Day 1

If you have followed the pre diet instructions, then today will be the 4th day of the master cleanse. But the truth is that this is actually the first day of the actual master cleanse. Whether you have finished the cleanse for the first time, 2nd day or even countless amount of time, the first day of the master cleanse can fill you with mixed emotions.

More often, you will have a surge of motivation that keeps you excited about day 1 hence most likely you will have no trouble doing the cleanse. But if you have no go through the pre diet, you may suddenly have a strong desire to eat as time goes by. Maybe breakfast and lunch is still alright but when it comes to the night time, you will feel the cravings haunting you.

Most people have trouble drinking the salt water flush for the first time, but you must still drink it. If you have trouble drinking it, don't give up because it gets easier every time! Add more water to dilute it if you can't swallow it but makes it harder every time.

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For day 1, you may want to prepare the lemonade in the morning so that you can keep the lemonade fresh. Do take note that after 8 hours, the lemonade may turn bad even if you have kept it in the refrigerator. To the people who have just started, the making of the lemonade can be challenging although it is actually quite easy. But with close instructions on the internet, you should have no trouble making the lemonade.

To those who just embark on the 1st day of the master cleanse, we wish you good luck and congratulation that you embark on the journey to cleanse your body.

Do post your experience in the comment section to help everyone with the cleanse.

245 Responses to Day 1

  1. Shannon says:

    Can anyone tell me where they went to get all the infomation in one place to begin this process? With each website I read I learn more and more. Also, what side effects are people experiencing on day 1, day 2 etc so I can prepare myself. Thank you.

  2. Bridget says:

    Hello everyone! Today is day 2 of my mc experience. Day 1 was bad…I was making the lemonade totally wrong (too much pepper) and I only drank 20oz instead of 60 so I’m thinking of making today my day 1. Didnt do the swf yet but am planning to when I get home. I didn’t think I had to do it everyday though. I’m reading conflicting posts. One says to do it daily and another says to do it on certain days. Clarity anybody? I wish you all the best of luck!!

  3. TRACY says:

    My only complaint is Im cold all the time, whats up with that?

  4. Neal says:

    Today is day one for me and I feel pretty good, but I’m nervous about when I get home tonight. That will be my real test!

  5. marina bell says:

    today is day 1 for me, I am mentally prepared but super nervous about cooking dinner…I am a taste as you go along kind of gal. Anyway wish me luck !

  6. Natasha says:

    Hello Everyone I am on day 15 and this is the hardest thing I had to do. I started this cleanse because of an health isssue. I started at 174.3 I am now 158.3 and my blood pressure started at 159/102 and now it is 114/69. I feel much better but I am trying to make it for 30 days. So to all of you, hang in there and I hope you get what you need out of it.

    • lynn says:

      what is the PRE-Cleanse. I see it mentioned that it is important to do, but i don’t see what it is. (post-cleanse is defined)

  7. Tana says:

    First day so far isn’t bad. I drank the tea last night before bed and had crazy poo in the morning but felt fine after it was out of my system. The salt water flush was very easy for me. I found Morton fine sea salt without iodine. I took about 32 oz of distilled water, added the salt, and warmed it in a pan until the salt disolved. It actually tasted decent. I couldn’t find Grade B maple syrup so I bought Molasses. It tastes terrible! I am going to another store to find the syrup tonight. Also, a note to others: the reason why you drink the lemonade is to give your body some nourishment so make sure you drink enough of it. If it tastes bad just make a small shot with the cayenne pepper and then drink the lemonade afterwards. I don’t think you can do this with the salt water flush though. I think the point of the flush is to let the salt clean your whole system. The slow pour down your esophagus is good.

  8. Kimber says:

    Hello, Everyone that has Started the MC today. I just want everyone two know that today was my first day also. I just came back from runing 1mile tonight just to get the hunger off my mind. I just need the support to keep me going so I just try to do something to keep me focus. I know day 2 is going to be hard but I will keep gpoing hope eveyone can stay on track as well. Good Luck

  9. Brittany says:

    Day one is coming to a close, it wasn’t that bad today. It could be because I’m mad hype about the outcome of the whole experience. I didn’t have too many cravings today, which is good. The lemonade satiates my hunger pangs, but nothing close to what food does (obviously). The SWF is the WORST, but hey… it is what it is. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to drink the whole thing.

  10. FirstTime says:

    Well this is my first time. I really am glad I dont have to eat, it has been getting out of control. I hope this gives me more energy and flattens my stomach a little.

  11. Mel says:

    Most of the day through day one. Its 4:30 pm and I’ve already had 6 glasses of lemonade and numerous cups of herbal tea. I’m not really hungry, but I am craving eating. I am not usually a big eater, I am vegatarian and usually have a pretty light and healthy diet. I am doing this cleasnse for mental and spiritual benefits as much as physical. I went through a really stressful time and feel that it messed up my body. I need to shed the physical and emotional excess that built up.
    The worst thing right now, besides craving the act of eating and lattes, is the COLD. I am sooo cold. Has anyone else had this issue and how do you deal with it??? It also doesn’t help that it is the dead of winter in a very snowy place.

