Cheating On Master Cleanse

One of the effective means to clean the body by removing waste and toxic that have lived deep within is the Lemonade diet or master Cleanse Diet. This diet is also attested by different Hollywood starts and celebrities like Beyonce Knowles to loose unwanted fats and thereby making your body slimmer and healthier. People who have been through the diet have reported positive results on their body. But there are people who are on the diet but are tempted to cheat.

First reason could be the desire to eat.

They may find it hard to withstand hunger and thus, they take in unnecessary food. Others may find it hard to go with the detox symptoms such as frequent bowel movements, vomiting, nausea, dizziness and many other conditions.

There are many ways on how people cheat on the diet.

They may secretly eat something like stealing on a piece of cake or a mouthful of spaghetti or any pasta. Or some may chew something and spit it out after realizing the health benefits that they can get after the diet. Some may also consider eating natural organic food like fruits and cooked vegetables expecting that it will not have any effect on the diet. If such ma be the case, will it have any effect on the diet? Or will it impede the cleaning process?

Basically, Lemonade diet on requires the juice including the Lemon juice,  maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Water and raw vegetables are also allowed and nothing more. So, intake of anything that is not included in the specified list of food can have an effect on how the diet will work.

It is to be noted that only liquid is allowed along with a few vegetable so as to relax the digestive tract and allow thorough cleaning along with the other systems and organs like the liver. Taking in unwanted food will set these systems into work and that can impede the process as it will also involve into another process. Could you clean a moving car?

In the same way, is it possible to clean the stomach and the systems if it is moving and busily setting into action?

Yes you can but not thoroughly. Thus, in going through a master cleanse diet, your body gets into cleaning but it may not be able to effectively remove the toxic especially those that are deeply seated in your systems. Plus you may have to suffer the consequences of your body’s reaction towards cheating on the diet.

Should there be a case that you indeed cheat on the diet, the choice whether to start or continue is still yours. Moreover, it is recommended to continue the diet but control the urge to eat, and this time, it would require harder self-control. This value is actually one of the values developed during the diet which you will also need after the Master Cleanse.

Changing your old eating patterns require hard will and self control which you can develop as you embark on the diet. If you’ve cheated, and allowed yourself to do it, there is likely a bigger possibility that you can’t control yourself after the diet. Thus to help you get the healthy and sexy body that you’re dreaming of, be true to yourself, be faithful to the diet and remove cheating off your mind.

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  1. mae
    1838 days ago

    early this morning going into day 7…I ate a sandwich and chips and cookies and I had a soda…20 min later it came back up. I also dranked a 32 oz of sw hoping to get rid of it that way…I don’t want to eat anymore…I really felt bad…but I still have some of the yellow stuff coming out…why did I throw up??? and can I just keep going??…how much did this effect my cleanse???…I do think that I need to go longer than 10 days to get the results I want mentally and physically..


  2. Sammi
    1845 days ago

    Is it safe to do the master cleanse for 40 days? I really want to, but I can’t seem to get a clear answer anywhere. What effects will it have on my metabolism, will i gain the weight back too quickly even if I ease in to solid foods. I plan to eat healthy and start with only fruits and vegetables then ease into nuts and proteins. Any advice?

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