Master Cleanse Instructions For Diabetic

It is important for anyone planning on doing the Master Cleanse lemonade diet to perform it the right way. As much as possible, one must purchase and rely on books written exclusively for this purpose. The internet sure provides tons of information on the Master Cleanse lemonade diet, but one cannot be quite so sure of their reliability.

People with certain medical or health conditions must take precautions when utilizing the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. While it is true that the detoxification process contributes many benefits to the overall health, still there are exceptions to the rule, especially when certain medical or health conditions are present. But what does a diabetic person do if he or she wants to benefit from the Master Cleanse lemonade diet?

The books “The Master Cleanser” and “The Lemonade Diet” are both written by Stanley Burroughs, a professional in such area. The books contain vital information and instructions pertaining to the detoxification process, including special precautions diabetic people need to take note when considering undergoing the process.

According to the book, to ensure that diabetic people get all the nutrients necessary for them, molasses may be added as part of the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. You see, molasses contains substances that enable the pancreas to produce insulin efficiently, which is very important for the maintenance of their blood sugar level.

For example, on the first day, diabetic people may take one tablespoon of molasses with each glass of the lemonade mixture, then reducing their insulin shot by about 10 units.

In the subsequent days of the detoxification process, they will have to simply increase consumption of molasses up to 2 tablespoons with each glass of the lemonade mixture, further decreasing the units of the insulin shot. When insulin shots are completely eliminated, servings of molasses will then have to be replaced with 2 tablespoons of the required maple syrup.

While at it, it is important to regularly check blood sugar level the customary way, just to be sure. This will help alleviate any doubts or fears when it comes to undergoing the detoxification process, especially among people with diabetes. Many diabetic people who have tried the Master Cleanse lemonade diet this particular way reported that they no longer needed insulin shots.

In the book, Stanley Burroughs also recommends for diabetic people to blend part of the lemon skin and pulp into the juice for additional sources of vitamins. This will help in preventing excess bleeding, hasten blood clotting and speeding up wound healing.

The cayenne pepper, an ingredient to the lemonade mixture, provides vitamins B and C, and helps improves metabolism. Also, consumption of mint tea will help in eliminating mouth and body odors as the Master Cleanse lemonade diet eliminates the toxins inside the body.

However, it is strongly advised that diabetic people must first consult their doctors before embarking on the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. They should see to it that they make their doctors aware of this set up, to ensure that none of it would interfere with the treatment plan.

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  1. Linda
    2048 days ago

    I use a steriod daily for the treatment of Glaucoma, should I continue this medication while cleansing?

    Also, can alkaline water be used to make the lemonade drink?

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