How Beyonce Lost 20 Pounds On The Master Cleanse

Why go through several diets for several months to shed off almost 20 pounds when you can have in as short as two weeks? Yes, two short weeks and there you’ have the weight you’ve been dreading to put on? And that is proven and tested by none other than, the sexy and ravishing Beyonce Knowles.

That’s the diet she used to shed off twenty pounds to portray her role as Deena Jones, a slim back-up singer of Diana Ross in the hit movie, “Dreamgirls.” Her role requires shooting Deena at the age of 16 since the movie follows her life from a young ordinary girl who rise to stardom until reaching the age of 36.   So that requires a varying age range not only for her role but for her physical appearance as well. It was the drive “to go the extra mile” that gave her the urge to go through the diet, and do it faithfully and patiently. And yes, it was all worth it.

Master Cleanse Diet has been around in the United States, particularly in the Hollywood but it also rise into the limelight when Beyonce used it. It is actually a simple diet, too simple that it requires great will power to achieve the result. However, it would be better to ask your doctor or nutritionist. Beyonce herself consulted her nutritionist before starting the diet. It was actually her nutritionist who recommended the diet, which as she said was the only way to lose extra pounds, fast and easy.

Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup or Lemonade fast requires three major steps, the Ease-In, the Lemonade Diet and Ease-Out. The first step intends to prepare the stomach and mind for intake of lesser food. It is usually consist of staying away from processed food and sticking to fruits and veggies instead.

The next step, the Lemonade Diet, requires taking in of a concoction of Lemon juice, Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and of course, water. This is intended to cleanse the body’s system as well as to facilitate the excretion process. Beyonce did it in 14 days. As she said, she had it “consumed 6 – 12 times a day, along with an “herbal laxative tea…taken twice a day and no other food is consumed.” Moreover she admitted taking in vegetables after taking her Lemonade fast.

When asked about her emotional state and reaction as she take on the diet, she admitted, “I was cranky, people were eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts around me.” The last step is vitally needed to be taken as it will prepare the body in going back to its usual diet patterns.

The Lemonade Diet fast sounds worthy to be tried. Nonetheless, will it be a safe option to others who also want to shed off extra pounds, fast and easy?  Aside from the usual lemon and maple juice, the diet also requires drinking of about a quart of salt water everyday however, this can cause also pose serious risk on the digestive system as it can also cause loss of other needed vitamins and minerals. This diet could mean going into starvation mode as you will literally starve yourself shed off unwanted pounds.

How about Beyonce, would she recommend the diet to others? This is actually what she said. “I would never recommend it to anyone unless you are doing a movie and it’s necessary, and you have proper help. There are ways to lose weight healthily if you want to lose weight, but this was for a film.” That being said, the choice is still yours.

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  1. Linda
    1998 days ago

    How much cayenne pepper should I you for 6 servings of the lemonade diet.

  2. lovinlife
    2009 days ago

    The only odor you will probably come across is the first few days of bowel movements and your breath from not consuming any food

  3. lovinlife
    2009 days ago

    you can work out but, be sure to do a light workout because while on the Master cleanse you may experience a lot of weakness. (You’ll probably be weaker than your usual self)

  4. ruthina montoya
    2055 days ago

    can you workout when you are on this diet? I walk 2 miles a day and the other workout is free weight. trying to tone out my boby. while on the diet will it leave a odor.

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