Day 10

The end of The Master Cleanse Diet has finally come, and there are only two things in your mind. Do you continue with the new lifestyle, or is completing the diet enough of an accomplishment for you, that all you want to do now is go through the Ease-Out process (boy do you have the munchies)?

There are the telltale signs, which will help you determine if you need to continue or quit The Master Cleanse Diet. Again, it too is matter of preference and personal choice.

Time To Quit

  • Are you constantly hungry? Do you constantly lack energy, even after The Master Cleanse Diet? Are you always dizzy or light headed? Does your body lack the nutrition it needs to sustain itself? If this is the case, then its time to end The Master Cleanse; its time to proceed with the Ease-Out without delay.
  • If you feel there is nothing else to cleanse, you feel a natural high, and you can’t get any healthier than this, then it is time to Ease-Out.

Continue On

  • Is your skin breaking out? Do you still have headaches? Is your tongue turning white? Are you coughing up mucous? Do you still have bad breath? These are signs that you are still in the process of detoxification. You are still flushing out harmful toxins in your body. If this is the case, you must continue with The Master Cleanse Diet.
  • If you feel you’re can still go on, and there is much more you have to accomplish, then by all means, continue on with The Master Cleanse Diet.

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  1. Meeshell
    1782 days ago

    I am on day 10, I lost 5 lbs. in first 3 days, I broke out too, my tongue is still white, I am on meds I must take every day, maybe that’s why? I had the best sleep and energy ever! I got a concussion today and I am super dizzy and nauseous from it and I feel I must have some OJ now and eat some steamed veggies… I wanted to lose 5 more lbs. and have a pink tongue! What should I do if I go off now? When is it safe to go on it again? Thank you!

  2. Willie Wright
    1985 days ago

    Day 10 October 13, 2010
    I had trouble posting so this is late and it is day 10-15.
    Today I woke up at 1:00. No BM from the tea or I’m too early for it to have worked. I weighed 180.8, fat percent 17.9, bone mass 7.4, water percentage 59.9 and BMI 24.4. So far I have lost 11.2 averaging 1.24 pounds a day. I would rather the average be up around 2 pounds but since I’m doing only 6 or less lemon drinks a day I guess this is as good as it gets for me. I did the SWF at 1:20 and laid back down then got up and had my first BM at 2:15 and then at 2:33, 2:49, 3:01, 3:12, 3:27, 3:55 and then one at 5:25. I napped in between BMs. I stayed up after the last BM and showered, shaved, dressed and it was off to work. I did my first LD at 7:15 and then at 9:30, 11:50, 3:00, 5:00 and then at 7:00. . I measured to see what level of Ketosis I was in using a Bayer Ketostix. I measured a small about (15mg/dl); the highest you can go is 160mg/dl. This accounts for the limited weight lose. During a water fast I normally top out at 160mg/dl but it is defiantly harder on the body, mind and spirit. I took this measurement right after a LD so tomorrow I will take another reading after I get up in the morning. I drank Smooth Move Tea at 8:15 and went to bed Looks like I will go longer than 10 day but I don’t want to speculate as to how long.

    Day 11 October 14, 2010
    Today I woke up at 2:30 and had BM at 3:11. I weighed 179.4 (first time to that number in a while), fat percent 14.8, bone mass 7.6, water percentage 62.1 and BMI OF 24.2. Blood pressure was 110/72. I took another measurement today using Bayer Ketostix and it read normal no fat, so we must burn our fat in the daytime and not at night. I did the SWF AT 3:33 with BMs following at 4:00 and 5:22. I did my first LD at 7:45 and then at 9:50, 12:30, 2:55, 5:00 and 7:00. I did a peppermint tea at 11:00. I did SMT at 8:00 and went to bed. Day 11 bites the dust!

    Day 12 October 15, 2010
    Today I woke up at 3:22 and measured Ketosis which was 5mg/dl (very low). I weighed 178.6, fat percent 15.3, bone mass 7.6, water percentage 61.1 and BMI 24.2. Blood Pressure was 130/80 so I took a BP pill. I had BM AT 3:30. I did the SWF at 3:44 and 1st BM at 4:18 and then at 4:36, 4:48, 5:05, 5:22, 5:50 and then at 6:02. I did LD at 7:28, 9:50, 12:10, 2:30 and at 6:41. I did a SMT at 8:00 and went to bed.

