btw, nowadays I seldom eat fast food at all. Mcdonalds, KFC, etc are not healthy too.

    Hope this would help you.

  12. erin
    2420 days ago

    It is Jan 2 and I am on day two of the cleanse……I had a goo go today felt hunger then had the lemonade and it went away. I am having trouble getting down all this liquid though…….I am preparing my lemonade one 10 oz portion at a time it really gives me something to look forward to and keeps my time occupied……I have one concern……I am freezing…hands…..feet…..nose it feels like I can’t get warm………any ideas or comments would help. I need all the help I can get my hubby brought home Mcdonalds for supper tonight. He thought it would be helping me….so I wouldn’t have to cook…….lol

  13. George
    2420 days ago

    @Tai : all the best! You can come back to this site and post your questions you are facing! happy new year!

  14. Tai
    2420 days ago

    Day one and just scared of what is to come.I would much appreciate some support!

  15. zfadun
    2426 days ago

    Im ending my second day it was better than the first day. Lets see what third day does. On first day it was really hard and I mixed the sea salt with drink and it was horrible.

  16. Amy
    2432 days ago

    @Jbird :Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you. Just saw your comment today. Totally wished I did, cause as I continued on I seemed to lose buddy’s who were on my same day. It’s nice to have someone to talk to . I got really nervous when days 7-10 had no journaling. Hope you did ok! It was definitely a rough ride!

  17. heidi
    2435 days ago

    Hi..I am ending day 2. For me the SWF today was impossible,I couldn’t get it down. Had a horrid migraine, which went away by mid-day. Hopefully day 3 is better. Good-Luck All

  18. Jbird
    2437 days ago

    @Amy…yes there is someone out here…day 2 is grueling….you still doing it? I feel like I’m getting the flu…hard to want to keep going. Good luck…

  19. Amy
    2441 days ago

    Day 2, 12pm. I am hungry, but still ok. Haven’t noticed any physical changes, but feel less cravings. Had bad dreams all night that I forgot I was on the diet and was eating taco salad. I will try to journal everyday. Helps me feel more committed. Anyone out there? Will check in tomorrow.

  20. Jomoke
    2522 days ago

    Well here I am on the second day of the cleanse! I am feeling hungrey every few hours. If I drint water or lemonade the feeling goes away for another hour or two. I jogged three miles yesterday and I’m still wondering where that energy came from. I am meeting with my trainer tonight…lets see how that goes. Funny thing is he is fasting for 3 days too! Anywho for all those considering the fast I recommend it. I thought I would be REALLY starving but I’m not. Goodbye Day 2!

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