Day 1

If you have followed the pre diet instructions, then today will be the 4th day of the master cleanse. But the truth is that this is actually the first day of the actual master cleanse. Whether you have finished the cleanse for the first time, 2nd day or even countless amount of time, the first day of the master cleanse can fill you with mixed emotions.

More often, you will have a surge of motivation that keeps you excited about day 1 hence most likely you will have no trouble doing the cleanse. But if you have no go through the pre diet, you may suddenly have a strong desire to eat as time goes by. Maybe breakfast and lunch is still alright but when it comes to the night time, you will feel the cravings haunting you.

Most people have trouble drinking the salt water flush for the first time, but you must still drink it. If you have trouble drinking it, don't give up because it gets easier every time! Add more water to dilute it if you can't swallow it but makes it harder every time.

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For day 1, you may want to prepare the lemonade in the morning so that you can keep the lemonade fresh. Do take note that after 8 hours, the lemonade may turn bad even if you have kept it in the refrigerator. To the people who have just started, the making of the lemonade can be challenging although it is actually quite easy. But with close instructions on the internet, you should have no trouble making the lemonade.

To those who just embark on the 1st day of the master cleanse, we wish you good luck and congratulation that you embark on the journey to cleanse your body.

Do post your experience in the comment section to help everyone with the cleanse.

245 Responses to Day 1

  1. Jojo says:

    Well I’m starting day one tomorrow this website has helped me in the past I’m hoping it will help me again. I’ve been procrastinating about doing this cleanse again I’ve done it before I lost 15 pounds in just 14 days. Kept it off for two years and then just went crazy this last six months not eating right sweets way too many carbs. So I’m doing this cleanse to rid myself of the cravings for sugar and carbs lose that 15 pounds again. I can’t wear any of my clothes I’m so bummed I’m going to do this!

  2. Gita says:

    I’ve been doing this cleanse for 6-7 years doing it about once a year. I absolutely swear by it. But not because of the weight loss it provides, but for the health benefits. It cleans not only the colon but your other organs too. Our colon is a filtration system that clears out toxins from our bodies. Now, because we eat processed food, even when we don’t mean to, our bodies cannot digest it because of its foreign nature. It turns into a gum like substance that clogs up the little filtration holes of our colon and also attaches itself to the lining of our organs. This makes it very difficult for toxins to leave your body. Its like poisoning yourself slowly every day. The master cleanse clears that right up and your body performs its natural functions with ease. I can’t wait for how good imma feel after this cleanse!! First day here we go!

  3. MzDee1366 says:

    Oh yes, I must share that for 3 days I actually did the lemonade diet…….it was me drinking lots of H20 and lemon water…… I ate fruit and vegetables for dinner. I was told my several acquaintances that they could tell I had lost weight. I actually felt it in my stomach area. I am a lover of GREEN TEA and I must confess, being a caregiver for a love one and having to fix their food makes this hard. But I am determine to stick with it.

  4. Paulina says:

    I just finished day one….surprisingly not as hard as I thought it would be….I just have a question if I need to take any medicine can I take it or it’s not allowed to take anything other than the lemonade? Thank u.

  5. naiomi says:

    today is day 1 for me. Just started drinking my SWF while im typing this…its not AS bad as i thought it was going to be :D so i know i can pull through for 10 days, cant wait to drink my lemonade after this…i’ll wait for about 10 minutes until i drink my lemonade :D good luck to you all!!

  6. cherry says:

    Hello, started my mastercleanse today,so far its been good, i have just had 20oz of lemonade,and the master cleanse recipe said atleast 60oz this is due to the fact that i hate to drinking anything atall, i hope this isnt going to affect the programme, and i couldnt get the grade B maple syrup so i got maple syrup from holland and barretts.

  7. kym says:

    im starting my cleanse tomorrow…trying to lose the extra 50lbs i put on since the birth of my youngest kids in 2008 and 2009…hope i can breeze through the 10 days quickly and then we;ll see how much longer i can stay on …but i know i have to make it through day one…

  8. lissa says:

    Hello lady´s i think the master cleans in the best among everydiet on this planate. i am so excited this is the second week i am trying to do the master clean i did not really loose much for the first time i did it ,but i manage to loose just five kolo´s that was to smell for me today i hve lost 15 pound i am very excited keep on trying,never be discourage it is for your own goog.I wish you all the best

  9. Deborah says:

    advice and Comments : I use 80 Oz of water , 1 Cup of Syrup , I Cup of fresh Lemon Juice and a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper ,PLEASE Bring wipes and be careful if you feel you are about to pass gas…not regular gas people Crap will literally come out , Drink water , Lots of Water , also a Jacket , the first few days you get cold , Its Normal , if you get hungry DRINK WATER , Drink your lemonade , stop thinking about food , that Cake or Burger you are dreaming about {YOU ALREADY eaten a YEAR AGO, A MONTH AGO } you have tasted it, you know how it feels , however you are getting out your system the crap that left behind so , Stop worry about food , this is temporarily , This is Good for you…Keep it up , One day at the time . Make sure you are alone in the Bathroom LOL…HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE WHITE CHICKS? It’s just like that LOL

  10. Deborah says:

    Today is day # 1 for me , I had my Tea last night , another one this Morning , I have done this in the past but I don’t use the Salt water , I only drink the Tea , it works the same only takes longer to go and That’s Fine with me , I made myself the lemonade and for Breakfast green tea , hot tea , lemon and the maple syrup to add the sweet , it was better than coffee , it felt better , I’m drinking my Lemonade and lots of Water , Today is going Ok, not very Hungry so Far… maybe because I know what to expect or because I’m in an office with not food next to me , the truth is that I’ve been tired for a while , I’m 34 Years old , 176 Lbs lost a bunch of weight 2 years ago from 258 Lbs on 7/2009 to 176 Lbs On 7/2011 but Honestly the past year I let myself go , bad eating , not working out , dated a nice but wrong man for me { Not much in Common} and this is like a new start for me , I’m cleansing my system, my soul and putting my heart bad together somehow , I’m quitting smoking too , Done with it , I got kids and I want to be here for them , It will not be an easy ride but at the end will be Worth it . So Good Luck and May God be with me and Give me the strength I need not to fall down.

