Master Cleanse Bowel Movements & Elimination

As the Lemonade Diet is intended to clean he body by removing toxic, wastes and even parasites inside the body, frequent bowel movement is one of the phases that needs to be gone through. Though weight loss is just but a side effect since your body will have no calorie to burn and store, bowel movement on the other hand is a natural part. So that means, you can’t get into the diet without bowel movement.

It is a vitally important process since it is one of the easiest means for the toxins and parasites to get out. You don’t want those parasites to get out of your mouth, or in your ears and eyes, right?

How important is the bowel movement?

As said, increased frequency and amount of bowel movement is a natural part of the Lemonade Cleaning Diet. You will start with softer feces which will eventually increase as you go along. Some people might have watery bowel movements but it is natural. You may have to go through three to five times bowel movement in a day if you’re in the diet.

Your first bowel movement will occur after you have taken in the salt water mixture. So be sure that you are near a comfort room or bathroom as you drink it. Discomfort during bowel movements can also occur but this is not something that you have to worry of.

Toxins are usually acidic so as they are cleansed, you can also feel that acidity. This is an indication that it is being found and eliminated by the detoxifiers. Some people also reported a noticeable change in their fecal wastes. Some come in heavy and dark matters along with mucus like organisms. And these are the toxic wasted that’s been building up inside your body.

Just imagine how toxic your body may be. That’s how important frequent bowel movements are as you go through the Lemonade diet. If you’re at work, you don’t have to control the urge since that could mean controlling the toxic wastes from being eliminated from your body.

What if there is no bowel movement?

Some people reported that there is no bowel movement as they started on the diet, more likely on the first three days. This condition must be due to the condition of your body before the diet.

If your diet is commonly made up of meat and dairy products, you have more possibility of going through bowel movement problems. As such, you cannot expect for a miracle just because you’re on a lemonade diet. Moreover there are some things you can do to improve and have the bowel movement that you’re expecting.

Here are some tips that you can consider to improve your body’s bowel movement.

1.    See to it that you drink laxative tea at night, before going to bed. You can also drink it to ease out the acidic feeling in your stomach.

2.    Drink the water salt mixture in the morning. This is to give you more time to wait for your bowel movement. One of the reasons why your feces don’t get out is because of fear. So while you’re still at home in the morning, take in your water salt mixture.

3.    Drink your lemonade for at least 6-12 times a day. You can also take in water after the juice.

4.    If you’re overweight, drinking more water is a big help.

5.    Take time to wait for the fecal waste to come out. Don’t loose hope and continue the diet.

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  1. Jamie
    2151 days ago

    I was preparing to start the Master Cleanse diet tonight…..but I have been chronically constipated for years(one of the reasons I want to complete a cleanse). All of you have just about scared me to death! If you are all normally regular in your BM’s and 3 days into this cleansing diet haven’t had a BM, I’m afraid it might KILL me! Is this sort of thing NORMAL for people to experience on this diet??? Seems so by the posts.

    • Gail
      2146 days ago

      I have been chronically constipated, too. The master cleanse took care of that for me. It is possible that those who haven’t had BMs on the cleanse are doing something wrong. If I didn’t have a BM I added just a tiny bit more salt to my saline wash and it did the job. Or I drank two cups of senna tea instead of just one. You’ll find out what works for you.

  2. Rog
    2161 days ago

    Not to be a skeptic, but I think everyone is way too worried about it. I too I’m on day 4 of the cleanse, doing it for the purported cleansing effects – I’ve had some popcorn sized brown BM, but only in the morning after the swf. However, for those that are asking if ‘cheating’ or chewing gum, or drinking tap water will affect it, c’mon guys, its FOOD – that you’ve been eating all your lives, and you will resume to do so, after a mere 10 days out of how many years? Just a thought.

    I came here to inquire if the solid BM is actually impacted matter or just a result of the solid remains of the lemonade (being that I use a jack lalanne juicer, it chops the lemon more so than squeeze the juice out of it.

  3. Bcherry
    2163 days ago

    I am on day 6 and I am not having any good BMs. I have not been drinking alot of water, but have started to drink more. I am doing this mostly for weight lost, but also focusing on cleansing for my health. My BMs are watery only when I drink the SWF. I go about 2 times a day, but its only in the morning and after the SWF. What am I doing wrong? Can I drink 2 cups of tea rather than one? I am waiting on the MC book to come in the mail so how much tea do I have to drink?

  4. Philicia
    2194 days ago

    I’m on day six everything is a o k…i chew a lot of sugarless gum is thet ok? I’ve heard yes and no

  5. samantha
    2201 days ago

    I’m having the same problem as angela. Day 4, no solid poops, only liquidy stuff after the swf. I used the senna leaf tea last night AND this morning. i’m usually very regular. This makes me want to give up just so i can get this out of me…

  6. Angela
    2208 days ago

    I am having nothing but yellow-brown liquid, and only after the salt water flush. Is this normal? I’m on day 6 and I have not had 1 solid BM. Is it working? I am mainly doing this for cleansing reasons, so I’m concerned that I haven’t omitted the dark, rope-like junk that most people report. Please advise! Thanks so much!

  7. Gia
    2213 days ago

    My first BM on day one was normal, normal colored (I called that the laxative BM), but that was followed by black, black sludge (the SWF BM). My BMs have been black, black or some variation of black (black-green, black-dark dark brown, etc.) ever since. Today is my fourth day on the master cleanse. Seeing all those nasty colored things leave my body helps to keep me motivated to keep going. It’s shocking to realize that all those things were inside my body!

