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The Master Cleanse, widely known as the Lemonade Diet, is a detoxification diet which can help you to detoxify your body and cleanse your years of waste stuck in your body. Although Master Cleanse diet main purpose is not the weight losing effect, many celebrities like Beyonce, Ashanti, and many more have used this diet to lose weight. Weight loss is known as a side effect of Master Cleanse.

Before we go on, let’s take a look at the ingredients needed. In essence, you would need lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and distilled water. You can then either get sea salt or laxative tea.

Organic Lemons – You would need organic lemons because organic lemons does not have any pesticides or artificial fertilizers in it. Some suggested you can use Limes as well, but we would say it is best to use lemons because limes have different health properties.

Distilled water – You would need distilled water because normal tap water contains a lot of impurities. The clean tap water would contain chemicals like fluorine which is harmful for the body. Mineral water too contain a lot of impurities and you do not want that when you are on the master cleanse diet as it would interfere with the cleanse. The best thing you can do is to buy the distilled water straight from the shelf of the supermarket or you can installed a water filter in your house that can provide you with distilled water every time.

Maple syrup – You would need Grade B Organic maple syrup. Unlike the Grade A maple syrup we use on our table top, Grade B is different from that of Grade A. For people living in different countries and are unable to find the right ingredients, organic maple syrup is just the correct ingredients for the Master Cleanse.

The Cayenne Pepper Powder – You may want to get the cayenne pepper powder as it is more effective than other forms. This is one of the most powerful herbs in the world as it can help to revive a person from heart attack. Besides that, you will have an increase of blood flow and it will simulate your immune system in your body.

Organic sea salt or the laxative tea – Doing this will help you flush your internal toxins at a higher speed. If not, you will have difficulties having movements. Sometimes, most people would feel that the organic sea salt flush is too powerful for them and would require a less powerful flush like using the laxative tea.

We have gone through the ingredients you would need for the Master Cleanse. Hurry and buy the ingredients so you can get started immediately!

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  1. Tricia
    1137 days ago

    If I couldn’t find GRADE B SYRUP, will grade A still be ok? Also, I’m getting a way late start on the diet, but if I start it 8/22 and have a wedding to go to the 31st, should I just wait to start it? I also have a wedding Sept, 14th, should I just start it after the first one?

  2. Dana N
    2043 days ago

    I have tried the cleanse twice and will begin a third time tomorrow. The lemon tree is over-producing! First time, I made it seven days and started getting a cold and stopped. I read later that on day 7, the toxins can congest you as they are released. So, I did not have to stop the cleanse when the benefits were just starting. The second time, I made the full ten days and felt fabulous even with the day 7 congestion. I continued only two more days with orange juice only and then broth. Beware: I planned the two week cleanse around my monthly cycle wrong or something because my hormones got thrown off and I had to see the doctor the following month for irregular bleeding. So I recommend not trying the diet during the first two weeks of your cycle or else you may not ovulate and cause irregular bleeding. Your body goes into a slight starvation mode from the cleanse and changes things in females. FYI

  3. Renee
    2053 days ago

    So do the “lemonade diet” pills in my local Vitamin Store work as well or the same as the natural ingredients? i love this cleanse but to be honest I am over making the “lemonade”…

    • Steven
      2013 days ago

      I doubt that! Any shortcut is usually not good at all……..

  4. Raena
    2193 days ago

    Hi i just wanna ask how many cayenne pepper in a day should i take and this MC single serving are good every hours in just 8 hours period? Thanks so much

    • shae
      2085 days ago

      Honey i would relly like to help you but i can’t understand your question. please proofread and resend.

  5. Mary
    2270 days ago

    May I use agave sweetner [organic] instead of maple syrup?

    • Steven
      2013 days ago

      No! You must use only pure maple grade A or B or molasses…..nothing else.

  6. Kathy
    2271 days ago

    Can I use honey instead of organic maple syrup, Can I also use filterd water and red hot pepper.
    To start the DETOX.

    • Steven
      2013 days ago

      No honey ever! It is not good to eat very much honey actually …..Read the MC yellow book and see what the Dr says there about honey internally….

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