Celebrities on Lemonade Diet

The master cleanse diet has been all the rave in recent years later since celebrities have either publicly announced using it for weight loss or news of their cleansing has been discovered through the media. It’s no secret that practically all celebrities watch their weight. They are in the type of business that requires them to look a certain way and they are constantly watched by the entire world. Many of them diet throughout their acting careers. It’s no secret that anything popular in Hollywood, becomes extremely mainstream throughout the world.

Beyonce is one of the most popular stars who admitted publicly on Oprah that she did the master cleansing for 14 days. During her cleansing, Beyonce also disclosed that she was eating vegetables throughout it. She claims to have undergone the diet for her role in the movie Dreamgirls and that she lost a total of 22 pounds on it. She stated that she was quite cranky while on the diet but continued in order to obtain the desired results for the character she was portraying.

Ashanti, another notable celebrity has publicly admitted to using the Lemonade Diet as well and is to have lost a total of 8 pounds on the diet and has kept it off. She claims that she never cheated and when she was hungry, she would reach for a fruit. She decided to go on the diet lose some weight in order to do promos for her new movie “Resident Evil” and her album in 2007.

Rapper Trina (Katrina Laverne Taylor) who won Rap/Hip-Hop Favorite Female Artist at the 2005 American Music Awards, is said to have also done the master cleansing for a period of 13 days, however, it is unclear as to how much weight she dropped.

Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show decided to try the diet to shed some weight. She actually did it three times because of the successful results and lost a whopping 73 pounds. Ms. Quivers believes that the master cleansing diet relieved her joint pain and chronic fatigue. She went from 218 pounds down to 145 pounds and highly recommends it. She not only looks great, she now feels great.

Jared Leto who played the role of Mark David Chapman (John Lennon’s killer) in the film Chapter 27, gained 62 pounds in 2007 to get into character. He claims to have lost all the weight gain thanks to the master cleanse diet. He claims to have eaten fruits during his hunger pangs throughout his fasting.

Besides the above-mentioned celebrities who endorse this diet, there are others as well. It has been rumored that Denzel Washington was introduced to it by his trainer and is said to have loved it. Other non-confirmed celebrities claimed to have done the lemonade diet include: Renee Zellwegger, Billy Bob Thornton, Britney Spears, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. Of course there are certainly many more celebrities who have done the cleansing but have managed to keep it on the hush-hush for many reasons.

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