Day 2

All the hype and confidence levels often come to a sudden halt on day two. I blazed through the first day of The Master Cleanse Diet as if it was nothing. I thought to myself, if I can ease through day one, the rest would be a cakewalk. Come lunchtime, I thought, “Man, what did I get myself into?”

The coming days after day two, seem to last forever. Strange, but I thought time stood still when I was on the Cleanse. You really have to be extremely committed, if you plan to go on this diet. Abruptly getting off the diet will make you think twice, because the body will have to properly adjust, and you can’t just go back to the way things were. Other people have broken off the diet by eating an extra large cheeseburger (or other comfort food of that sort), and paid the consequences. The truth is if you are to break off the diet, it will have to be done slowly.

The second day is still relatively easy, compared to what follows next. On day three and four, you will have to psychologically prepare yourself, for on these days, the “healing events” are about to start. You will have to overcome your addiction to food. You may succeed, or you may fail. Many do. If it’s any consolation, there will always be a next time.

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  1. Diona
    1623 days ago

    Day 2 down!!! Again I say i truly believe the ease in did wonders in preparing my mind for this cleanse. I have not been hungry and contrarily today found it hard to get 6 glasses in. Today was also the first day I returned to my boot camp workout activities and found that I still had energy before and after the workout. It is still quite hard to prepare food for my family and resist the urge to like my fingers and run to a corner and devour their meals but at least now I realize it is my mind just “craving” the experience of the food and not really being hungry. 2 down and 8 to go!

  2. laydeetrinity
    1738 days ago

    Day 2 for me & although I’ve heard that day 2 is one of the hardest, it’s actually been easier than day 1! After not eating for 24 hours I know I can do it! Going to try the SWF tonight.

  3. lilgirl
    1776 days ago

    I have done the mastercleanse two times for ten days each time and it was much easier for me than i thought. this time i want to go for 21 days and i cant even make it through day 1. i have tried it 3 times already so i am hoping that the 4rth time is the charm. today is day 1 again. wish me luck

  4. realtorbjs
    1781 days ago

    second day, feel good, I did ease into this with a 3 day vegetable/fruit juice diet, Now I have 70% less arthritis pain this 2nd day of fast in the morning and enjoyed an unusual deep restful sleep . Not hungry at all! 64 oz lemonade every day. I mixed 64 oz filtered water & 12 T lemon juice wirh 12 T maple syrpe every morning (add 1/8 tsp cayenne right before drinking.) Delecious! 5 min in Hot tub eased heachache pain on 1st day. Enjoyed 1 cup hot mint tea w/ 1T maple syrpe. First thing SWF creates 2 good BMs within 1 hour.Excited about 20 pd weight loss possibility! Not hard for such a Fast reward.Love and believe the idea, “Body uses energy saved from food digestion to heal all pain & imbalances in body” Whatever the mind conceives,Body can acheive. Hang in there! You will reap the rewards

  5. Sandy
    1789 days ago

    Day 2 has come to an end. I did the SWF this morning and did not have any success at all. I only used 1 tsp. I will try 2 tsp tomorrow. I have to say it was disappointing to have drank all that salt water and then to get no action. Amazingly I kept it down although my stomach was not happy. It was a bit difficult for me today. Nauseous all day. I’m not sure if it was the SWF or just adjustments. Dizzy/LightHeaded. Feeling a bit withdrawn. Went to the chiropractor today, she could already see the difference in my body (positive change). After my adjustment I was laying there and I realized that I was not taking the proper measurements for my lemonade. I got confused… I make up the batch in the morning with electric juicer. 2 Tbls of each lemon and maple syrup. I was only taking 2 Tbls of the mixture instead of four. Who taught me to add? LOL Tomorrow should be a better day with my blood sugar in check. Focus to Completion. A good night sleep coming up.

  6. Tana
    1832 days ago

    This is my second day of the cleanse. Yesterday during the day was fine but I ran out of lemonade at work and thought I was going to lose my mind. I am fine as long as I can drink some when I get hungry but watch out if I don’t have any! All I wanted to do was go to McDonald’s and stuff my face with cheeseburgers! Once I got home and drank more lemonade I was ok. Still craving cheeseburgers but not hungry. I almost gave up but I am very glad I made it through the evening without cheating. I lost 4 pounds since yesterday morning! So far I haven’t had too many cravings today and am doing well. I hear the first couple of days are the hardest so I am hoping to be beyond that part soon.

  7. Melissa
    1840 days ago

    Day 2 for me. It hasn’t felt that much different from yesterday so I feel like I’m doing relatively well. Anytime I get the urge to eat something, I down a lemonaide. I’m only averaging about 5 lemonaides a day and a few waters. Mainly because your supposed to drink the SWF on an empty stomach. I just downed the SWF (i think the worst part) and my tummy is feeling the effects. I don’t really get hungry after this but really really thirsty. My urge is to drink water rather than the lemonaide. Do you think I should be having more of the lemonaide? I know the recommended is at least 6 glasses?
    I’m hoping it will be this smooth the rest of the way. My plan was to initially do 10 days, but if it goes smoothly I will shoot for 14. Wish me luck!

  8. Mel
    1855 days ago

    Day 2 and it feels pretty much the same as day 1. I drink a lot of lemonade, I had 10 glasses yesterday and today (its not 12:30pm) I have had about 3. I’m not super hungry, just craving the act of eating, which is strange for me. Before this I was not much a big eater, I am vegatarian usually eat light, healthy meals. So its odd to feel the urge to eat, I guess it shows that even for me eating has become a habit. Only other issue is being cold. But it is the dead of winter so that doesn’t help.
    I hope tomorrow and day 4 go just as well as today and yesterday, I’m a bit nervous beacuse everyone says those days are pretty tough and I have to go back to school and volunteering tomorrow.

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