  8. nicci
    2220 days ago

    hey I am on day 3 of the master cleanse and have been doing the salt water flushes at night and then around 4 am I have a BM. Do you think this is okay, because I have class early in the morning and don’t have time to drink and wait for a BM

  9. Christie
    2227 days ago

    Hi there “admin”, I’m on my second cleanse and I have to say that THIS time I am doing it for the cleansing effect, not just for the weight loss. I stopped haf way thru last time i did it because i reached my weight goal of 7 lbs in only 5 days. I cheated with watermelon too. But what I wana know now is if it’s normal to have regular bowel movements (not colid of course) but also have alot of mucus in there as well? What is that stuff and wheres it coming from? Thanks CB

  10. SS
    2229 days ago

    @admin: thanks for your response. i will keep at it and see what happens.

  11. SS
    2229 days ago

    I’m on Day 4 and my BM’s are mostly yellow water. I had solid BM’s on the first day but not since then. I’ve read that this usually happens when people eat a lot of meat and dairy but I am a vegan and eat a really high fiber diet that’s pretty healthy. I am usually very regular. Is this because I might not need to detox as much? I am doing SWF and tea regularly, btw.

    • admin
      2229 days ago

      @SS : It is very difficult to diagnose. Regarding the fact that you are a vegan, it doesn’t mean that this can’t happen. It really depends what you eat even you are a vegan. My grandma is also a vegan and she has some weird diarrhea once a while too but she isn’t eating very healthily. Sometimes the pesticides, preservatives, sugar accumulate in our body as toxins.

  12. Glenda
    2327 days ago

    Hi all,

    I am very worried because I have not had any substantial BM’s. Some have been mucus like and the rest very watery. It is now day 7 and still… On around day 4 I began to get somewhat of a rash on my face and it has not gone away. It does not itch, however but it still worries me. One I have not done consistently is drinking Spring water. I have been drinking tap water most of the time. But that hardly seems ground for the detox not to work. Can anyone shed some light to my worries. Thanks

  13. Christine
    2350 days ago

    Yeah, I guess I was just worried I wasn’t doing it right because there was so little of the symptoms. Thanks!

  14. Christine
    2350 days ago

    I’m on day 3 of the cleanse, and have had very few detox symptoms at all. I’m not particularly hungry, not cranky, my tongue is rather clean, my BM’s are pretty watery, and I only get them in the morning. There are usually 5 or 6, but the last three seem to be strictly water. I think I’m following the cleanse correctly, and I’ve added Bentonite at night about an hour after taking my laxative tea. In the morning, I wake up and do a quart of warm water with a tablespoon of salt. I drink about 7 glasses of lemonade a day, and about 2 liters of water. Am I doing something wrong?

    • admin
      2350 days ago

      @Christine : It sounds like you are doing it right. What are you concern about – the few detox symptoms? For some people, the detox process isn’t so fast.

  15. Muffin
    2359 days ago

    I am on day 4 and have been using a laxitive tea only. Is it normal that I only have 1 bowel movement a day?? I keep reading that people are having 2-5 a day and I’m worried that I may be doing it wrong.

    • admin
      2358 days ago

      @Muffin : I think different people would have bowel movements at different frequencies. But you should have done the salt water flush too. Laxative tea may not be sufficient enough to eliminate everything out.

  16. cookie
    2390 days ago

    I am on day 6. I haven’t had a bowel movement since day 1. In between I have “drizzled” a little. That’s all. Been doing the tea instead of the salt water because it has made me throw up. i finally gave in and did the flush last night. Still no BM. I will continue the diet, but I’m now constipated and a bit concerned that maybe something is wrong with ME and not the diet itself.

  17. Jen
    2400 days ago

    I just finished day 5 and am bloating and in pain because I haven’t had a real good BM in bout 3 days. The first 2 days were great, but after that, nothing really. I was drinking the laxative tea and that only gives me diahrrea, which Stanley Burroughs book says to discontinue until diahrrea goes away. So i stopped, but im so swollen in my abdomen and its painful. I finally resorted to the old cure- coffee. I know thats not allowed, but I figured whats the point of releasing all these toxins if they’re just sitting around my body still? Does anyone know if I completely ruined my cleanse by one coffee? I did have a small BM afterwards, but not nearly enough.
    Let me know!

  18. collhi
    2476 days ago

    @Rich and @Leah,
    You’re not going to have normal bowel movements after a few day while on the cleanse, particularly after taking the flush. Watery and pulpy is just fine after drinking a quart of saltwater. So, relax…particularly you, Leah. And if you truly feel like you’re starving yourself just make the maple mixture more rich.

  19. Leah
    2492 days ago

    Hey Rich! I am actually experiencing the same thing. Nothing is happening! I don’t think that I was in terrible shape and ate horrible before the diet so I don’t know why this is taking so long. If I can’t eliminate, then why bother starving myself. I am miserable. I just dropped 2 qts of the lemonade mixuture all over the kitchen floor…I am taking it as a sign.

  20. rich
    2507 days ago

    Ok, so I am nearing the end of day four. I am not experiencing any real bowel movements. I will experience a few after the salt water flush, but nothing really solid coming out. It is all liquid and basically looks like pulp. I am taking smooth move tea at night as well. What can I do to get things moving? I am begininng to get concerned that “nothing is happening”.

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