Is The Master Cleanse Safe

Most people are concern over the safety of the Master Cleanse. Detox skeptics are worried that going for a fast for 10 days like the master cleanse would bring about disastrous effects to the health – like causing vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown, or even lack of nutrients. Let us explore whether this happen to the master cleanses as well.

Quoting from James Balch M.D. and Phyllis Balch CNC “Fasting is an effective and safe method of detoxifying the body‚Ķ A technique that wise men has used for centuries to heal the sick. Fast regularly and help the body heal itself and stay well. Give all of your organs a rest. Fasting can help reverse the aging process, and if we use it correctly we will live longer, happier lives.

Each time you complete a fast, you will feel better. Your body will have a chance to heal and rebuild its immune system by regularly fasting [a major benefit]. You can fight off illness and the degenerative diseases so common in this chemically polluted environment we live in. When you feel a cold or illness coming on or are just depressed– fast!” That is why you lose your appetite– your body is telling you to stop eating.”

Many people who have embarked on the Master Cleanse has also experienced benefits from the Master Cleanse. Dangers? Side Effects? So far there are no dangers we have heard of. While for the side effects, we won’t say it’s side effects but more of symptoms or detoxification process that you will experience during the cleanse. Side effects such as headaches, cramps, flu, cough, are some of the symptoms you will experience on the cleanse.

What about the lack of vitamins and minerals?

If you are thinking about you will lose your minerals and vitamins while going on the master cleanse, then you will be seriously wrong. The ingredients contain in the cleanse are full of nutrients. Lemons is one of the world’s superfoods and can provide you with essential vitamins.

The lemonade mixture also contains cayenne pepper, is also one of the most amazing healing herbs in the world. Not only cayenne pepper contains all the minerals like vitamin A, C, E, B6, K, etc, it also helps to stimulate the blood flow in your body.

Maple syrup also provides you with energy that gets you energy for day to day.

When you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will find out that it resembles a balanced meal in the liquid form. Hence you don’t have to worry that it would endanger your health when you go of the master cleanse diet.

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