Master Cleanse Recipe

The master cleanse diet is created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. But only in 1976, he published a master cleanse book. In short, the diet only permits you to consume the lemonade mixture for the whole duration of the master cleanse – You are required to drink a minimum of 60 oz of lemonade a day and drink plenty of water too. But you are not allowed to eat or drink other foods rather than the lemonade for 10 days.

Do note: there were many changes from the period of time when Stanley Burroughs published the book till today (1976 and 2009). For example, the U.S.D.A. has changed the classification of maple syrup and many websites are giving the wrong information on the type of maple syrup you can buy.

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Before you embark on the master cleanse journey…

It is advsiable for you to obtain a copy of the master cleanse guide written by Raylen, so you would know exactly what to do and what to expect. Even though the web contains most of the master cleanse instructions, the content in these sites may not be organized and structured as well as these guides. As a result, you may miss out some of the most important information that can help you in the master cleanse.

Below, we have listed down a single serving recipe of the master cleanse diet. Most of the time, you may want to make the lemonade for the whole day otherwise it’ll be a hassle for you to make the lemonade each time you want to drink it.

You would need to mix the following ingredients together in order to make the lemonade mixture.

1. 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

2. 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup grade B

3. 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder

4. 10 oz glasses of distilled water (This is around 295ml of water)

Lemon Juice

lemon juice detox master cleanse

You would approximately need half a lemon to make 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. If you want to create the lemonade for the whole day, it can only last for 8 hours before it turns bad (even you have put it into the fridge).

Do take note not to use canned lemon juice as the vitamins and nutrients are no longer in the canned lemon. It is essential for your body to absorb the lemon nutrients because you are drinking the lemonade for 10 days.

In our master cleanse survival manual, you would discover how you should you prepare the lemonade exactly in the morning. (You can’t add the cayenne pepper in the morning when you prepare the lemonade for the whole day, otherwise it will turn bad within a short while..)

Maple Syrup

maple syrup master cleanse

When you read all the free information online, the standard instructions are to use organic maple syrup grade B. They would tell you not to use other kinds of syrup as they are not suitable for the master cleanse diet. Usually you can only find the grade B maple syrup in United States only and if you are from other parts of the world, chances are you won’t be able to find grade B maple syrup.

BUT, is grade B maple syrup the only suitable grade for master cleanse? In our master cleanse survival manual, you would also discover whether do you really need grade B maple syrup. (It is found out that Stanley Burroughs originally published the Master Cleanse in 1976 when the U.S.D.A. classified maple syrup into 3 different categories. However, now U.S.D.A. has revised it’s classification… )

Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper master cleanse
Do not underestimate the power of cayenne pepper. It is one of the best healing herbs in the world. The pepper can increase the blood flow in the body, have a rich source of vitamins B & C and can save one from heart attack. We would recommend you to buy the powder form of cayenne pepper.

Most people find it difficult to drink the lemonade with the cayenne pepper in it. If you find it difficult too, here’s a tip… Put the cayenne pepper powder into empty capsules and when you drink the lemonade and maple syrup, just swallow the capsules. This is more effective than buying cayenne pepper pills that are produced by the pharmaceutical companies.

Your Master Cleanse Checklist

Here are the entire list of stuffs you need for the 10 days master cleanse.

  • 50 Organic Lemons
  • 2 bottle of 64 Oz Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
  • 1 bottle of Cayenne Pepper
  • 1,000 oz of Distilled Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Laxatives
  • Non-caffeinated Herbal Teas
  • Teaspoons & Tablespoons
  • Lemon Juicer
  • Scales
  • Journal (record down your process, challenges, to help you during the cleanse and for future references)
  • Easing in and easing out preparation

Where can you get all the Master Cleanse ingredients?

As our website is visited by visitors from all over the world, we are only able to share with you some of the general countries (United States) to find the master cleanse ingredients. If you have managed to find some ingredients in your country and would like to share with the rest of the readers, email admin [at] and we will update this website for everyone to read.

