Master Cleanse Insider Book Review

The Master Cleanse diet has been with us since 1941. It was created by Stanley Burroughs and designed in such a way to purge the toxins and metals from the colon. Since then, it has been used worldwide, not only to perform the cleansing, but also for weight loss reasons. Truthfully, one can lose up to 20 pounds, while on the diet.

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Although it was designed by Mr. Burroughs, The Master Cleanse Insider is a book that gives deep insight to anyone who is interested in this cleansing. It informs the reader about the toxins that remain within the different body parts and the way in which to remove them.

It describes how the body works with regards to toxin removal so that the reader gets a better understanding of the functionality and the importance of cleansing. There really is no other information that anyone needs to understand how to successfully complete the cleansing other than The Master Cleanse Insider. What is positive about this book is that it doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It is very clear and concise regarding what one might expect throughout the diet.

It explains in detail how to prepare the solution, when to drink it, etc. the ingredients are clearly listed and are explained as to why they are used in this solution and throughout the cleansing. It tells in detail everything regarding nutritional values of each ingredient, so that everyone may rest assured that they are receiving the proper nutrients throughout the diet.

Everything that is associated with the diet is tackled in this book: from hunger pangs and what to do to control them, to the mental and spiritual preparation, it suggests ways to set your goals and remain focused, to easing into and out of the diet, and everything in between.

It shows you how to go about beginning the diet before even starting. There is preparation involved in weaning the body before the onset of a liquid diet. It even includes some tasty recipes designed to help you ease in to the diet. Later on in the book, there is a step-by-step procedure in how to prepare the lemonade solution.

This is what is great about this book: it tells you in great detail, what kind of symptoms and side effects accompany the Master Cleanse diet. Every symptom and every side effect is discussed.

There is even an entire section dedicated to the frequently asked questions that often arise with the Master Cleanse diet. They are truthful answers to legitimate questions, 27 to be exact.

The book is clear, flowing, and written in a manner that is easily understood by anyone. You can expect to find everything that is related to the Master Cleanse diet addressed in this book, to the point that if you feel anything strange, while on the program, all you need to do is refer to the book. You can rest assured that anything you are feeling or any questions you may have will be answered there.

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