Master Cleanse Common Mistakes

The Master Cleanse, created by Stanley Burroughs, is one of today’s most popular detoxification and weight loss diet that people from all walks of like try their hands on – from celebrities to common folks. It goes without saying that the reason it has become so popular is it works. The Master Cleanse is an effective means of getting rid of toxins in the body, with an added weight loss effect.

But if you are planning to try the Master Cleanse, be wary of where and how you will get information regarding its proper procedure. You have to make sure you get all of the details accurately, and from reliable sources – from the ingredients, to maintaining the diet. Of course the internet makes information about the Master Cleanse readily available. There are many websites offering tips and secrets to this very popular diet. However, are you sure you are getting the right information?

Many people have tried the Master Cleanse. Some of them were successful and enjoyed the amazing results the diet promises for you to achieve, while others fail big time even only after a few days into the diet. Now, let us focus on those who failed on the Master Cleanse, and the possible reasons behind it. This way, you will be guided accordingly should you try your hands at the diet.

As with any other existing detoxification and diet methods out there, it is very important that you do the Master Cleanse the right way. Doing the Master Cleanse in the approved manner will guarantee success. Below are the slip-ups commonly done by people who failed on the Master Cleanse, for you to avoid committing them yourself.

Mistake #1: Not flushing the system daily

There is a reason why the sea-salt mixture or laxative tea is utilized in the Master Cleanse, and this reason is to flush toxins out of your body. Some people might cringe at the thought of having to flush out their system daily, thinking it is dangerous. But it’s not. It is safe and necessary to make elimination of toxins in the body more effective.

Mistake #2: Not using the recommended ingredients

The Master Cleanse requires you to use freshly squeezed organic lemon juice each time. Steer clear of powdered or bottled lemon juices for they are processed – meaning added toxins such as preservatives, food coloring and artificial sweeteners. What good is flushing out accumulated toxins in the body when the juice you are using to do so contains the toxins themselves? Also, the Master Cleanse requires you to use high-grade and all-natural maple syrup for flavoring and nourishment.

Mistake #3: Not doing the diet for 10 straight days

Make sure you got all the necessary ingredients for the Master Cleanse good for 10 straight days. Never skip a day, for even one day of not following the diet accordingly will render the Master Cleanse ineffective.

Mistake #4: Not fighting off temptations to cheat

While on the Master Cleanse, keep your willpower up at all times. Never give in to temptations. The Master Cleanse will require you to not consume any other food items, save for the lemonade juice. Stay away from the kitchen table; better yet, take out all of the temptations out of the house while you are on the diet. Even nutritional supplements are a no-no.

Mistake #5: Not listening to your body

If at any time during the diet you really feel you could no longer go on, then quit. There is always a next time. Do not push your body to the limit; make sure you are ready for the Master Cleanse even before embarking on the diet.

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  1. Lisa
    2156 days ago

    Hi, I’m about to start the master cleanse, i have everything and am all prepared, however i’m wondering if people who have done this, or are doing it now – whether they are able to go to work? I’ve read that you should do the salt flush in the morning but then be prepared to use the toilet for the next 90 minutes or so… how do people manage this with work and other commitments? I have read a lot of the above but no one really talks about whether they can maintain a normal daily routine on this cleanse?

    • admin
      2156 days ago

      @Lisa : People have been doing their normal routine while on the cleanse. They work, exercise, play, go out with friends, and carrying all of their daily activities without much of a problem. If you read carefully, you will realize so. In fact, you would need to plan your activities well to distract you of the hunger cravings.

  2. maggie
    2207 days ago

    I am frustrated, I’m on day 7 and got poor information from a resource I have about cleansing. I’ve only done the flush once because my resource did not say it was necessary. By the way, the first 3 days were the hardest , but I have done fasts for that long so it was fairly easily achievable. Day 4-6 were easy as far as hunger, but with a family and a 6yr old bday party to plan looking at food is difficult sometimes. I’m pretty sure I can make it to day 10, but now after reading that if not followed exactly the cleanse is ineffective should I stop? agh!

  3. Heather
    2212 days ago

    I’m on day 4 and feeling good – my last BM was clear with bits in it! not sure how normal that is but it feels reasuring. Haven’t cheated at all and feeling quite good. Salt water flush – is this only in the morning??? I have been taking the laxative tea at night time.

  4. JCor
    2213 days ago

    Can I drink plain water also?

  5. BobbI Jo
    2254 days ago

    I’m on day 4 and feel great. I haven’t had the urge to eat once!! I waitress and I’m around food constantly, it’s crazy I don’t want to eat. I’ve been wanting to detox for a long time, guess I was finally ready. I’m wondering about my morning movement…? It’s pure liquid, I was thinking more would be coming out in substance. Is this normal? I thought there were pockets up in my intestines that were holding old waste?

  6. Amanda
    2255 days ago

    I am on day 2 of the SWF and have just had raw cummber today on its own – can i still continue with the diet as schedule…i have been doing everything till now…wld hate to give up now…???

  7. Nina
    2265 days ago

    Hi, my husband is about to start this cleanse in a couple of days. We are wondering if he should discontinue his blood pressure medication?

    Thanks for your site and your advice.

  8. Jessica
    2271 days ago

    I’m about to start the cleanse for the first time. The only thing i’m worried about is that I am a smoker, would this have an adverse effect on the outcomes?