  • One of the best places to buy your master cleanse ingredients is by going to our master cleanse shopping list where we list down our supplier site, as the supplier ship to anyone from anywhere.
  • If you are living in U.S., you can get most of the ingredients from Whole Foods Market. Most of our readers share with us that you can find most of your ingredients there.

Laxative Herb Tea

laxative herb tea for master cleanse

Usually one can take the green or peppermint tea but take note that it should not be caffeinated. This is usually taken before the start of the master cleanse and the instruction from the book is to drink it every evening before you go to the bed.

Note: You don’t want to drink the laxative tea together with the salt water flush as it would cause diarrhea.

Salt Water Flush Recipe

You would need to prepare a teaspoon of organic sea salt (not iodized salt) with 25 – 35 oz of warm water. Mix well and do your best to drink the solution in one go. If it is difficult to drink, use normal temperature water then. The purpose of the salt water flush and the laxative tea is to help you in bowel elimination.

It is best to drink the salt water flush before drinking the lemonade in the morning as it is more effective with empty stomach.

sea salt for master cleanse

Have you tried the salt water flush and you totally couldn’t stand the taste? Some people may face the problem not able to have successful bowel movements.  Our master cleanse newsletter below would give you tips, secrets and our experiences on how you can “cheat” on the salt water flush..

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Your Master Cleanse Diet FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions by our subscribers and readers, we’re certain that you’ll find them useful!

How much weight can I expect to lose with the Master Cleanse Diet?
While the fundamental aim of the Master Cleanse Diet is to flush toxins from your internal system, we have Master Cleansers who happily reported a loss of 10 pounds off their weight! You’ll have to try the diet yourself to experience the health benefits!

Is it fine to use Agave Nectar instead of Maple syrup? (It is organic.)
Though it is organic, it is still inferior to a Grade B maple syrup in terms of nutrition. For the best overall experience and outcome, please stick to the suggest Grade B maple syrup.

Are there any substitutes for the cayenne pepper?
Alternatively, ginger can be used as a substitute. Another way you can try is to take some dried peppers and grind them up into a powder. Then again, the lemonade mixture may not be as effective and efficient.

Can I still continue with my exercise program while I’m on the diet?
You still can exercise but do not engage in strenuous activities. Please note that excessive perspiration will cause a huge loss of mineral through your sweat and it’s always wise to exercise in balance.

If I am breastfeeding, can I do this diet?
You should not go this diet because you will need much more than this diet so that you can produce milk that is good enough for your baby. You can try this diet when you are no longer breast feeding.

How many people do the “ease in” phase and is it recommended?
It is recommended but not compulsory. It will help you to get used to the “no solid food” condition of the diet. You should start by cutting down on solid food, especially the carbohydrates and meats. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the sauces and processed, sweetened drinks.

Can I continue on my protein shakes while using the cleanse? (I don’t want to lose the muscle I put on!)
You should not take your shakes during the Lemonade diet because it will interfere with the cleansing for sure. You can carry on with exercise to prevent the loss of your muscle. You can also try organic wheat grass juice.

Today I have bad pains in my legs and back!
This is probably because you are not drinking enough water. Make sure to drink more water after you do the salt water flush and throughout the day. And also, remember that you have to use sea salt for the flush.

How can I get more motivation during this lemony journey?
Subscribe to our newsletter as we encourage you through your diet! Leave your comments on our comment board everyday and let people who also on diet to cheer you on! You’ll can also be the proud owner of The Master Cleanse Recipe Badge to show your success in your blog and even on Facebook!

