Master Cleanse Journal

We want to help you keep a record of what you have experience and also help everyone who is starting out the Master Cleanse. All you need to do is if you are on the Master Cleanse, go to each day and share what you feel and your experience for the day.

Write about 100 words on the symptoms you experience, the amount of weight you lose and how you feel for the day.

The Master Cleanse Journal provides a forum for all to share our experience, keep track on it and set higher goals for ourselves.

In order for everyone to benefit more from the comments, gain more insights, we would request you to have a more structured, chronological commenting on this site itself.

Let us share with you some of the comments people faced on a daily basis of the 10 days Master Cleanse. We will also constantly improve on this journal and hopefully it will help you when you need help.

Day 1

Nothing much for the first day but you can take down some measurements like how much lemons to make the lemonade, how does the cayenne pepper tastes with the lemonade, and how much lemonade mixture should you make in the morning so you can drink for the whole day or before it turns bad.

You should also take the salt water flush or the laxative tea and see which one do you actually prefer.

Day 2

Usually one would feel terrible because of the previous day salt water flush. Some may also experience headache, flu or other symptoms. Hunger may start to set in..

Day 3

You will get used to the salt water flush. You may even feel more hungry today. If you are tracking your own weight, you may find that you are losing weight.

Day 4

Today you may find that a lot of the wastes being eliminated – can be as long as 1 metre long.

Day 5

Unlike day 3-4, day 5 can consider easier compared to day 3-4.

Day 6

You may experience other symptoms today like flu, sneezing, coughing, headaches, rashes etc. But don’t worry, it’s part of the process.

Day 7

The tea may be giving you a lot of trouble and with 7 days of laxative tea, you may feel worse.

Day 8

Last 2 days of the cleanse. You must hang In there. The book said that you may even stink today. Perhaps you can do some light exercises.

Day 9

Another run of gross, disgusting toxins coming out from your colons.

Day 10

Last day of Master cleanse. You may feel huge cravings on the Master Cleanse.

Day 11 – Post dieting

You can drink soups and fruit juices. But don’t get those that are too sweet. You will get headaches if you drink soups that are too sweet. It would be better if you cook your own soup.

Day 12 – Post dieting

Don’t go back to your normal diet too much. Best to keep to fruits, vegetables and soup.

Day 13 – Post dieting

Last day of easing off. Do keep track of your own weight because to ensure that your metabolism level returns to your normal level. You may want to extend the days for your easing off.

That’s all for the whole master cleanse journal. Do write your journals in each days of the master cleanse journal.

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  1. Diona
    1624 days ago

    Just ended day one of the cleanse. I started with 2 days of easing in and really felt it helped with the psychological adjustment. Already I notice how much I ate when I wasn’t even hungry. I have been hungry at all today and drank a total of 7 glasses. I also did a cardio workout without feeling weak or exhausted. My main obstacle today was turning away from the pantry full of food and the funnel cake stand at the pumpkin patch. Fleeting thoughts of tackeling my 3 year old for a chicken nugget threatened to undo me. I got through by remembering that 1. I am NOT hungy 2. I want to be a healthier me and 3. I CAN do this!

  2. Jennifer
    1842 days ago

    I had intended to start the cleanse today but then came down with bronchitis and was worried about the effects of the cleanse with my antibiotics. I have been fasting today anyway though as I haven’t felt well and just mixed up a glass of the lemonade to try. Its suprisingly tasty and the cayenne pepper unstuffed my nose a bit!
    Anyway, I intend to stick to just drinking a few more glasses of the lemonade today as I feel I need to and starting the cleanse routine tomorrow.

  3. Molly
    1924 days ago

    Today is my first day and I am excited to start. I normally don’t last long on diets and i am hopeing this time is different.

  4. Megan
    2138 days ago

    This is my first time trying the master cleanse. I was 15 at the time, I’m sixteen now. I felt great. Although I cheated some. I ate a salad and grilled cheese a few days of the time period. When I ate I would just drink more lemonade then I usually did and I still lost just as much weight. I lost two pounds a day. ending up loosing 30 pounds in two weeks. Then when I got back from vacation, everyone noticed and I felt great. I’m doing it again this summer.

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