Master Cleanse is an extremely popular diet that has helped many troubled individuals to cleanse and detoxify their body. In short, the core ingredients for the original recipe contains lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and distilled water.

Most people also refer this diet as the lemonade diet. While some say that you can lose weight by doing Master Cleanse, the real objective is actually cleansing and removing the toxins that has accumulated in your whole body. And as a result, it gives you a new source of energy and the best thing is, you can lose some weight through the diet.

Celebrities like Beyonce has completed the diet to lose weight during 2006. She was in Oprah’s show at that time and share with everyone that she had lost 21 pounds on this diet. Ever since then, Master Cleanse became very popular and famous in the United States.

You would need to go for a fast for 10 days without taking in any food. However, you can only consume the lemonade mixture as well as the salt water flush or laxative tea. You would need a lot of determination to complete the test, and thinking about the benefit of the cleanse would certainly help you complete the cleanse.

Many have voiced some concerns over the lack of food while you are on the Master Cleanse diet. Fear not because the lemonade mixture are filled with vitamins and minerals, you would not be deprived of all the essential elements. However, you may get light headedness, fatigue, fainting, headache, while follow on this diet. These are actually detoxification symptoms in your body and would disappear 1 or 2 days later.

Many skeptics would try to put down Master Cleanse by saying that it is not backed by research and you don’t need to go on this fast to be healthier.

But there are even more people who have completed and experience the health benefits from this cleanse. Stories that Master Cleanse have cured the diseases and illnesses are very common and even the doctors could not understand why.

Here’s why Master Cleanse Diet is good for you:

The Secrets Behind The Ingredients

It contains powerful ingredients like cayenne pepper and lemons. Cayenne pepper is one of the most powerful herbs in the world that can help to boost your blood flow and stimulates your immune system. Cayenne pepper has actually saved many people from heart attack!

Lemons on the other hand contains lots of vitamin C. Lemons is another booster to the immune system. Furthermore, they have a strong reputation to relieve digestive problems, dissolving gallstones, bladder stones, kidney problems, and other problems.

They can help to reduce the fever, help to heal the wound, and even alleviate sore throats and asthma.

Why Master Cleanse is so good?

By not consuming any food for the 10 days, all these super foods can actually do their work in your body without getting distracted by all the pollution and junk food that gets into the body. Furthermore, all the toxins and wastes get detoxify easily and come out of the body without much difficulty.

And there is still the health benefits of maple syrup we have not shared with you!

So what are you waiting for? Start doing the Master Cleanse when you have prepared the ingredients!