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Master Cleansers’ Journal

Amy says : I’m going to try to journal here for myself and anyone else that it may help. My first day is coming to a close. Night time is definitely worse, especially when my husband grilled chicken for dinner. The lemonade helps the cravings though... Read More At Day 1 (Comments section)

Jomoke says: Well here I am on the second day of the cleanse! I am feeling hungrey every few hours. If I drint water or lemonade the feeling goes away for another hour or two. I jogged three miles yesterday and I’m still wondering where that energy came from... Read The Rest At Day 2 (Comments section)

Amy says: Almost to a close of day 3. It’s been hard, but a met a specialist at a Christmas party last night that encouraged me. I’m starting to go to the bathroom a lot more today and have been having a little stomach cramping and feeling a little depressed about not drinking coffee... Read The Rest At Day 3 (Comments section)

eve says: Wow this is way harder then I thought! 4th day as well! Little sleep little bathrooms visits, lost 4lb but that’s not why I’m doing it... Read The Rest At Day 4 (Comments section)

Sara says: Day 5- Today and last night have been the absolute worst for me. I am so extremely hungry. I’m having the worst cravings on top of the physical hunger. I want everything greasy and not greasy. I am seriously considering starting the orange juice tomorrow but am just trying to stick through this. This is my first time trying this cleanse and I really, really want to do this. The hunger is just so intense.... Read The Rest At Day 5 (Comments section)

Jo says: Ok I started this with my husband. He’s been losing weight like mad. I, on the other hand gained 2/10# yesterday. I lost that 2/10# today but that’s it. My hunsband has had to quit. He was physically sick, no energy & couldn’t make it thru the day. I made him have some soup last night... Read The Rest At Day 6 (Comments section)

Amy says: Day 7: There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Now, it’s all controlling the mind. I feel a little cooky and although I know I’m not going to quit, my mind is playing tricks. The description of day 7 above is VERY accurate. I have been having an awful ache on my left side almost behind my lower ribs... Read The Rest At Day 7 (Comments section)

Amy says: I actually can’t believe it’s day 8. I keep thinking it’s day 7. My side is still hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. I also was the most grouchy I’ve been since I started. ALSO, I almost tricked myself into thinking I could maybe cheat a coffee from Starbucks while I was grocery shopping... Read The Rest At Day 8 (Comments section)

Amy says: Alright, today is definitely one of the better days I’ve had, just because I know I only have one more official day. I bought some rice milk and frozen strawberries for a lovely smoothie on day 11... Read The Rest At Day 9 (Comments section)

Amy says: Alright, today is definitely one of the better days I’ve had, just because I know I only have one more official day. I bought some rice milk and frozen strawberries for a lovely smoothie on day 11... Read The Rest At Day 10 (Comments section)

Master Cleansers Who Transformed Their Life Through Master Cleanse

Success Story: Jessie Hairston

"Thanks to Master Cleanse, I’ve lost over 100lbs, i’m typing,my hair is back, I can run, and the doctors are astounded!"

"Just completed my 5th cleanse. Started out of health desparation 3-13-08 at 263lbs, debillitating diseases, couldn’t walk without pain or a cane, knarled joint, depressed and losing hair.

Thanks to Master Cleanse, I’ve lost over 100lbs, i’m typing,my hair is back, I can run, and the doctors are astounded! I’m living proof that the cleanse works. Oh, I look 25 years younger and still losing. I swear by the Master cleanse. The medicines and injections stopped working and began attacking me. I threw them in the garbage and I’m glad I did.

All hail to the Master Cleanse!"
-- Jessie Hairston, a reader of our site.

Success Story #2: Craig

"With a flatter stomach and four days to go I’m giving this diet the thumbs up."

"Well! I have to say the diet has been great.I’m on day6 and feeling good.I have to be honest by the second day I’ve became very hungry and cheated for half of a butter roll lol but, I got back with it.I became very tempted for the pizza with pepperoni that my coworkers had ordered, but refuse the night before.Though my hunger has stop by the third, my mind still think of the foods that i love.With a flatter stomach and four days to go I’m giving this diet the thumbs up."

-- Craig

Success Story #3: Amy

"My skin looks great, I have lost more weight than I thought. I had no idea until I threw on a pair of my tight jeans and had to cinch my belt two more loops."

