Master Cleanse Tongue Coating

Aside from loosing weight, removing toxins and wastes from the body is actually the main purpose of Lemonade diet or Master Cleanse diet as what it is otherwise called. More and more people are getting into this diet because of the good benefits it can give to their body. Moreover, if you’re on this diet or if you’re planning to try it, one of changes that you will surely notice is the change in tongue coating. You might see several gross changes on your tongue and as to how and why it happens, just stick on this article and keep reading.

Why the Change?

It is to be noted that Master Cleanse Lemonade diet is not actually a weight loss program but a purifying diet. That means, it is a diet that would remove the toxins in your body, including the deep seated ones. So once you get into the diet, those toxins will come out and your tongue is one of the spots they will likely appear. A normal tongue has a pinkish color. It is one factor that helps you determine if your mouth is fresh or if you need to have a toothbrush.

You will notice the white mucus like coating making your tongue appear more whitish and in some cases, brownish. This can cause a foul odor and a not so fresh feeling on your mouth.  However, this tongue coating condition is just on the first few days of the diet since it is on those days that most toxins and wastes will get out of your body.

And aside from the changes in tongue coating, you will also go through frequent bowel movements and urination. So better be prepared with these changes if you are in a Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet.

Will the tongue’s normal coating be back?

As you go through the diet, the white cheesy tongue will be cleared which can be an indication that your body is clearing up as well. The whitish, sort of brownish tongue will then return to its pinkish color as you continue with the diet. According to Mr. Burroughs in his book about the Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet, “one of the best signals of the completed diet is when the formerly coated and fuzzy tongue is clear pink and clean looking. During the diet it becomes very badly coated.”

The changes in the tongue coating may vary from one person to the other. That may depend on how toxic your body is or on how your body’s systems react to the diet. The changes in tongue coating are normal part of the diet so there’s no need for you to freak out. Just get on with the diet and you will eventually get back your tongue’s healthy, normal coating. That is, when your tongue turns to its clear, pinkish color.

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  1. amal
    1504 days ago

    How many times a day are we suppose to drink the Cayenne pepper drink?

  2. Cayla
    1707 days ago

    brush your teeth

  3. Kaya
    1711 days ago

    Is it ok to brush your teeth? I am starting the ease-in tomorrow, and I want to make sure I do everything the best I can!

  4. Kim
    1755 days ago

    This is my second time on the Master Cleanse. The first time I only made it to day seven. This time I’m on day nine. This tongue coating is the weirdest part for me. I didn’t get a coated tongue last time, but I had bad breath for the first few days that eventually went away. This time, the tongue coating showed up on day 7. It’s day 9 now and I’m afraid I won’t be done with the cleanse on day 10 since I really need to wait until it’s pink again before I stop. I wish my body followed the pattern.

  5. Page
    1792 days ago

    Went to Whole Foods to get the ingredients. They had a pre made powder mix with everything in it. I got that and started the MC. Is this ok?

    • Heidi
      1784 days ago

      Powders are processed and contain toxins themselves, so you are not supposed to use them while you are on the cleanse. Stick to the natural fresh squeezed lemon juice and the organic grade B syrup. Good luck!

  6. gina
    1834 days ago

    Can the lemon to water ratio in the lemonade be off. i have seen 2 tablespoons lemon to 10 oz water and a min of 60 oz a day, good?

  7. Omer
    1910 days ago

    Grade B: I’m not sure of the science but from what I understand Grade B will store in your body and give you energy all day and Grade A will spike in your body and then you crash making you tired. Find the Grade B, it is available in health food stores.

  8. Willie Wright
    2000 days ago

    They make a tongue scraper to clean those toxins from your tongue during cleanses I keep one with me during the day and clean it frequently. This helps but you have to clean a number of times daily. These can be purchased at any place that sells health food items. In a pinch you can use the side of a tablespoon to scrap your tongue.

  9. andrew
    2067 days ago

    can honey be used as a substitute for the maple syrup?

    • admin
      2067 days ago

      @andrew : I’m afraid not. many of our visitors have asked this question before but no you can’t.

      • gina
        1834 days ago

        How about organic raw blue agave instead of grade b maple?

  10. Diana
    2072 days ago

    I’m on day 6 and I don’t really feel my tongue being all that gross…I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve followed the recipe closely and have only been drinking the lemonade (6)servings and drinking water…maybe the coating isn’t as heavy as I think it should be? Maybe it’ll appear later on?

    I haven’t experienced any odd mucus yet either, but did have a cold the first couple of days though…I think I should continue until I see a change.

  11. Catherine
    2073 days ago

    Ok, i got the Colgate Wisps and I LOVE them!! :) they work great, i highly recommend them!!!

  12. Catherine
    2073 days ago

    @Debbie.. i’m only on my 3rd day and my tongue feels gross! :( i’m going to go buy some Colgate Wisps tonight! i’ve heard those work well :)

  13. Debbie
    2078 days ago

    I understand that your tongue will get coated but is there anything that you can do about it that would make it more pleasent?

    • Steven
      1825 days ago

      YOu can try ……LOL! and if you are successful, let us all know……I havent ever been able to change or diminish that part of it!

  14. Jonny
    2108 days ago

    I found grade b at trader Joes.You can also find it online.from my understanding grade A has been refined and broken down more . You may get the same results I’m not sure but I would try to stick to the original recipe as close as I could.

    • Steven
      1825 days ago

      Thats not correct Jonny. The grading of the syrups is the indication of the time of the harvesting season that they are drawn. I have used both A and B and they are both fine to use on the MC…Blessings!

  15. MfL
    2155 days ago

    Did you loose weight?

  16. Lorraine
    2234 days ago

    I am on day 13 of the Master Cleanse and my tongue certainly has turned fuzzy and coated. Otherwise, I feel very good and have good energy. I’m not sure how long I will continue; waiting for my body to tell me it’s time to quit. I feel no hunger.

  17. Emma
    2261 days ago

    @siawhuan : Don’t worry about that. As long as you use organic Grade A maple syrup, it’s still okay too. There are some slight difference in nutrients level from the 2 different maple syrup only but it should be fine.

    • linda
      1824 days ago

      NO NO you are not to use the grade a maple syrup beacuse it lacks nutrients that the grade b one has to help you get the nutrients your body needs during this process so NO you must use the grade b only.!!!!

  18. siawhuan
    2261 days ago

    I am unable to get Grade B maple syrup at my place, only Grade A is available. What is the consequences? Or another type shall be substituted.

    • linda
      1824 days ago

      Did you try a health store if they have grade b maple syrup beacuse thats where you can also find them if your family grocery store does not carry it. If you want good results you need the grade b maple syrup beacuse it helps you stay full longer.

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