    Day 13 October 16, 2010
    Today I woke up at 4:00 and had BM at 4:11, 4:24 and 4:33. Blood Pressure was 92/62. I weighed 177.4, fat percent 15.1, bone mass 7.4, water percentage 61.9 and BMI of 24.0. I did SWF at 4:49 and had first BM at 5:29, 5:44, 6:00, 7:29 and 7:45. I did my first LD at 8:00 and then at 10:30, 12:40, 3:00, 6:00 and then at 9:25.
    Today I move all my plants inside which was a task. I have over 50 gallon size plants 4 very large plans and assorted others. It took me most of the day. We had a football party with lots of food but I have no desire to eat. I did SMT at 11:45 and went to bed.

    Day 14 October 17, 2010
    Today I woke up at 9:30 and had BM AT 10:20 and 10:20. I weighed 176.2, fat percent 14.8, bone mass 7.4, water 62.1 and BMI of 23.8. Blood pressure was 102/70. I did SWF at 10:40 and BM at 11:30, 11:40, 11:55 and 12:20. I did my first LD at 12:10 and then at 2:30 and at 5:30. I did a SMT at 7:30 and went to bed. Day 14 bites the dust. I’m feeling fine and have decided to go a little farther. I will continue until I run out of all supplies, maybe another couple of days. I would like to be up to solid food by the week-end.

    Day 15 October 18, 2010
    Today I woke up at 2:00. I weighed 175.0, fat percent 15.4, bone mass 7.4, water percentage 61.7 and BMI 23.7. My blood pressure was 99/62. I did the SFF at 2:15 and had my first BM at 3:00 and then at 3:05, 3:13, 3:27, 3:45. I went back to bed and got up at 5:22 and got ready and went to work. I had my first LD at 6:30 and then at 9:30, 12:45 and the last one at 2:30. I stopped and bought veggies for a veggie soup for tonight. Today I was hungry for the first time in 15 days. Tonight at 6:00 will make 15 days exactly and I plan on having some broth with just a little soft veggies. I’m going to make a potato, scallion, butternut squash, snow peas, moog beans, carrots, cabbage and mushrooms soup. I seasoned with some soy bacon bits, Italian herbs, garlic, pepper salt and three bay leaves. I cooked half of it until real tender and smashed with potato smasher and then added the other half and all the cabbage. I ate 1 ½ small bowls and it filled me up. Probably should have stopped on one bowl! I ate 5 wheat crackers. The detox is over and I can see doing it again after January 1, 2010.
    Now for the hard part keeping the live style changes going. Now that I should have some energy I will start an exercise program and start a flexaterrian lifestyle.

  3. Lola
    1990 days ago

    Day 12 has arrived – wow, I’m still OK and so proud I haven’t gone crazy from not eating. : )
    2 more days left for me to finish up the cleanse and then start to ease out and back to a regular vegan diet again.

    As a funny story to tell – had a doctor’s appointment and he asked me what I was doing cause he noticed I lost weight from my last visit – I asked him to not tell me how much I lost. I wouldn’t even look at the scale when they made me hop on. The nurse thought I was crazy. I had to just say “my weight doesn’t matter to me” – which is so true for me. I just want to feel great and be healthy. They looked at me like I had 5 heads, made me laugh.

    Hope ya’ll have funny stories and happy moments through your cleanse. That’s the best way to get through it – smile, laugh and laugh some more!!

  4. Lola
    1992 days ago

    Today is day 10 – 4 more to go. I’m so happy, I feel great. People at work think I’m crazy – but they also don’t get why I would want to be vegan either. ; )

  5. Monika
    1996 days ago

    it was my tenth day yesterday and i m so happy i did it, it s been an amazing path and i will try to change my life, cleanse changed my way of thinking :) love it :) good luck to everyone with cleanse and changing life :)

  6. ralph
    2003 days ago

    hi i finished my tenth day on thursday(today is sat) i had juices all day friday and this morning i woke up with a big rash on my right sholder and hip , i know its normal because of the detox, my BM are very black too . im just wondering if i should of stayed a few more days on the diet ? and can i do a few more days even do i all ready ate i have only had fruits and veggies some hummus and a protein shake this morning..thanks feeling great do ! so proud i completed the 10 days :)

  7. LaLaLu
    2043 days ago

    Day 10!!! Wow, time did fly (thank goodness!) and now here I am at the last day…but, I’m stretching it 4 more days…that makes it 2 weeks. This has been quite an experience and I’m so glad that I have decided to do this, it’s going to really kick start me to eating a whole heck of a lot better thats for sure! I feel a real sense of accomplishment and that feels great! My skin looks smoother and healthier, my clothes fit me looser, I have more energy (crazy, you get more energy when you are not eating!) and overall it’s been positive and emotional journey. Stay Strong. Happy Cleansing!