"Almost there! It’s 6:30pm and while I could probably continue cleansing and it would bring forth even better results, I am ready to get back on the mountain and start snowboarding again. SO, I’m looking forward to my slow recovery to eating foods again and much more physical activity. I think I was the most tempted this day of all because It’s kinda like…… I’m really almost done. My skin looks great, I have lost more weight than I thought. I had no idea until I threw on a pair of my tight jeans and had to cinch my belt two more loops. This was something I hadn’t noticed cause I was focused more on my cleansing results. (unfortunately my boobs are smaller too) I have a good energy level and not as grouchy from lack of food. I will definitely do this again next year maybe lengthening the process another week. Hoping my new obsession with cooking will continue and wasn’t just due to not being able to eat. : ) Thanks for everyone’s support!!!"

-- Amy
Amy is a very nice master cleanser who consistently shared her journal every day while on the cleanse with the visitors on our website. Amy, if you are reading this, our master cleanse team appreciate your sharing, thank you!. You can read her daily journal on our journal categories.

Success Story #4: Carin *New

"I got my new husband to finally buy into it, and he was amazed at the results. He lost 17 lbs in 6 days and again, was never hungry."

"I have done this master cleanse for 5 years. It was doctor recommended, when I was so toxic after a car crash and new home (overwhelmed with new glues/paint etc… body was on over load! The first time i was so skeptical ~ however, I followed ALL the instructions, and never cheated……I wasn’t hungry ever! and felt more energy and emotionally stable than I had in a long long time. I do the cleanse at least once a year, sometimes twice. I got my new husband to finally buy into it, and he was amazed at the results. He lost 17 lbs in 6 days and again, was never hungry. I am starting my 10 day journey, so I know at the end I will be ready for spring break and fight thru the plateau weight loss i have been experiencing. If you are frightened about te hunger………just have faith….drink more…..and meditate. Know that it is in your head, and get out of that spot…do something! Good luck."

-- Carin

Success Story #5: Angelo *New

"This is my first time to try this diet and it really made me feel good not just physically but also emotionally especially now that I have completed it more and more people are becoming inspired and want to try it out..."

"First things first, I would like to thank your website for a very insightful information on the Master Cleanse diet. This has motivated me every step of the way to go through this diet. More than the cheer of my friends and the inspirational messages from them, your site gave me a lot of information and motivation to get me through. your daily journal helped me a lot. This is my first time to try this diet and it really made me feel good not just physically but also emotionally especially now that I have completed it more and more people are becoming inspired and want to try it out. With this, it will be my honor for my facebook page to be graced by your badge. I would like to request if you can create me a personal badge. "

-- Angelo

And we created a master cleanse badge for him.

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  1. tracy
    2455 days ago

    ok so let me run through what directions I have read and let me see if I get this right…..

    * the night before starting the cleanse you drink the hebal senna tea
    * in the morning you drink the salt water flush
    * throughout the day you drink 6 to 10 servings of the lemonade mixed with water (about 60 o 100 ounces) PLUS plain water whenever you feel like it
    * in the evening you drink another herbal senna tea

    now in my kit I also got a peppermint tea when do you drink that?

    another question how many people do the “ease in” phase and is it reccommended?

    Thanks. sorry for all the question I want to do this right.

  2. Ohg
    2455 days ago

    Hi. Just wondering if you have to drink the 25 to 35 oz of warm water and the sea salt just the first initial time or is that everyday before the first lemonade drink?

    • admin
      2455 days ago

      Hi Ohg, you would need to drink the salt water flush everyday before the first lemonade drink. it will help you detox easily by drinking the salt water flush daily.

  3. Emma
    2455 days ago

    aisha: You are to drink just the herbal tea without sugar nor maple syrup.

    Samantha: you are not allowed to eat organic food and veggies while doing the cleanse. (wonder who gave you the wrong information). You can probably drink the organic smooth tea and you should drink around 2 per day.

    Robertt: No, it is best not to take vitamins as it would interfere with the cleanse.

