Directions To Complete Master Cleanse

Are you planning to follow the Master Cleanse? Most of us would want to do the Master Cleanse but do not know how to do it or the recipe to do so. The truth is it is very easy to do the Master Cleanse but you would need some tips to overcome the hunger.

Basically, there are 3 phases with the Master Cleanse diet – Pre-Dieting, The Master Cleanse, Post-Dieting. We will discuss with you in detail how the whole diet works.

Pre-Dieting Phase

This is an optional phase you may want to take but it is not very important. But this can be very helpful to those who start the diet for the first time. The pre-dieting phase is advisable as it prepares you for the whole 10 days Master Cleanse mentally. It can also reduce your urge to eat more food as you go into actual diet itself.

In this phase, you are required to slowly get used to the lemonade diet by eating less foods and also not eating those junk and unhealthy foods. You can read more about this in the Pre-Dieting section of this site.

The Master Cleanse Diet –

This is the actual 10-days master cleanse phase. In these 10 days, you are only allowed to drink the lemonade mixture, the salt water flush and water. In this section, you will know what to expect for the whole of 10 days, the master cleanse recipe, & what to do each day. You will also know the tips on how to complete the cleanse effectively.

Post-Dieting Phase –

Unlike the Pre-Dieting phase, post-dieting phase is a very important phase. Our metabolism rate has slowed down for the whole of 10 days while we are doing the Master Cleanse. If you immediately turn back into your normal diet, then your metabolism rate could not keep up with your body system. This would result in suddenly put on a lot of weight or what dieters used to say ‘yo-yo’ back.

Besides gaining a lot of weight if you do not do it properly, you may also feel terrible – headaches, nauseas or even fall sick. But in this stage, it is essential for you to drink as much water as possible to facilitate your body system.

Completing the Master Cleanse

Congratulations for completing the Master Cleanse. After finishing the Master Cleanse, the next thing you may want to take note of is to eat a healthy diet. Most of the time, one would fall back to their old eating habits that resulted in being unhealthy and full of toxins again.

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  1. Ashley
    2088 days ago

    I would take a simple laxative sweetie. It will cleanse you and you’ll feel lighter. You can purchase it at any drug store such as Walgreens, CVS, etc. It comes in a green bottle, to some known as a citrate. The flavors are lemon, and cherry. They work quick. Good luck.

    • admin
      2088 days ago

      @Ashley : I guess you are talking about sweets that have laxative effects? Do take note to avoid those caffeinated laxative as well as sweet laxative. Sugar is bad for your detoxifying process. Artificial sweeteners are not good too. It is best to use smooth tea.

      • OEnone
        2029 days ago

        @ the admin: I think she was merely saying sweetie as if saying “hon” or “darling”. Take a laxative, sweetie.

        And in response to the original question: No, it will not mess up your metabolism. Firstly, you’re young. It would take a lot more than a lemonade diet to mess up your metabolism if you follow it for its prescribed 10 days. Secondly, Keep in mind this is a CLEANSE not a Diet so in response to you posting your height/weight, I say ..whatever…that’s not the point of a cleanse. Your age does not matter when it comes to a cleanse. I agree that someone who is, say, 8, should not do one; however, you are able to vote and drink and serve your country so I guess all that would make you an adult. You’re old enough to have eaten enough McDonalds to adversely effect you. You can do the cleanse for smaller increments at a time, and build up to the 10 days if you wish. That way YOU can determine if its good for YOU. NO ONE else can really tell you what is good for you. If you are feeling ill effects from things, I would first suggest a screening for food sensitivities that your doctor may be able to help you with.

        A laxative will do only what laxatives are designed to do. :-) if you’re trying to clean your body of toxins, thats not really going to help.

  2. katie sumstine
    2191 days ago


    I have wanted to do the Master Cleanse for a while now… I am 22 years old 118 lbs and 5feet 7inches..

    I have made it two days into the cleanse when my sister and my husband told me to stop because they think it will mess up my metabolism. They also believe that it is better for older people to do fasts and that I am to thin and I should wait..

    I really want to do this for the cleansing purposes. I have no interest in losing weight..

    Do you advice?

    Thank you,


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