Does Master Cleanse Wreck Your Metabolism

The Master cleanse diet is not for the weak at heart.  It requires a strong will and the ability to stay focused on the long-term goal, which in effect is actually a 10 day goal.  It is not recommended for extended use.  However, it has been used in many cases for up to 40 days (only with your doctor’s consent).  It can be quite difficult on the body as it has to readjust to the restrictions of carbohydrates and proteins.

Although it’s been around since the 1940s, perhaps, the Master cleansing diet is new to you.  Therefore, it will be explained in more detail.  The concept behind the diet is that the body requires detoxification, or removal of waste that remains within.  Although the body is completely capable of removing these impurities, after years of environmental pollutants and refined foods and poor diets, it is believed that a cleansing is necessary to renew and start from scratch, if you will.

Many people wonder whether this cleansing is harmful.  If you are generally healthy, then there shouldn’t be a problem, but to be on the safe side, perhaps you should discuss it with your physician.

And still others question whether it slows the metabolism.  The answer is absolutely not, if it is done correctly.  During the diet, your metabolism is slowed somewhat, and therefore it must be brought back to be carefully and slowly.  The Cayenne pepper, which is one of the ingredients in the diet is actually there to avoid an almost shut down of the metabolism. The trick here is about getting into and out of the cleansing properly.

Even though you may find it quite difficult to exercise while on the diet, you should try to conjure up all the strength in you and follow even the lightest forms of physical activity.  This will help with regards to keeping your metabolism at a steady pace.  The truth is that your metabolism depends on your muscle mass.  Muscles work continuously throughout the day.  The amount of calories your body burns daily actually proves how much muscle mass you have.

The diet is known to rejuvenate and revitalize while excreting all the waste through various channels. It is also a way to shed a good 20 pounds within about 10 days.  It became extremely popular in the last few years because of certain celebrities who used it to lose weight and admitted doing so openly.  One such example is Beyoncé, actually lost over 20 pounds of over a period of 14 days.

If the Master cleanse diet is not followed, thoroughly and flawlessly, it will result in failure.  It’s possible that if you dive right back into your usual habits of overindulging and eating an abundance of processed foods, you will gain back all the pounds that you lost while on the diet and possibly more.  Not to mention the fact that your body will be subjected filling with toxins once again.  Should you decide to take on a cleansing diet,  then you should do it with determination and with a goal oriented mind.

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  1. Chris Hanson
    2041 days ago

    Due to a couple of stomach and intestinal issues, my friend recommended I participate in this cleanse. I have only two concerns. I’m already slender in build with a high metabolism, will this cleanse take of weight regardless? Also, I tend to get a pretty severe headache if I go too long without food, (I’m guessing it’s a blood sugar level situation) do the ingredients supply enough nutrition to combat that? Thank you for your time.

    • travis
      1904 days ago

      you should be ok as long as you make sure to drink enough of the lemonade. the grade b maple syrup has plenty of natural sugar and calories to keep you going, just try to drink somewhere around 12 glasses of the juice a day (another easy way to calculate how much of the lemonade you need is to calculate your bmr, and the caloric content of the lemonade per glass, and find out how many you need to meet your caloric requirements for the day). good luck, hope you give it a shot, im on my 4th day and i feel like i did 5 years ago, which is awesome :)

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