Day 1

If you have followed the pre diet instructions, then today will be the 4th day of the master cleanse. But the truth is that this is actually the first day of the actual master cleanse. Whether you have finished the cleanse for the first time, 2nd day or even countless amount of time, the first day of the master cleanse can fill you with mixed emotions.

More often, you will have a surge of motivation that keeps you excited about day 1 hence most likely you will have no trouble doing the cleanse. But if you have no go through the pre diet, you may suddenly have a strong desire to eat as time goes by. Maybe breakfast and lunch is still alright but when it comes to the night time, you will feel the cravings haunting you.

Most people have trouble drinking the salt water flush for the first time, but you must still drink it. If you have trouble drinking it, don't give up because it gets easier every time! Add more water to dilute it if you can't swallow it but makes it harder every time.

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For day 1, you may want to prepare the lemonade in the morning so that you can keep the lemonade fresh. Do take note that after 8 hours, the lemonade may turn bad even if you have kept it in the refrigerator. To the people who have just started, the making of the lemonade can be challenging although it is actually quite easy. But with close instructions on the internet, you should have no trouble making the lemonade.

To those who just embark on the 1st day of the master cleanse, we wish you good luck and congratulation that you embark on the journey to cleanse your body.

Do post your experience in the comment section to help everyone with the cleanse.

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  1. Jojo
    1041 days ago

    Okay, so I’m at the end of day one it’s 1030 and I am so glad !I didn’t cheat at all! Because I’ve done this before I know that day two and three sometimes four are usually tough for me but I’m going to power through it because I know the end results are amazing!!

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