  8. apples
    2056 days ago

    Day 10 was my hardiest day but I did it. Going through this cleanse has made me a better person. I don’t get mad like I use to I feel relax and I lose 19 lbs. I won’t start on food I’m going to start on my protein shakes.I will do this cleanse every 6 months, this will be apart of my life just like going to the doctor.If you are thinking about doing this cleanse think NO longer DO IT!! I DID IT!! YOU WILL DO GREAT. I will be back FEB.11,2011 to start another cleanse!!!!!!!

    • Kary
      1824 days ago

      @apples OMG! I can’t believe you lost 19lb in only 10 days!! i did the master cleanse about 4 months ago for only 3 days and i lose 5lbs… so i’m doing it again next month :) but this time i’ll do it for 10-15 days! hopefully until i feel that my body is detoxified! you are my motivation!! even though you did the master cleanse a year ago lol! thanks :)

  9. Karen
    2126 days ago

    Day 10, I made it!! Yipee!! Actually I totally enjoyed the cleanse. This has been my very first one. For me, days one and two were the hardest, but my body quickly adjusted to getting out of the habit of eating and it was smooth sailing from day two on. I have lost 6 pounds and I am full of energy. No dizzyness, no headaches, no side effects at all. It was a pleasure to be on the Master Cleanse. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends as wonderful start to a healthy lifestyle.

  10. Sally (nickname - Lhamu)
    2179 days ago

    Yay – I finished the cleanse and am going to try to do it again at the start of each season. It is such a good thing to feel the toxins out and notice what foods drive my habits. Hopefully I can stay focused going forward. Thank you to this website and good luck to everyone!

  11. marry
    2198 days ago

    Day 10, I didnt know that I had the will power to make it this far. I feel great and I too have enjoyed loosing a few pounds while doing this cleanse. I already have my OJ ready and am looking forward to the ease out as well. Thank you for the support.

  12. Neume
    2217 days ago

    OMG!!! Unsure People: Just Do It!!! I regrett for not starting the master cleanse earlier. I started at 204 Lb. and now just 10 days wow! I feel great, lots of energy and I’m ready for a new Healthy Living Style, I HAVE proven to my self that I GOT that will power. You CAN TOOOOO! Let me tell you this clensing is RESETION PROOF too lol.You will see! My goal is to be 135 lb. so Master Cleanse I’ll see you next month!!! Ohh almost forgot, ladies with PCOS I kow what you go thru, for real just give it a try!

  13. Nora
    2220 days ago

    I made it to day 10! This is terrible to say but even before I started i didn’t think I’d make it this far. I can’t wait to start eating fruits and veggies again so I can get back to my intense workouts again. Although this has been a very long and tough ten days I’m planning on doing the cleanse again shortly possibly in a month or two. To everyone considering doing this I would totally recommend it. Don’t think because you’re overweight or out of shape you can’t do it, I am overweight and I have failed on many “diets” miserably but if you set your mind to it you will realize you are in control of your body not the other way around. Good luck to everyone!

  14. Emma
    2230 days ago

    @Jillian : Yes, you are right. For the pre, it is just getting your body used to the diet. And yes, the post is slowly going back by choosing veggies and fruits! It is best that you start with fruit juices..

    My opinion is that to get a book would definitely help you tremendously.

    Hope this helps!

  15. Jillian
    2230 days ago

    I am having a difficult time understanding what exactly the pre and post diet are… is it just starting to eliminate certain foods and buying the right ingredients for the diet and just mentally preparing? And then for post, slowly going back into healthy food choices like veggies and fruits?

    Anybody, do it without and then with the book? I’m considering buying one but money is tight and I would want the best.

    Thanks for the help!

  16. Emma
    2288 days ago

    @Amy : Congratulations Amy! Glad that you have completed the cleanse and enjoy the benefits of finishing it! Do remember to do the proper easing out otherwise your weight might yoyo back. Do come back join us next year when you are trying out next year! And wish you a merry christmas!

  17. Amy
    2289 days ago

    Almost there! It’s 6:30pm and while I could probably continue cleansing and it would bring forth even better results, I am ready to get back on the mountain and start snowboarding again. SO, I’m looking forward to my slow recovery to eating foods again and much more physical activity. I think I was the most tempted this day of all because It’s kinda like…… I’m really almost done. My skin looks great, I have lost more weight than I thought. I had no idea until I threw on a pair of my tight jeans and had to cinch my belt two more loops. This was something I hadn’t noticed cause I was focused more on my cleansing results. (unfortunately my boobs are smaller too) I have a good energy level and not as grouchy from lack of food. I will definitely do this again next year maybe lengthening the process another week. Hoping my new obsession with cooking will continue and wasn’t just due to not being able to eat. : ) Thanks for everyone’s support!!!

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