Master Cleanse Preparation

Now, you may be very eager to embark on the cleanse and jump on it straight away after hearing all the good things about the master cleanse. But the truth is it takes more than just drinking the lemonade for the 10 days.

It is a cleanse that requires determination, perseverance and persistence to succeed in the cleanse. In fact, the most important phase during the cleanse is the preparation phase.

You want to succeed in the master cleanse right?

Then you must not underestimate the preparation phase. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Mental preparation -

If you have not done any tough physical workout before, think master cleanse as a tough physical activity like a 10km or a 24km marathon. The difference to a marathon is that you do to train for master cleanse. You need to have strong mental preparations and psyche yourself up for the master cleanse at least 3 days before.

Mark your calender for the day you are planning to start the master cleanse. This will help you set aside a time for master cleanse and not let it occupy by other activities.

Most people who skipped this step started the cleanse abruptly. And when they started the cleanse abruptly, they made a lot of mistakes like forgotten to buy sufficient ingredients, set the house up to help yourself stay away from foods, fail to discharge other commitments that will disrupt them from the master cleanse.

Next, this is the most important question to ask yourself, and these instructions provided by the master cleanse secrets author, Raylen, have helped thousands of people with the master cleanse.

Writing down all the reasons why you want to finish the master cleanse. DON’T MISS ANYTHING OUT IN YOUR MIND. Remember to write it in a private notebook and constantly remind yourself of these reasons. Write everything that is positive in this page like you want to have a great health, lose weight or maybe even attract love in your life.

On the next page of your notebook, you can write down all the reasons why not completing the master cleanse can have an adverse effect in your life.

You may think that these steps are unnecessary and boring but when in times that you feel absolutely hungry and cranky, or all the symptoms start to pop up, then pulling this list up and read it to yourself would definitely help you tremendously to stay on with the cleanse.

To get the Master Cleanse Report, simply enter your first name and valid email address on the right, and you will receive the master cleanse report right away.

Ingredients Preparation -

This is another step that is critical to your success to you master cleanse. Not only you would need to get the right ingredients, you need to get the sufficient ingredients. If you are embarking on 10 days master cleanse, you would need to buy enough ingredients for the 10 days. If you decide to buy in 2 batches, you would need to make sure at least the first batch last at least 5-6 days and making sure that the day when you replenish your supplies do not fall on a public holiday or weekends such that the organic stores are closed.

Most people give up halfway when they are out of lemonade to drink for the rest of the days and the grocery stores are closed . You don’t want this to happen, do you? Imagine you are on your 7th or 8th day when you realize you are out of supplies, won’t it be a waste that you just gave it up?

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  1. Tiffany
    1063 days ago

    I have high blood pressure

  2. leza
    1697 days ago

    hi.. just want to ask.. is it ok to substitute chilli powder for cayenne pepper? thank u

  3. brianna
    1766 days ago

    @all i was wondering, do you need to prepare your stomach for the master cleanse ?! you can you just jump right into it, my diet has been completely horrible lately and i was wondering if i need to eat heaalither before i start?

    • Antrecia
      1712 days ago

      how did you do on your cleanse

  4. brianna
    1766 days ago

    i was wondering, do you need to prepare your stomach for the master cleanse ?! you can you just jump right into it, my diet has been completely horrible lately and i was wondering if i need to eat heaalither before i start?

  5. Coral
    1844 days ago

    Is the cleanse safe for someone who has had he gallbladder removed?

  6. colin
    1998 days ago

    i start tomorrow. i’m really excited, though a little spooked about the SWF. sadly i have no regular schedule at work, so that makes things a pain. i feel like hours of planning go into making sure i can get lemonade made and prepared at random times so i don’t go without away from home.

  7. maye tahir
    2015 days ago

    am sick of all the wight that keeps compiling on me and no matter what i do at the gym or any healthy menus i follow is seems that the kilos are in love with me and will not depart my back side, so i will give the lemon detox a final try before i let go and settle for my current wight

  8. Stephanie
    2182 days ago

    @Pelin I am concerned about your substitutes in ingredients. From everything that I’ve read and experienced with this cleanse, bee honey or any other type of honey will NOT benefit you in your cleanse. I suggest that if you can’t find grade B organic maple syrup that your best alternative is grade A organic maple syrup Also, I’m not sure what the effects of the apple cider vinegar are but I am worried about the acidity levels. You are already consuming a lot of citric acid from the lemons and that and the vinegar combined may have harmful sideeffects on your stomach. the lemonade should have everything you need to complete a successful diet without the vinegar. Also, make sure that your sea salt is UN-iodized and the lemons are organic. You are trying to detoxify your body and anything non- organic is bound to contain toxins, like pesticides or additives, that you are trying to get rid of in this cleanse. Only the prescribed ingredients in the Master Cleanse resipe have been tested and proven to help you and it is that diet that everyone is succeeding with. All in all, I highly suggest that you stick strictly to the recipe and the guided diet or else you might not get the results you want or might hinder your body’s recovery to detoxification and healthy weight.

  9. Pelin
    2187 days ago

    I am starting Master Cleanse tomorrow. I made shopping today, but unfortunately I couldn’t find most of the ingredients than I had to get substitutes: like Chili pepper powder instead of Cayenne pepper powder, bee honey instead of Maple syrup. Fortunately, I found sea salt and got fresh lemons.
    I am drinking 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into 1 glass (8oz) of water, 3 times a day. May I keep it while doing master cleanse, will there be any side effects of applying both?
    Hope I can complete 10 days period. I will share my daily journey with you.

    • jjj
      1834 days ago

      NONOOO!!! Honey cannot substitute!!!

    • Bobby Dee
      1715 days ago

      No. Nothing outside of the cleanse itself should be used. I’m starting on July 18th, the upgraded version by Canadian Nutritionist Martha Willmore. Contact me and I can get you her info.

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