  4. Samantha
    2455 days ago

    About the tea, what is a recommended brand, (preferrably one sold in walmart or likewise) that doesn’t break the bank? and how much should I drink per day? Also, I heard that you are allowed to eat organic fruits and veggies while doing this, is that true?

  5. aisha
    2455 days ago

    how much of the herbal tea do i drink in the evenings, and also do i put maple syrup in it, drink it straight or wth sugar and last but not least if anything is added to the tea such as sugar or syrup how much of that do i put in the tea???

  6. Robertt
    2455 days ago

    Would I still be able to take a one-a-day vitamin with the master cleanse?

  7. tracy
    2457 days ago

    so you are saying 60 to 100 ounces of the lemonade a day? OR lemonade AND water a day?
    How much lemonade is a serving?

    • admin
      2457 days ago

      Tracy: The 60-100 ounces of lemonade is lemonade and water. Hence a lemonade is around 10 ounces.

  8. danielle
    2457 days ago

    hi i would like to know how many ounces should i drink a day

    • admin
      2457 days ago

      you should drink 6 servings to 10 servings in a day. That’s around 60 oz to 100 oz in a day.

  9. admin
    2458 days ago

    Hi Annabelle, you will need to mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with 25-35 ounces of warm water. We have just updated this site with the master cleanse salt water flush recipe.

  10. Annabelle Taylor
    2458 days ago

    Please talk more about the seasalt flushing. It was mentioned that one needs to drink salted water in the morning and night to help you “flush”. What are the recommended measurements for the seasalt and distilled water drink to help with “the flushing”? Thanks.

  11. Cindy
    2464 days ago

    If I am breastfeeding can I do this diet? I am still taking my prnatel vitamins can I continue to take them as well?

    Thank you,

    • admin
      2464 days ago

      Hi Cindy, we would advice you not to embark on the diet until at least 6-12 months after your giving birth. As during this period, you would need extra nutrients and vitamins.

  12. nadine
    2466 days ago

    Good advice. But you didn t talk about the seasalt flushing. you need to drink salted water in the morning and night to help you “flush”.

  13. admin
    2469 days ago

    Hi Tiffany, we do understand your agony about touting master cleanse as a weight loss diet. But as you have said, losing weight is a side effect and it’s a fact that one would lose weight. Our purpose is actually to encourage more people to try out the master cleanse even though they want to lose weight in the first place. That way, they will still cleanse their body and lead a healthier life once they learn the true meaning of master cleanse.

  14. Tiffany
    2471 days ago

    Why, why, why are you touting this as a “weight loss” diet??? That totally negates the image and holistic effects of the Master Cleanse – CLEANSE being the operative word!!

    Weight loss is simply a side effect of the beneficial cleanse, not the purpose.

    This is just wrong on so many levels!!!

  15. admin
    2472 days ago

    Hi Sandy, Beyonce can lose around 20 pounds on this diet in 2006. Many other people have lose around that amount of weight. Yes you have the energy to exercise but it is advisable that you only do light exercises.

  16. Sandy
    2472 days ago

    Hi, I want to start this diet soon but I would like to know about how much I can expect to lose. I don’t have alot to loose but watching what I eat and exercise is just not enough. Also will I have enough energy to exercise on this diet?

  17. shari
    2481 days ago

    I’m starting this tomorrow. IF I buy the cayenne capsules do I simply take a pill, then drink the water lemons and syrup alone? Please advise
    Also, I’m a diabetic. anything else I should know?

  18. Kate
    2484 days ago

    Hi christina, it would still be advisable to drink six servings at least in a day or else your body can’t cleanse effectively.

  19. Christina
    2484 days ago

    I’m drinking lots of water.. but I can’t bring myself to suck down six servings of the lemonade a day. I’m averaging 2 to 3 a day.. is that bad/harmful?

  20. Lester
    2504 days ago

    How much do we need to make each morning to prepare for the whole day of master cleanse?

    • admin
      2494 days ago

      Lester: You would probably need to make around 6-10 servings to drink for around 8 hours before it will turn bad.

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