    • admin
      2270 days ago


      There’s no problem for the cleanse even if you are a smoker. In fact, it’s better for you to do the cleanse if you are a smoker as it would help you detoxify as well.

  9. Jessi
    2274 days ago

    I’m on day 5 and I lost good the first 2 days and the last 3 have been so discouraging. I really haven’t lost anything but ounces. I’m not cheating, I’m flushing every day and drinking the drink. Any suggestions??

    • admin
      2274 days ago


      don’t get too anxious about losing weight in the cleanse. Let nature takes its course – different people would lose weight at a different rate. But cleansing your body is the main aspect for the master cleanse.

  10. Tina
    2296 days ago

    @all I’m on day 6 and I feel great! I went from 231 to 222. I plan to continue for 21 days. I’m experiencing menstral cramps and was wondering is it ok to take pain killers while on the master cleanse?

    • admin
      2295 days ago

      @Tina : Hey Tina, it’s best not to take pain killers as from the original master cleanse, it says any form of supplements and medications not directed by the doctors should be avoided.

  11. Cricket
    2309 days ago

    I am a dancer and have a very active lifestyle. I am on day 2 and I am feeling weak and dizzy… My girlfriend says that I look very pale and that I should not continue. I have to work today am worried about the possibility of falling during an important dance number. In my work I have no room for mistakes and calling in sick is not an option. Should I cheat????

    • admin
      2309 days ago

      @Cricket : I think because of your dance, it is that you should just stop the cleanse for this period of time. Maybe you could choose a better timing in the future without any important events in your schedule.

  12. Vin
    2319 days ago


    While I find the cayenne pepper helpful and essential to the fast I’ve recommended people lessen it to taste in order to do the fast with still great results.

    Also in terms of working out my advice is if you have a normal workout routine then you should be fine doing it. As a waiter I run around all day at work and find I generally have MORE energy and feel better when fasting. Drink lots of water, drink lemonade as needed. If you don’t normally workout then I do not recommend it. Take things one step at a time and don’t overburden your body.

  13. sarah
    2326 days ago

    @Emma: I honestly am still puzzled myself as to why/how the cayenne pepper caused my acid reflux. Perhaps I should lighten up on it the next time around? I used regular ole’ cayenne pepper not organic. The first 2 days were pretty hard. I did feel hungry at times to the point where my head would hurt so bad that I couldn’t even stand up. I really started feeling the withdrawal symptoms from food but once I really set my mind to it I got pass that phase and progressed to my third day when I was hit by a major roadblock. Acid reflux! I really wanna give it another shot and see how well I can do.

  14. Emma
    2327 days ago

    @sarah : It’s weird that your doctor has associated the cayenne pepper with flaring up your digestive system causing the acid reflux. Cayenne pepper is supposed to help your body in the first place. Did u use organic cayenne pepper? how’s your first and 2nd day for that cleanse you did last year?

    You could do some light workout but usually few people have the energy to do workout.

  15. sarah
    2328 days ago

    @all I’ve tried the master cleanse about a year ago and after 3 days was rushed to the hosiptal as I had terrible chest pains. Come to find out those chest pains were acid reflux and gastroencitis. My doctor informed me that the cayenne pepper caused my who digestive system to flare up causing the acid relux and gastroencitis. My question is I’d love to give it another shot, however, when I do should I substitute cayenne pepper with a liquid form of cayenne pepper or should I lesson the amount of cayenne pepper I use? Also, is working out a good idea when doing the master cleanse?

  16. matt
    2350 days ago

    I am on methadone and I was wondering if that would interfear with the mastercleanse diet. The methadone makes me really constipated so just wondering if anybody has ran into this situation before. Thanks, Matt

    • admin
      2349 days ago

      @matt : I’ve not heard about methadone but if it’s instructed by the doctor, it’s better to ask your doctor about it. But if you are on the master cleanse diet, with the salt water flush and the laxative tea, you should be able to eliminate.

  17. Susan
    2371 days ago

    2 weeks ago, i was diagnosed with peptic esophagitis and put on nexium 40mg (two times daily) to reduce the stomach acid. In addition, I was told that my gall bladder is full of stones. I do not like taking the nexium and I am very interested in doing this cleanse as i generally feel unwell. Is this cleanse safe for me? and should i continue to take the nexium while doing the cleanse. Thanks so much

    • admin
      2371 days ago

      @susan : I dun think anyone can advice you on this other than your doctor. Maybe you can consult your doctor before you start on the cleanse.

  18. Roxy
    2392 days ago

    I tried the master cleanse for 8 days but had to quit as I was getting tired of drinking the same thing over and over, but i must admit I did feel alot better while I was on it, as I have acid reflux disease very badly, now that I am off of it I cannot seem to get back on, I don’t know why not, please help me…

  19. Tom
    2478 days ago

    I just completed 14 days on the master cleanse. I followed a simple recipe using Grade B Maple Syrup and organic lemon juice or organic lemons. It worked well for me.

  20. Karen
    2515 days ago

    Hi, One year ago I tried to do the master cleanse diet but at my 5 day my stomach start to hurt very bad. I have colitis, I want to try it again but I do not know if the master cleanse is bad for me. Thank you

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