    • Cara says:

      Today is my first day as well and I am freezing. I work as a teacher and have been slightly more tired than normal, but the strange thing has been the cold. My co-workers are walking around in sleeveless tops and pants while I have on my winter coat!

    • realtorbjs says:

      Mel, I too was so cold on day one, had a bad headache all afternoon too. I finally got in my HOT TUB for 5 min, Fixed me right up, felt warm for hours and banished my headache. Have a cup of hot herbal tea w/ 1 T Maple Syrip. Feel so much better, not hungry at all. Slept deep restful first night. Cold means Body is stuggling to balance itself to the change and getting ready to release toxins. Hang in there! I am on day 2,

  12. christine says:

    Just finished day 1 of the master cleanse. Thought about food all day. I have recently started again stuffing my face with lots and lots of carbs so much so that I am doing this to cleanse out my system and get rid of my food addiction. I only weigh 9 stone but with such a tiny frame is all on the bottom and thights. So I want to go back to my pre pregnancy weight of 8 stone.

  13. mika says:

    Today is my first day and first time on the master cleanse. I work as a baker and the temptations are all around me. I started at 5am. It is now 4:20. Tempted to eat, but so far holding strong. Im gonna have some more lemonade. I want to feel more energy and detox. I could use a loss of some weight as well.

  14. James says:

    I have completed my first day. The whole day I was drained of energy with a slight headache. Nighttime was the worst until I threw up. After that everything seemed fine. I slept great and woke up on day 2 with energy and feeling fine. Not really craving food at this point but already tired of the “lemonade”. I am going to try to cut back on the syrup, but mostly have to force myself to drink it.

  15. Pam says:

    Day 1 for me, did the SWC this a.m and now having my cup of lemonade tea. I did this 1 year ago for 10 days, and it was hard but I remember feeling so good after, and getting comments that my skin looked so bright and clear. This time I’m not feeling as much self control as last year, and was tempted to have breakfast with my kids this morning -but I didn’t.

  16. Ed says:

    I didn’t see a pre-day one, so here it go’s. Since gelatin capsules are considered food, I was thinking of filling a cube tray half way,freezing, putting in the cyan pepper,filling with water, then freezing. taking a cyan ice cube with each drink.
    Q. Is the salt water to be taken each morning through out the 10 days?

    • Pam says:

      yes, the SWF is for each morning

    • Coral says:

      I read in Woosley’s book THE MASTER CLEANSE that you dont’ have to do the SWF every day. You do in on day 1, then day 4 or 5, then on day 7 or 8. He recommends doing it at least three times. Then on the mornings that you don’t do the SWF, drink some senna tea instead. Then wait one hour before you begin drinking your lemonade.

  17. Tasha says:

    Hi everybody! This is my 1st time and 1st day attempting the MC. My goal is to feel healthier and have increased energy, (won’t complain about any shed pounds though). I got through the SWF and laxative tea this a.m. and have had 6 cups of the lemonade and several glasses of water so far today. Feeling pretty hungry now, 7:30 p.m. It was tough watching my hubby and kiddos eating dinner. I love cooking and eating, and really want to cheat about now, but trying to stay strong. I feel the above commenter…can we eat any raw fruits or veggies? I’ve heard the 1st few days are the worst, so I figure if I can get through Sunday, I’ll be straight. Any advice is much appreciated! And good luck to everyone!

  18. Timeeka says:

    Hello all my day 1 has come to a close. I’m trying to go for 15 plus days. This is not my 1st time, but the last time my mynd wasnt ready and I quit as soon as my boss order pizza! the very 1st time was 3 years ago and I succeed I lost over 20lbs and my skin was so clear, but due to a DIF I let myself go. I have never did SWFm I will expiernce it on day 5 so wish me luck. I feel Saturday will be my worst day I dont get a break for 5 hours. Wish me luck

  19. crystal says:

    hey starting my 1st day tomoro…i have taken my smooth smoove…i dont know about the SWF but hopefully i can stick wit it.
    do anybody know if its ok to use purified bottled water?
    please help!

  20. Vivi says:

    Today is Day 1. Very challenging not to eat (gona need a lotta support there!) I’ve had 2 glasses of the tea today as well as two glasses of water. Hunger comes back rather quickly!!!! Has anyone tried the raw foods with this? would eating fruits n raw veggies be considered cheating?

    • Dana says:

      YES-that’s cheating. Dring more of the lemonade. Hang in there! You CAN do it. The first few days are gonna be the hardest. Keep yourself busy and go to bed early.

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