Losing Weight On Master Cleanse

Most people embark on the Master Cleanse after hearing the fact that they can shed extra pounds after the 10 days fast. It is most like because Beyonce first had officially finished the cleanse and share it with everyone on the television. The question here we are going to explore is can we lose weight on this diet?

Fundamentally, Master Cleanse involve the use of organic lemon juice, organic, maple syrup , cayenne pepper and distilled water. The main purpose of the diet is to remove the tons of toxins in the body. The aid of the salt water flush also helps in the bowel movement.

The Master Cleanse is never meant to help one lose weight but rather to help you to cleanse your body and rebalance your body as well as adjusting your metabolic process. Most people can lose around 20 lbs on the diet and most of the time, most of these weight you lose is water weight. But if you take this opportunity to change your lifestyle, you can effectively and healthily lose the weight.

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  1. vianey
    1768 days ago

    well today is my 3 rd day and i can see that i lost 4 pounds i was at 118 and now iam at 114 this is very helpul i encourage everyone to follow the steps of not cheeting , cheeting can cause the stomach to store it. i wish you all the best luck and wish me luck too im not yet through this process yet.

  2. Alysa Kim
    1827 days ago

    I am at the end of day two, and I have already lost about 4lbs! I was 136lb or so last night and tonight I am 131lb. Wow. This is definitely a good push for me to finish the MC!

  3. panaytis
    2042 days ago

    I’m on my 4th day today. I’m feeling ok. But so far I didn’t lose any of my weight. I was expexting to lose at least some. Not sure what is wrong.

    • trish
      2009 days ago

      Hi, I’m in the same boat, I’m on day 4 and have not lost weight. Would love to hear how you got on in the end.

  4. tracy
    2343 days ago

    am starting the cleanser to 2day wish me luck

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