  11. karla says:

    I am starting the cleanse on Sunday night, I am excited but scared of all the nasty taste plus I love food. p.s. I’m married to a chef so this will be difficult :(

  12. Faith R says:

    I’m starting my cleanse tonight with the greentea…I suppose I’ll drink 2 cups & Saltwater flush in the morning. I wish everyone blessing & success on there journey’s. We are victorious!!!

  13. Linda S. says:

    Question: How soon after the SWF do I start drinking the lemonade? Do I wait for it to “take effect” first?

  14. Linda S. says:

    I just started today -with no easing into – BUT I drank the SWF with cool water and THEN reread and found out it was supposed to be with warm water. I still hope it works as I think if I drink warm salt water I will throw up. I almost felt like throwing up with the cool water SWF. let’s wait and see…

  15. Jo-Ann says:

    Today is my first of the master cleanse. I started the morning with a glass of laxative tea because I need to get use to the salt water flush. I will try it tomorrow.I purchased the purified water instead of distilled (on my way to market after I post) I am a little nervous because I might feel tempted to eat if I get hungry later in the day. I’ll be strong!!! Here I go!!

  16. sherry says:

    Day 3
    No problem so far with hunger! The lemonade does its job….plus..i think the real reason i’m not having a problem was eating is the preperation prior to starting the cleanse…just in case anyone is wondering what that was..i got the yellow phamplett called The Master Cleanser by Dr. Burroughs, read it at least 4 times, along with printing all i could from the internet on the master cleanse. Im still doing this! I had no headaches today. No other side effects either! This may be due to healthy eating (for the most part) prior to the cleanse. I really look forward to the lemonade..escpecially the cayenne pepper! I think i finally got the SWF down to where i can tolerate it..heres what i did…i took 16oz. of warm water, added 2 tsp. of sea salt…then i got bottle of cold water on the side…i use a straw (its easier for me), i also have a pkg of Ramen Noodles that i keep my eyes on at all times while drinking…then i took about 1/8 tsp salt and put it in my hand…i put it on my tongue (yuk)..then i started drinking the salt water..(which was not near as salty as what i put on my tongue)..i never stopped till the salt water was gone..then i drank the cold water..YUMMY! SWF done successfully! no problem at all!
    Day 3 successful!

  17. sherry says:

    No problem with hunger today. I know that is because i was so mentally prepared for this…that i dont struggle with this. Yes, again…food still smells and looks good..but thats where it stopped! The lemonade is still delicious! (Go cayenne)! I did have a slight headache throughout the day into the evening too. No biggy! The SWF was a bit trying. I made it a bit stronger than day 1. My gag reflex just about started..but i was succesful at stopping it. Whew! Successful Day 2!

  18. Raul says:

    I tryed the cleanse, without the salt, for 4 days. To my supprise I lost eleven pounds. That was two weeks ago, I gaine 3 lbs back when I went off it( and that’s ok). Two weeks later, weight remains the same. I’m ready to try it with the salt and go at least 7 to 10 days may be even finsh.

  19. Charlotte says:

    I am once again starting this cleanse I stepped on the scale and saw a number that buckled my kness 196.8 lbs I have never been this weight in my life, my mind is made up that I will see this through to the very end, time to make a change

  20. Tee says:

    I am just winding down on Day 1. I felt that a Sunday would be a good day to start because I work Monday through Friday and didn’t want to “feel my way around” the cleanse at work. Well, I’m glad I did. I officially started at midnight by drinking Smooth Move Tea, and when I didn’t have a BM this morning I did the SWF. Oh my gosh, it worked and worked FAST. The thing was it wasn’t uncomfortable, but I am glad that I didn’t experience it at work.

    Funnily enough I enjoy the lemonade, lol. Perhaps it’s because I read so much about how it tasted horrible, but I really look forward to drinking it. I’ve had about 8 eight oz. glasses today along with lots of water. I did drink some flavored herbal tea but I simply didn’t enjoy it; I think it’s because I’m so used to having it with Sweet N’ Low.

    I did notice one thing, though: the recipe says to use 2 tbsps of fresh lemon juice (about half a lemon), but the half a lemon barely yielded a tbsp so I used an entire lemon. I do hope that isn’t too much :( . I enjoy the cayenne, too. I bought cool cayenne pills anticipating I wouldn’t be able to handle the cayenne but I love the taste, lol.

    So, my Day 1 side effects so far:
    - Lots of urinating
    - (This is going to sound horribly gross so I apologize, but) everytime I urinate I urinate from the other side, too. Yes, I am peeing out my butt ever since this morning’s SWF, so I am afraid to do it tomorrow. I don’t want to have an “episode” at work.
    - I have a strange ache in my right side, right under my rib cage. Really not sure what’s up with that but I did read during my research that aches and pains can be normal during the cleanse.
    - My tongue is already white. It’s shocking. I’m committed to doing the full 10-day cleanse, but am considering prolonging it until my tongue turns pink (if it doesn’t before the end of the cleanse).
    - There is food everywhere, lol. But I mentally prepared myself for this so it’s okay.

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