Life After Master Cleanse

Lemonade diet is a detoxifying diet intended to remove wastes and toxins from the body, both the easy and deeply seated garbage in our body. Weight loss is one of the effects of this diet which made it commonly known for such purpose. Aside from shedding off extra pounds from your weight, good healthy body is regained and is now ready to function well since the impediments are then removed. So after finishing the diet, what comes next? What then is to be done? These are the queries that this article will answer.

After the Cleanse, the feeling of a new and lighter body is undeniable. That maybe because of the removed toxins and wastes and of course the weight cut off your our previous figures. The next thing that the body will do is to regain the weight lost. This is the reason why you may feel the urge to eat right after you’re finished with the diet.

But you are not encouraged to give in to these impulses sine your stomach may be shocked of the sudden change. Take note that you’ve taken in nothing but the juice, water and the raw vegetable. Give your stomach the time to adjust before finally eating big meal.

For most people, going back to the usual eating patterns and habit is the common reaction. However this could mean putting in the same waste and toxic that you’ve eliminated from your body through the Master cleanse. In such case the same result will take place, an unhealthy, overweight body. That is why; to stay away from that state, better start developing healthy lifestyle and eating patterns. Though Lemonade diet may not assure that you will be free from any body disease, the healthy lifestyle that you will adopt after the Cleanse is a sure way to stay away from various diseases.

Now, what kind of habits should you form?

Habits are nothing but repeated actions done consistently. So, if you repeatedly and constantly take in high fatty food, then eating such kind of food can become your habit. In the same way, if you see to it that you will cut down on high calorie food, and you consistently do it, that can then on become a good habit. The same is true to your life style and eating patterns. Simply do it everyday consistently and you’re well of on your way towards healthy living.

Among the simple little habits that you can have which can surely help you to have a healthy, sexier body after the diet are:

  • Stay away from excess sweets. Instead opt for the natural sources of sugar such as banana, pineapple and many other fruits. Or you can go for sugar free drinks and desserts.
  • For your bread, natural whole wheat grain must be on stock for your snacks or breakfast. Check out the calories content. The lower the calorie content, the better way to maintain a low fat body.
  • Instead of sugar and salt, have it replaced with the maple syrup. For sure, you’re tongue have become used to it.

All in all, what the body will be will all depend on your heath habits. What you put in will be what your body will use. So if you really want to be healthy after the Lemonade diet, then stick to nothing but healthy habits.

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